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Jimi Hendrix - Music is One

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Jimi Hendrix Ah, hello, this is Jimi Hendrix and I am speaking from the dimensions well that's where you go to when you die and I am here to speak about my Life here on earth and what I have been up to since I've died, where I've been and how I've experienced myself, so well, I've got some pretty intriguing stuff to say especially you know how I experienced myself here on earth with the music that I'm, you know what I all got involved in and how exactly I did it because I was a pretty, multi-functioning man and I pretty much delved into all sort of expressions, with many instruments and I really did not limit myself in any form or any expression whatsoever and music was my Life, music was my heart, music was- my was like my you know- my motivation my motivation to live! to make a difference in this world to entertain people, I loved that you know having people appreciate your expression and so let me continue and since I was a child I fully and extensively enjoyed playing- instruments and I always took the instruments from a perspective of, you know when you are a child you- were kind of quite innocent, in terms of the world you are innocent in terms of, how you learn to play certain instruments and how you also experience instruments and ever since I was young, I used to take an instrument and what I'd do is, I'd make the instrument and the sound that comes through it one with myself what I mean by one is, I'd definitely focus on presence, you know remaining present having no thoughts I always specifically focus on making sure I've no like doubt, you know, I wasn't scared that I have to think or wonder about how the hell I'm going to play this thing and it came quite simple and easy to take an instrument and start playing it so, I will tell you how exactly I did it and the reason why I decided to not limit myself in any field of entertainment especially in- terms of expressing myself the music I had or the music I made, and also the music I designed I created and expressed and wrote - everything it's actually fascinating because it's like a point you access inside yourself and, you from that point you kind of expand yourself what I mean by expand is you- you take yourself like inside yourself right? and there is a point inside you where you're able to take any instruments you desire and you make it your own you make it your own from the sense that you take that instrument and you start pushing yourself out 'through' it and then the sound and the music and the words that comes through that is as an expression of yourself so you become one, this instrument becomes a tool that you use to place yourself and that part inside of yourself, out into sound out into music and that's basically what I started developing inside myself to do I wanted, the instrument I played, I wanted the words I wrote and I wanted the music I made, to be a- a resonance it's like an expression a presence saying: This is me! you know this is- this is an expression of myself and as a child ever since I was young I kind of wondered how I'm going to do that and, you know musical instruments and writing music and making the sounds as one, in one orchestra- one orchestra in expression became quite simple you know so what I did was a I kinda like for instance took a instrument what I did was I accessed the point inside myself now this point is not really a point it's like a a silence you- you reach inside yourself and that's there as a child and the only way I knew how to access that was through using instruments was through using anything you know placing myself into words, placing myself into that instrument and from that usage of that instrument, the sound that came through was me was that part inside myself that I expressed in the sound that came through that instrument and fuck, I loved it, it was- great it was magnificent because it like- it was it's that part you access inside yourself, all right? so you take that instrument, whatever the hell you want right? I started with mainly- guitars mainly well any instrument please you know I am not limited to I- I tried it with every instrument I could So I- placed myself I take a breathe right before I'd start and I'd take a breathe (inhale) like that and then I'd- there is like this feeling inside me and it's like- it rises from the center of my being, right? now please I'm not talking any- any religious part or any spirituality situation or anything like that it was merely a part inside myself that was right here in the center I'd breathe, and I'd open it up because I'd move myself inside 'from it' I'd place the instrument in my hands, and from that point I'd move it up up up inside myself, and that comes up like a like a fountain busy to explode right? so it comes up it comes up inside myself, and then I place it and it like spreads through my entire body into the instrument I am playing and then the sound that would come from that instrument would be, the expression that coming from inside of me that I lifted from the center of my being and I could use that method with any instrument I had in my hands and what I found most fascinating and what really got me going and moving and motivated in this world was that that expression inside me, came up differently every time I mean, the feeling I had inside me was exactly the same and I also used that that feeling that kind of came up inside me with that breath I took in the center of my being and I- I'd bring it up and it'd start infiltrating through my entire physical body and I could feel it moving inside me, completely and as I feel it moving inside me, that feeling and that experience that I had was all that existed there was no thoughts going around in my mind, there was no like you know emotions or feelings shit like that I say it's a feeling because the only way I am able to describe it for the moment or I can rather say it's an experience, an experience inside myself so I, and I couldn't doing it if I was thinking I couldn't do it if I you know, had any frustrations or what you'd call it like anxiety fears and angers and what not, then so that's how I did it right? and I discovered this part or this- this experience inside me that came from the center of my being, it's really like (inhale) if I take that breath, it comes up from inside me and it rises and it kind of it feels like it tears me open like in the center of my being like it tears me open and starts spread through my entire physical body and- and I can feel it coming through my hands and then if- it's like infiltrates into the instrument right? so that the sound that comes through me or the- 'playment' of my hands or the movement of my body and this instrument becomes one completely so that whatever sound comes through is that expression that came forth from or the experience that came forth from inside me and I mean- it is a magnificent experience and that then I thought well right, you know let's have people recognize this because what I thought was maybe if I- play it to the world excuse me, I'm just getting myself comfortable sitting position right here and that if I play that expression to the world you know if that could come through in my music maybe possibly that part that I found inside myself you know the center of my being that kind of opens up when I breathe and I let it come through and it rises and it comes through my physical body, inside me in every part and every particle every essence and it moves inside me and it moves in that instrument and I don't see the instrument it's fascinating, it's like, I don't feel the instrument I feel that that is instrument is an manifestation of myself giving me the ability to through that instrument express, that experience that I am having inside myself and, it is a magnificent profound experience and that's why I went into into most of what I did, I mean I tried it with everything and it worked, I mean doesn't matter what instrument what form of instrument I held inside my hand what matters what was that expression that came up inside me it's really like, it rises up, with the breathe and I placed it up up up in in in and it stretches up up and it moves up here (head) through into my head and actually goes out and expands inside my physical body and that presence that here moves through into the instrument as one More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Karl Marx, Siener van Rensburg, Bob Woolmer CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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