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Tanya Mark - Final - 1-Up to 4K

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I collaborate with companies, both in Canada and the U.S., to look at how marketing activities influence consumption patterns over time. Ultimately, the companies are interested in how they can make their marketing activities more efficient more effective, how they can influence consumers to buy their product or their brands relative to the competitors. From the consumers perspective, I'm interested in helping them make better decisions and better choices around which products they want to buy. So, I'm currently working on a project to help a national retailer better understand consumer preferences and how to influence consumers to make healthier choices. So, I'm currently collaborating with a retailer to develop a front of package labeling system and what we don't know, or understand, is how consumers respond to that. Are they recognizing? Is there an awareness? Is it an effective tool to influence them to make a healthier choice when they're walking down the aisle? I understand that consumers have a hard time processing the information on nutritional labels. When we understand how effective it is now, then we can identify how to make improvements to this front of package labeling system and, ideally, help consumers make healthier choices. I want to understand how consumers make decisions and I want to understand how we can make better decisions and if there is a way to influence a consumer to choose the healthier product over the less healthy product, I'm really excited to help a retailer to develop a tool that will be effective from the customers perspective and, ultimately, improve their own lives.

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Tanya Mark - Final - 1-Up to 4K

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