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8-Board on NBC Nightly News

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How many times have you heard coaches say its all in the hips. As Steven Luke shows us San Diego businesses tapping in to the age old philosophy with a brand new product. We like to call this figure movement the mother form of all movement. As head tennis pro at the Aviara Four Seasons Jack Broudy is always looking for new ways to make that single point. This is where all your sports emenate from you know the center out. So two years ago he and a partner developed this a small board with rotating platforms that teaches the body and mind how to best learn center of gravity. They call it the 8 Board. You can test your balance, you can do things like that and really feel like you have your balance and equilibrium together its a coordination device. One reason Broudy thinks the 8 Board will be such a success is the universal appeal, no matter the sport its all about the hips. Getting on the 8 Board makes that movement available or actually you find out whats not available for you to function properly from your core. Liz Masakayan a professional volley ball player says it helps her prevent injuries. Former Padres pitcher Matt Whiteside wishes he had been using it all along. To be able to tie you know your hips and shoulders together were everything works as one part and it just makes you become more efficient, more powerful and develop more speed towards the plate. But surprisingly you might find it most effective in a sport lets face it we could all use a little help in, golf. You will see this in an amateur golf swing a lot of movement, a lot of this. Its called lateral movement, as soon as you get on the board you can't do that you have to stay centered. It won't be one of San Diego's best kept secrets for long. Broudy thinks he is standing on the training tool of the future. He might just be standing on a gold mine. In San Diego, Steven Luke NBC 739.

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NBC touts the successes of the 8-Board. Watch top athletes on the 8-Board and hear what they have to say.

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