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Babylon Indulgent Smoothie

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So let me talk you through a lovely smoothie recipe that is great if you are bored of the every day green smoothie or if you are one of those people that I see a lot these days that are having a green smoothie but adding things like a ton of honey or syrup at the end to sweeten it up You are much better off chosing some naturally sweet ingredients then adding a whole load of sugar into something green So, lets start then, talking through what we've got here Im starting with a base of banana. Don't be worried about banana, it is naturally sweet of course but it also contains some wonderful prebiotics fibres which are great for nourishing the bacteria in your gut So, it's an overall very healthy choice. A good small half banana is a right portion size Then I'm choosing to use a nectarine, which is wonderful at this particular time of year one of those fruits that tends to go off in the fruit bowl so it's great to use up for a smoothie. Things like melon would also work really well honeydew, cantaloupe or this wonderful one called Piel de Sapo Which you find in Spain, but sometimes in the UK as well which translates to toad skin melon so, it just looks like a toad But it is super tasty And then, I would use about a quarter of an avocado Who doesn't love avocado? Even if you don't love it, it still tastes great in a smoothie And of course it got some of those good fats in it. Helps to make you really satiation and satisfied after a smoothie as well A couple of, well generous sprigs should I say of mint. I'm a big fan of mint, I think it works really well with these flavours. So, be generous with the mint within the smoothie and of course you can decorate it the smoothie at the end with it. Then the base of the smoothie, is something called buttermilk So, rather than natural yoghurt or kefir, which you might have seen a lot these days some again, is really wonderful for gut health This buttermilk is a byproduct of making butter You can find it next to milk in the chiller cabinet in the supermarket But it is is also fermented so it will contain some of those benefits for the gut health too This is all supremely great for the gut which of course, might help you beat the bloat help your digestive system, but fundamentally this is about taste and something creamy and delicious when you are bored of the same old same old freshen up and try this, it is best chilled and served over ice Cheers!

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Posted by: dinacelina on Jul 28, 2017

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