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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 00:00:00-00:29:59

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I think you have to go one more time. If you're leaving from the 13th to the 27th. Do you think he'll be back then? Didn't he leave already? His vacation only lasts for a week. — I don't know. Anyway, he can't come back. —Ok. —Sigh, so lucky. —I told him today. Why didn't you tell me about your vacation? Can't believe you have time for that. —Where did he go? —He got three places to choose from. — Lingtong I guess. —Maybe. Sigh. This door. —Go down earlier. —Ok. —Take the ticket. —Take the ticket. —Let me carry you. –Thank you, Auntie! —You are welcome. Here, take it. Be careful. To your right. —Ok, thank you. —You are welcome. - The terminus is keeping you on duty. Ok? If something comes up, make sure to communicate with the terminus in time. There are two carriages at night. Go check it like you norally do. Ok? —Signed already. —Let me pass. Let me pass. —Wait a minute. Wait. —Thank you. —Thank you. —You are welcome. How many people? —One more. —Ok. —There's more. —Wait! —Hurry hurry. —There's more coming. When he comes up, ask him. —Ok. —Are there more people behind you? —They got in from the front. —Ok. —Did the bell ring? —Rang already. —Walk another way. —From above? —My mistake, walk from above. —Hello, you wanted to change your ticket? We will arrive at Chengdu on Friday at 14:30. —Ok, thank you. —I won't disturb you now. —Ok. —Hello, can I check your ticket? Taking a call? Ok, I will wait here. I didn't see him just now. —I'm telling you, he can't get out of this carriage —It's ok, I'll just wait here for a while. This baby. Let me tell you You need to help the baby when he is getting up and down from the bunk bed. There will be many turbulences ahead as we enter the mountainous area. —Ok. Hurry, waiting for you to exchange the ticket. —Where do we make up for the ticket? —At the 12th carriage. Car No. 12. —Can we still make up? —I'm not too sure. You asked the 12th car. —Is there anyone there? We have a Car no. 22 Can you change here? The two of us can take care of the children. —The thing is This is now a national network ticket sales. So I don't know when someone will come up. —When will the person come? I can guarantee that no one will be there until 6:30 tomorrow morning. Because We arrive the next station at 6:30. You can discuss with him when he comes up. Because we can't ask him to change. — OK, then let's sleep here first. If he doesn't want to, let's change it back. —If he comes up, can you tell him? - Ok, ok. — I still put you as Car No. 22. -Ok. It's just more convenient to take care of the children with two people. —Ok. —Thank you. —Kunming is tomorrow. We passed midnight now. 9:55 tomorrow morning. It is today, right. —Tomorrow morning. —Technically it's today now. Midnight. —I got mixed up with the time. —It's the 20th today. —I won't bother your rest now. You can close this door at night. You can lock it yourself. Over there, that end.

Video Details

Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
Views: 61
Posted by: globallives on Feb 27, 2014

The K165 train line from Xi'an to Kunming is running behind schedule due to heavy rain. Ruixian Fan waits for the train to stop at the next station. She opens the carriage door and posts up the numbers for 8 and 9 together. Several passengers exit the train and others enter. Ruixian Fan checks their tickets and makes sure they have found their sleeping quarters for the reminder of their journey.

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