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It's hot. At the bar, a group of man look without caring the dusty rays of sunlight shine through the blinds. I can walk on those rays! - says the dreamer The men laugh and make some bets. The dreamer hops on one of the rays and tries to take an unsteady step and falls. The skeptics collect their money. Vertiginous tales, sudden fictions, stories on the run. Ok, but a good microstory must move incredibly quickly while it stays still. I woke up just shaved. She saw him while passing in a subway coach and she knew he was the man of her life. She imagined talking to him, going out to dinner, to the movies, staying... living with him. He stopped being interesting. The traveler never arrived. His family was waiting for him, nervous. They couldn't explain his delay. He had spent a good amount of money buying that trap and decorating it with that cheese of the best quality. That morning we started to see things more clearly: The complexity of the universe, the evolution of living beings; that on a firm spot you could start the planet; that the Earth moves around the Sun, and not the other way. And, overall, we sensed that the existence is an indecipherable mistery. It wasn't yet two hours when the guard arrived with the letter of eviction. The landlord finally threw us out. We came to this cold place. We had children. About the rest, you know better than us. The things is: that morning at breakfast, we had shared an apple. When I arrived at the morgued, I foun my mother in mourning at the stairs. But mom, you're dead! So are you, my child. And we hugged. Heartbroken.

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Duration: 8 minutes and 22 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: silredo on Mar 17, 2010

Un "pequeño" género literario con un gran futuro.

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