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Vision Casting Part 2

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Vision Casting: Part 2 In the early days... This is a time line. We will go 'X' number of years. Here you are. You are the founding pastor. When you are a founding pastor the only reason you would plant a church is because God spoke to you. You are not putting it up for a vote. You are not going to ask neighbors if God spoke to them. God spoke to me about planting this church. For the first 'X' number of years you can be the person who goes to Sinai and gets the additional vision from God and keep announcing it to the church. You see who likes the vision and who sticks to it. You get 'X' number of years in. You will have attracted a team of people. Now please get this. They own the vision as much as you do. They have sacrificed as much as you have sacrificed. They have put their life savings into it. They work a 40-hour week job and 20 additional hours at the church. They are vested. They are in it. At that point when you have all of these people whose hearts are totally wrapped in this church. Then you go alone to the mountain and come back and announce a 40 degree shift to this team of people whose ownership is as high as yours. They will cry 'foul' and they should. They will ask why there was no conversation about this. Really? I thought we were in this together. That is why whenever I get any prompting because I am almost 40 years into it. I have people around me who... They have given their life savings ten times. We have done everything together. Whenever I feel a strong pull I think, "The quickest way to wreck this church is for me to announce something that has not been discussed thoroughly with the key stake holders of the church." I will often get the key stake holders together and say, "I went on a trip and saw some cool stuff and God worked in my heart. But I do not know if I had bad sushi. I do not know if this will pass in seven days. But I feel as if it is important. May we discuss it?" When you start discussing this with the key stake holders you will get a sense if they are with you. They will add to it. Another way I want to shortcut it is a vision will never become reality until it is widely and deeply owned. You come back from a retreat and you announce to your church or organization we are going 'this' way. They will all applaud quietly. Then they will not give to it. They will not serve in it or sacrifice for it. You are sold out on it but I am not. You just announced it. I do not own it. Then you get mad at them six months later wondering why they are not giving and not sacrificing for it. They say, "It was your vision. You never let it become our vision." The minute we get a sense for a new vision around Willow... ...this is not a fancy term. I should try to wordsmith this better someday. We shop the vision. We shop the vision to youth ministry, to women's ministry, to small group leaders. We say that we have a sense that God is moving us in 'this' direction. The concrete is still wet. It can still be shaped. We do not want to make huge church-wide decisions without your input. Do you believe we are on the right track or don't you? Not everyone has to have their way but people would like to have their way considered. They would like to have their way considered. When you shop it to the youth ministry and a youth pastor and students in the church can say that is a great idea or be careful about this. When you finally go public with it they are applauding because they were part of the process. If you do not include people when are past this certain point in your churches evolution you are going to break the hearts of people who at one point owned this as much as you did. Now they realize you want it all yourself. Do not do that to your church. The idea is to create wider and wider and deeper and deeper levels of ownership the further you go.

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Posted by: landsm on Dec 12, 2014


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