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Dora La Exploradora (2 of 2)

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We're in front of the gas station, but I still don't see a Food Lion, Dora. Hm... Do you see a Food Lion? Yes! Give me the binoculars. No, they're mine! Tyrant. (...Look through the binoculars.) ...Oh. I see it! Look! Let's go! Here we are in front of Food Lion. And now, thanks to your help, we have all the ingredients that we need to make the cream cheese and cooked chicken rolls. And what should we do now? We need to go home to cook them. Dora, can we use your house? Of course! Let's go! We're about to start cooking-- Oops, sorry. --the cream cheese and cooked chicken rolls. Mm. Are you ready? Remember, you need to be with a parent if you're about to... About to cook. Yes. Let's cook! Hola, estás vayen--veyen-- UGH! I told you we need to practice! And I'm Dora, and...I'm... There should be a CVS nearby. Yes! No, not yet. Oops. Is it really recording? Is it seriously recording? He waved! HONK Watch us on channel 43! It's recording. It's recording. ...For cocaine tea, Ms. Giamoni's favorite. Am I recording this? ¿Sí? Are you? No? Okay, yeah. Now we're recording. Are you recording? It's recording? It's been recording. Oh. Look! Boots! That was so funny. Gah! Why am I waving? Oh my God. Ahora... I should flash them. It's recording, Sheetal! Sorry! I thought we were practicing! Nope, nope, we're not ready. It's recording! From Millbrook? What? Oh. The Food Lion is NOT over there! No, we need to go to the gas station. Oh! Yes! Now it's on. Come on, Dora la Exploradora! Do it! Is it going? --Yes. Is it really going? --Yes. Nuh-uh. It's recording! No it's not. No, because there's no red light on. The red-- It's recording it's recording-- She's so tired. Okay okay okay. READ! To cook the cream cheese ...and cooked...chick-- I told you, don't say it together! We have to do that part over. No we don't. We need to go home to cook them. Dora, can we use your house? (What a pretty car...) SHEETAL! We need to go home to cook them! That was my line. Oh It was such a pretty car! Okay, ready? Here-- GET OVER THERE! Move over! I was so ready! Okay. I'm so scared of you right now. Okay. Here we are in front of Food Lion. That looked like I slapped you in the butt! Whoo hoo! It's on, it's recording, do your scene. Okay, okay, I think we're ready. Get up! You-- We've spent 4 minutes and 22 seconds on BULL. I-- I wasn't the one laughing-- Your turn! Go, go, go! Okay, if you'll stop laughing! Okay. Whew. Stop laughing. --Okay. Okay, I'm finished. Stop laughing, monkey! Hater! Don't you dare answer that call. Hello? She doesn't want to go to prom with you! Ay! What? Eew...'s not really working. Why? I don't know? It's not, like, fizzing. Is it supposed to fizz? In oil, yeah. That's why it popped the first time we did it. Maybe it should be on. Shut up! Who turned it off? You turned it off! All your stuff is on it. Oops. Ow, my hand hurts really bad from where I burned it. Why are you recording this? Grease. Grease, grease, grease. And calories, and death. I don't know if I'm in here or not. Okay. Wait, let me go check. Oh, it's recording isn't it? Scoot over that way a little. No, a little more that way. Okay. It's recording, it's recording. Oh, there's blood. There's blood, there's blood. What? WHAT? I'm going to vomit. It's--

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Duration: 6 minutes and 44 seconds
Country: United States
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: darknesseofmagyk on Mar 5, 2009

un proyecto para la clase de español (enseñar la preparación de una tapa común de europa). sí, sé que la gramática es horrible. (: jaja...

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