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WG TV Post match interview - WGS V England Lambs

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WOODHOUSE GROVE TV Hello and welcome everybody. We are joined with Kia Rika-Reyne, one of the star players from the game of Woodhouse against the Lambs on Sunday. First question: It was a narrow victory. Do you feel that the score landed really reflects the performance from the boys? You'd say maybe it was a more convincing victory than the score line suggested? What are your thoughts? Yeah, I mean, full credits to the boys. It was a really good shifting incident. It was really good to come away with a win against a representative school boy England team, in effect. And as you said, we were winning at the start by a considerable amount And I thought that the referee yesterday just kind of refereed towards them, a little bit. Oliver Montel? Yes. He refereed in that way, just a little bit, just so that they could, probably, come back in the game, maybe so that it wouldn't look so embarrassing on that part. I mean, it would be slightly embarrassing for a school team to be a representative team, so I kind of can see what he was doing, but then again, you know, from my point of view, very frustrating. And so, about some big performances from Mason Knowles? Alfred Nordgren? Yes, I have said it before, and I say it again: Alfred Nordgren is just a star player! An absolute key player in our team. If we didn't have him we would really we wouldn't be the team we are today. Mason Knowles well really put game in Unfortunately Mason gets injured. He was getting to a point in this game where he

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Posted by: tsm on Dec 18, 2015

WG TV Post match interview - WGS V England Lambs

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