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Dell Networking S4048T-ON Switch v2

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The Dell Networking S-Series S4048T-ON switch is a high density 10Gigabit Ethernet top-of-rack switch purpose built for applications in high-performance environments. The S4048T-ON is specifically targeted at data centers wishing to use copper 10GbaseT connectors back to their servers and storage platforms. The S4048T-ON leverages a non-blocking switching architecture to deliver line rate Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding capacity with ultra-low-latency to maximize your network performance. The compact S4048T-ON design provides 48 dual-speed 1/10Gbase-T copper ports as well as six 40Gb QSFP+ uplinks to conserve rack space and simplify the migration to 40Gbps in the data center core. The S4048T-ON supports our feature-rich Dell Networking OS, Virtual Link Trunking, and network virtualization features such as VRF-Lite, VXLAN Gateway and support for Dell Embedded Open Automation Framework. It also supports the open source Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for easy installation of alternate network operating systems from Cumulus Networks, Big Switch Networks, Pluribus Networks and IP Infusion as well as Dell’s own industry-hardened network operating system. This provides you the ability to build an application-agnostic network infrastructure and simplify your data center network management, orchestration and automation. The S4048T-ON is part of Dell’s disaggregation of networking hardware and software, empowering your organization to handle modern workloads and applications designed for the open networking era. The S4048T-ON allows you to make this transformation smoothly with copper-based 10GbaseT connectivity, laying the foundation for an open networking environment designed with the flexibility to evolve with your business.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Aug 12, 2016

Dell Networking S4048T-ON Switch v2

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