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C4L7: Short Court Lefty

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Playing left handed is really a great way to practice. If you have seen a lot of pros will if they are in a match if they are on a dead run. I have seen Sharapova do it many times Many players switch hands and hit a perfectly flawless shot with their opposite hitting hand. I have my do this as a ritual. Notice here as my right hand stretches back. Try to be perfect, move slowly and precisely and try to use that off hand to be perfect. Believe it or not that will be the one that makes a big difference. Don' t just try to hit the ball back, line up your 45 and pay attention. Pay attention to all the things we have done in the first few months. The 45 degree angle, the continuous hips of the figure 8 and the wave form out to the ball. Now finally this month the opposite hand. So go short court for 5 minutes at least once or twice a week with your students. This type of practice will absolutely nuke, microwave your practice time. Make sure once again this month is about flying with both wings. Focus not only the hand hitting the ball but on the hand that non dominant hand holding your balance. Remember it comes across the forehand and locks in the forehand so you stay at the 45 and on the backhand it mirrors off the 45 as you go into the hit. Once again holding your body steady there at the 45 degree angle. Make sure you practice everything if you a one hander use one hand on your backhand side. If you are a two hander go ahead and use two hands and your backhand side. Practice your slice, practice your top spin flat and keep it very controlled right there at the short court. Believe me as you and students begin to do this it will feel much more comfortable as you go and throughout the year you will be playing from the base line. Who knows you might do what we do is play points from the base line, serve and everything. See here as my right hand comes across and lining up the 45 degree angle before I continue. The big thing when you play lefty is don't just try to get the ball over, really pay attention to what you are doing and to all your principles. Have some patience and do it every week you will find it really gets better quickly your students will get more and more confidence as they understand what they are doing.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 8, 2014

Your dominant side can learn a lot from your non-dominant side.

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