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Good afternoon everyone! Please be in the conference room by 3.30pm I have an important announcement to make. I have a very good news to share with you guys Our company has gave our department opportunities for growth that includes value added skill sets such as overseas trip and workshops and conferences Upon completion of these programs there will be higher chance to get promoted So I hope you guys will value this opportunity as this is a very good chance to value add yourselves to impress the superiors which will increase the chances of promotion So stay motivated! Oh yea damn good leh!!! So how guys? Do you want to go overseas or what? Of course the overseas trip! This year it's our turn to organize the company's annual sports day. and I have already assigned the task Sebastian will be in-charged of designing the T-shirts Guanwei will be in-charged of sports activities Jordan will be in-charged of venue, drinks and prizes Sebastian, do you have any ideas of the T-shirts? I have come up with a few designs during the weekends and do you want to take a look? I have come up with a few designs, one with V-neck, one with crew neck Jordan: I think V-neck is the best! Guanwei: But i think crew neck is more suitable and appropriate for sports I think crew neck for sports is better, what do you think? Ya, crew neck is okay *descriptions of T-shirt* Size we will do with S to XL Guanwei: So for my side, I basically came up with 4 different sports that i feel that it can foster the bond between our colleagues Firstly, it is Captain's Ball *rules of Captain's Ball* So the next activity is Basketball *rules of Basketball* Then, the next one will be 4 X 100 m relay *description* And last but not least, which i think is the most interesting activity, it is called the amazing race *rules of Amazing Race* So, for the prizes, Jordan do you have any suggestions? Jordan: For prizes, Nike will be the sponsor For the top 3 prizes, they shall be rewarded with Nike shoes with designer autograph on it For the consolation prizes, we shall give them Nike T-shirts and there should be 100 consolation prizes For the drinks, Milo and 100 Plus trucks are available. Chrysanthemum will be sponsored by Yeos. For the venue wise, we can have it at the stadium since our company capacity is large, it can accommodate a lot of people I think you guys have great ideas and we shall continue to work harder for this project Last week is Wendy's treat, and now this week will be my turn to treat YAY Guanwei this is your favourite soya milk Wendy, you too Sebas your teh-peng! *inaudible speech*

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