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VLOG #2 - Should We Be Afraid Of Iran? (Part Two of Two)

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The rest of the world stood there horrified, stunned and speechless in awe. Ok? Our problem.... The USA now has become the policeman of the World. We're getting involved in other countries. We're doing all these things. I'm going to give you an example from a two-minute video next. Watch it and see for yourself. "We're meddling that much?!?". But first, I want to talk about Iran. In 1953, the United States was summoned by Britain. The British were concerned because they, the British, "controlled" the oil resources in Iran. B.P., British Petroleum, they were in the news several months ago for the oil spil.... Anyway, it was basically the B.P. people that owned oil in Iran. They wanted to keep the profits funneling back to England, but the Iranian people started to feel disgruntled by that. "It's our oil, isn't it?". "It's our land". "No". In 1953, they decided to elect, via a democracy just like ours, a guy by the name of Mossedeq. I'm probably spelling it wrong. Mossedeq. Mossedeq, his platform was to nationalize Iranian oil for the people of Iran. "Scram, foreigners!". "Scram, Britain". Briain, being concerned, asked the CIA to intervene. This is documented, yes. So we went into Iran and we overthrew that man, Mossedeq. The Iranian people were pissed off. We replaced him with our guy, by the name of the Shah. The Shah killed --- ahh --- 100,000 Iranian people. People who were simply practicing their religion. He would have people (cops) enter houses and throw people off roofs. He would enter houses and beat people up. He was very authoritarian, almost fascist like, so to speak. He kept the money funnelling to England. He kept the oil interests going. Iranian people became increasingly frustrated, "he's a puppet for the USA" they said to each other, and they rebelled. And they overthrew the Shah. They made it. "Perfect", they said. They replaced him with a selected leader of their choice, but the USA came back. "No, no, guys (chuckle)" "Nice try. Sorry, but no". The Shah is reinstalled back in as dictator of Iran. He kills more people involved in the revolution against him. The Iran people were even more upset and collaborated amongst themselves to have another revolution. But here's the problem. They had two choices (presented to them). They had the Shah or they had Khomeni. You know, the guy with the long beard. I don't like him either. But Khomeni was telling the Iranian people, "See? I TOLD you! I warned you about the USA! USA sucks!". Bashing the USA on and on. "Well, that does make sense, I guess", said the Iranian people. Revolution! The Shah is removed from office again. Interestingly, the Shah was dying of cancer. No country in the world would accept the Shah after Iran kicked him out. Except one country. The United States. We accepted the Shah, I think he died here or he may have died in another country, but we gave him treatments for his cancer, but he died anyway. The Iranian people take over the American embassy in 1979 with our hostage situation. They took over the embassy and 300 some hostages. Carter was unable to do anything and then Ronald Reagan came in, The day Ronald Reagan entered office, like magic, the hostages came home. 300 of them. (EYEBROWS RAISED) So most people in America, we are told the history of our interactions with Iran from 1979 on. We're never told what happened back in 1953 and on. If we understood what happened from 1953 and on, we would see that we "started" it. We messed with their business. They voted someone in. We said "no" and overthrew their elections, basically because of the special interests of Oil. If we understood what happened from 1953 and on, we would see that we "started" it. We messed with their business. They voted someone in. We said "no" and overthrew their elections, basically because of the special interests of Oil. What do you think is happening today? We're in six wars right now. We're the most powerful country in the world. We can wipe out any country, period, in a minute. Why are we still in the wars? The reason is because wars make money for a select group of people. The rest of us are in ruins, we're struggling, It's very sad. It's important that we share this with each other. Do. Not. Trust. The. Media. They're not the media anymore. They're just telling you what they think you need to know, not what you probably need to really know. My support of Ron Paul is because he is outside of the "machine". He is incorruptible. Impossible. Look at 40 years of video evidence of him saying the exact same things over and over and over again. He's not perfect. Nobody is. I trust him to do what he says he's going to do. He WILL end the wars. The media is not covering him sufficiently because they know he WILL end the wars. You would think Maddow, Olbermann, and Matthews from FOX, I'm sorry, from MSNBC, You would think they love him. They don't. They don't talk about Ron Paul unless it is negative, negative, negative. FOX hates him because he's against the wars. He thinks they're not necessary. That causes America more problems. He thinks the military should be, what?, all of the troops from all around the world coming back home, protecting our borders. We have the best country in the world, because we are bordered by two oceans. Canada to our north. Mexico to our south. There's no way any country can touch us. Our military budget is so big that... if we cut it in half, and used half the money to pare down the national debt, or to help the elderly or give children health insurance coverage, the remaining half of the money in our defense budget would still be more than the rest of the world combined. That's how powerful we are. One friend of mine made a good point. He said America is like a big giant Elephant that is scared of a tiny mouse. One of the reasons we are scared of the mouse is because of the media, Owned by six companies that continue to get rich off the fooling the rest of us, distracting the rest of us, making us hate each other, Instead of making us look at each other and say, "hey, no. We need to end the wars". If any country dared mess with us... we will warn them all and say "we're not playing games anymore". "If you mess with us, we are going to wipe you off the face of this earth, period". "Then we're going to go home, we're not going to rebuild your country again, we're not going to "install democracy" in your government, "We're not going to give you foreign aid...... Hands off!" And that's what the message needs to be. Does it mean we are isolationists? Cowering? No. We want to trade with countries, travel to them. Look at Vietnam. We were at war with them. Now we trade with them. They're doing great now. Ok, all these things are happening because, in my humble opinion, It's all related to the banks, the wars, and the media. They're keeping us constantly distracted from the real issues. I feel like I've gone on for too long, so I will stop now. Later, in another vlog, I will talk more about banking issues. But I hope you all understand my points about the wars. First, the war interests own the media. Those media fool us and keep us scared. Yes, the threat of terrorism is a real threat. But did you know that you are 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist? Also, you are more likely to die from a soda machine, a vending machine falling on top of you than being killed by a terrorist. So we need to look at this in perspective. Car accidents happen daily. People die from smoking daily. Some of you, including me, eat at McDonalds that we're not supposed to, Those things are more likely to occur than terrorism. But we're acting like a giant elephant afraid of a tiny mouse. I don't agree with that. I think all the "Democrats" and the "Republicans are on a ship called the "Titanic". It's about to crash. The Iceberg is directly a few miles ahead. They're all arguing about where to put the chairs. "No, put the chairs there. Yooouuuu, you hate poor people!" "No, you bunch of freeloaders, we want it by the pool!" "We want captions on the TV" "We want everyone to have free pizza at 10 PM tonight!" "We want to raise taxes so we can host a dance tonight". There's one person there on the boat, there for thirty years, by the name of Ron Paul 76 years old now, trying to frantically warn the rest of the occupants about the iceberg coming ahead. And they're all making snide comments and looking at him funny. "He's crazy". "He's old". "He's a racist". "He hates poor people". "Don't listen to him". "He can't win". "He's unelectable". "He's a Republican". "He's crazy". Hold on now. Think about it. Think. I'm serious. Think about it. The richest families in the world are enjoying this. The rest of us 300 million people are angry and hate each other. We swallowed, SWALLOWED their game, hook line and sinker. Enough. Enough is enough. I'm sure some of you agreed with me. I'm sure some of you disagreed with me. But that's OK. This is America. That's OK. Good night. Thumbs up. (For captioned political videos, go to

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This is part two of my two-part vlog on whether we should be afraid of Iran, how big of a threat they pose to us, how large the Mainstream Media is, and so forth.

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