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e-Council Inc. Explains the EB-5 Process

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[♪ music ♪] [MEET MARCO & SOPHIE] Meet Marco and Sophie. Marco owns a bistro and bar in New York City and wants to open a new location. Sophie wants to build a hip new hotel. Both business owners are short on capital and need more money to make it happen. But how do they get it? [THAT'S WHERE E-COUNCIL INC.COM & EB-5 COME IN] That's where e-Council and EB-5 come in. [ECOUNCILINC.COM] EB-5 is a great way to raise significant capital from foreign investors where the investor can get a green card so long as the business is creating the right number of jobs. EB-5 money is usually invested in the form of a loan, although there are other options. [ONE STOP EB-5 SHOP] e-Council is your one stop EB-5 shop. Our EB-5 process begins with an assessment of your plans. [CONDUCT PROJECT VIABILITY ASSESSMENT] We'll examine the project and make sure it's ready for EB-5. Since EB-5 investors will need to be found, [INCLUDES: Marketability & Viability] this will include assessing the marketability as well as the viability of the plan, [Located in a T.E.A.] and we'll figure out if the business is located in a T.E.A., or targeted employment area. That's a high unemployment or rural area [Only need $500,000 per investor] meaning that you'll only need to raise $500,000 per investor. [$1,000,000 per investor if outside T.E.A.] If it's not in a T.E.A., you'll need to raise $1,000,000 per investor. [EB-5] Once we've qualified the project per EB-5, we'll help figure out which EB-5 track to pursue, [DIRECT, REGIONAL CENTER] that is, through direct investment or through a regional center. A regional center is really a conduit to allow businesses to pool capital and count indirect jobs. Jobs mainly dictate which track is chosen— that is, are any contracted staff being hired, such as, is Marco hiring delivery people? Is Sophie hiring construction workers? [IF YES...] Both staff would be contracted. If yes, the money must be raised [REGIONAL CENTER] through a regional center. [IF NO...DIRECT] If no, the money can be invested into the business as a direct investment. Sophie is hiring construction workers and therefore needs a regional center. That means her package will have to include a market study, financial projections, an EB-5 compliant business plan, and an economic impact report to calculate the number of contracted jobs. Plus, Sophie needs immigration and securities counsel in her corner. Marco's project will be direct, because everyone at the bistro will be hired and paid directly by the bistro. Marco's EB-5 package will still need a market study, financial projections, and a business plan as well as immigration and securities lawyers. But unlike Sophie's hotel project, Marco's deal won't need an economic impact report since there won't be any contractors. Sound complicated? Leave it to us. e-Council does it all and we do it right every time. Our reputation depends on it. After we've worked our magic and prepared a top quality package, [USCIS] immigration counsel can submit the package to USCIS for pre-approval. Then it's time to send it to a licensed broker dealer to raise the EB-5 money. Once foreign investors are secured, each investor's case will be filed. Once approved, it's time for Marco and Sophie to start building their businesses and creating the critical jobs. [EXPERT] e-Council's unique team of professionals will be your partner every step of the way. We'll make it convenient and easy to get all the documents needed to pave the way to smooth and painless approvals [eb5 VERIFIED] all from a single source. That is what makes us so valuable and separates us from our competitors. We know in advance what's needed, and we develop superior packages that lead to consistent results. We give developers and business owners, like March and Sophie, the tools to build their American dream while offering investors a chance to do the same. To find out how to turn your business dream into reality or to speak to one of our team members, email us [[email protected]] at [email protected], [] visit, [/in/ecouncilinc, /eCouncil] connect with us on Linked In, or like us on Facebook. e-Council, your one-stop resource for EB-5 success. [e-Council, EB-5 Solutions & Visa Business Plan Experts]

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e-Council Inc. Explains the EB-5 Process

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