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Find an Article From the Citation

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This video will show you how to find the full text of an article when you have only the citation. One of the common situations where this occurs is when you are reading an article and then find a citation to another article that you would like to read. Let's take a look at an example. This is an article about children and their perception of advertising and food. And I would like to read this article by Stephanie Thompson. I can see that it's from 1999. The title of the article is "Kraft-y promo: Post gives coins for 'comb.'" The journal that it's from is "Advertising Age," volume 70, issue 41, page 19. The important thing to look for here is, in italics, the title of the journal that this article comes from. This could be a newspaper, a magazine, or a peer reviewed journal, but it's always important to look for that title, and not the title of the article. So I can see that it's "Advertising Age." You can copy and paste it, or just remember the title. I'm going to go back to my search screen. I'm going to go to the OU Libraries' home page Change my search in the ALICE catalog to "Periodical Title" And then enter "Advertising Age" because that's the title of the journal. Click search I'm going to scroll down and click on the title that matches what I've searched for. I have 7 results - that's because we have this journal in a number of different places. You usually want to look for the title that says [electronic resource] in brackets because you know that it's online. Click on that title. Then scroll down and look for a source that covers the date range you need. We were looking for an article from 1999. I could use Lexis Nexis, Academic Source Complete, Business Source Complete... because these all go back to 1996 or 1986, any of these would work. I'm going to click on Academic Search Complete. This has taken me from ALICE... ...the catalog that tells me all of the items that the OU Libraries own... to the database where those articles are actually located. You have some options here too. You could click on "Search Within this Publication" and search for the title of the article. Or since we know the exact date... we can also scroll down here and click on the date. And then choose the volume that we need. If I remember correctly, it was volume 70, number 41. Let's go back and choose that one. So, volume 70, issue 41. Once you've done that, you should basically get the table of contents for that issue. Let's scroll down and see if we can find the exact article that we're looking for. "Advertising Age" tends to have a lot of smaller articles... it may be a little ways down. There it is..."Kraft-y promo: Post gives coin for 'comb.'" Now I can click on the title. In this case, I can just read the HTML Full Text I used ALICE to search for the journal title... tell me where I could find the article for this particular citation. Remember that if you can't find what you're looking for or have any other questions. You can always return to the OU Libraries' home page... And click on the link for Ask a Librarian There are lots of ways to get a hold of us but online chat is available all of the hours that the Learning Commons is open.

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Learn how to find the full text of an article when you have only the citation.

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