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MIRROR [philhellenes]: What Islam Fears Laughter

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This video is considered "fair use" under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) But, for those of you that download YouTube videos, you KNOW what to do, just in case "something" happens to this video. "Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." I hope you will accept... ...this video response brother. this morning it was nice but after hearing and what you a season he's not a position design maintained want any longer I think most was described as a use on woman proceed have you consistently was the said but doctor committed itself to be punishment the grave and Paul who the to be British in the grave and what will happen to the pies forces in the grave political dividends from it the first thing I would like to talk a little bit it's that of course the police the heatley arnold believes it or not according to logic and common sense that course this point from here on in common sense and logic cancel that for us the the integrated there is something to come because there is nothing to crow but what the tax see this so he said Sunday it's something I think once in my life citizens alliance why isn't he it's like lines it's like a lot eighths month it will be waiting for me the speech yes you can detect any Oregon argue the of of on Wednesday that there is something a up after this and with a chuckle a few of the petitions to happen and it creates to that people and the Spanish other course for the here folks school in the shows that it that to a deal with yeah it lasted three questions no I the court is of day yes winston lord well thank you what is your region he said who is this person and it was should itself prophet muhammad no he knows the life danville here with a hammer us this is fair the season and yes he also hit initiated the people it will be kind of the gate all right candy and if you hit your history of hand but I guess on your face if he ended up being hit hard with both or this part you wouldn't pick up being and think are much harder to the people in hamburg you're taking so much force if you had to a little quirks yes and for him I think he's going to be submitted to you so it's a sad in them been trying to get into if you can you'll keep eating you program and Bush who defeated but in how much force and the the the camera that's the point here my head is going to break up the pieces but it is did a little curtsy eighth I yes and those think so no this makes him to take part in this way yes this thanks mm-hm yes the health that's thanks is that a as though this okay faced with us it will be night me the city the united states Susan yes it's house yes I and the the so look poison that is said by the prophet muhammad so the lawsuit said that is part of the city fight that early it's a then filipino the chairman and about state in it behold the network and way everybody any the everything to be taught and going to be a vote who harvested plants that it'll be somewhat what the foot of support they were keep you so there's no sense in the sense of his soul and that's what he's saying he by ignite question a that of soliciting wonderful this okay okay us each kid and were work investcorp into so much for serious that there is a to this is a true story about that just stated apparently a graveyard and in the gravy had he saw a grave very strongly that the to he the people of new York you couldn't see him hi larry or form so the rolpa created and he contends that one these are the places of the season as he will step down think in a sense of the school kids there's a lot of great growth in the guys on the ground the Fed is all about the Clinton and he was the at that point since okay that you know of a of God great and he'd been you saw the camera toting the standard the chemical a lot of that the schools and she'll it's a case of the camera is it he of had the and he key the danny that can work he's the and goal make the stuff okay I see the end is in sight but this you say following consistency this I always wondered about that it

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