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In international news rioting continues and fuel shortage and rationing after the declaration of martial law Australian Prime Minister struggles to prevent the encroachment of flooding. the president has order the forceable deportation of American of Hispanic descent. The last 10 years alone the world has witness the extinction of elephants, and hundreds of other species daily primarily by climate change. In related news, after diverting all funding for public health the president now urges millions of Americans to rely on prayer for health care.. Citizens across the US are beginning to panic as temperatures are rising to new highs This phenomena is happening world wide with temperatures rising 20 to 30 degrees above average causing widespread power outages. Violence erupted at at the CDC headquarters today as workers were forcibly taken into custody. Germ agents have been released inside the facility. The government has revoked all FCC licenses restricting authorized newscasts to only government authorized studios. I became a journalist because I believed in the promise of America, If not who we are, but at least who we aspired to be. Maybe someday future Americans will rise from the ashes of what was once our country [shouting. gunfire] Shit. This is Teresa signing off. [off air tone] woman gently and sadly singing in ancient language♫ It has been nearly 2 weeks since I left Mount Weather I ate the last of my food rations this morning and water supplies are dwindling. Without re-supply I estimate I will be able to make it to the rendezvous point on time. Eight days. I WILL make it. [She hears a noise and is startled] Who's there? Show Yourself! Show Yourself! Or I'll start shooting! Paul Young: I hate to criticize your obviously well thought out plan but aren't bullets hard to come by these days? Jane: Don't come any closer. Paul: You're the boss. Jane: Who are you? Why are you following me? Paul: Following you? this is my place. I found it first. Jane: No. This place is abandoned. Paul: I admit, I'm not much of a decorator but it does have that post apocalypse Chic vibe going on. It's all the rage going on.. Jane: I'm gonna ask this one last time, and if I don't like your answer I'm gonna shoot you right where you stand. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Paul: Paul. Paul Young. Not a people person, huh? Given the circumstances I can't say I blame you but you might recognize my face from bill boards and bus stations n the area. Good morning. Paul Young. Jane: Your'e a newscaster? I thought you were all imprisoned after the total ban in independent news. It was all the State TV aired for weeks.. Paul: It's all shrouded in the cloud of "crimes against the government" and the screams of "FAKE NEWS". And then the gulags... Jane: It was awful. How did you escape then? Paul: Dumb luck. I wasn't even at the studio they came for us... Food poisoning. Saved by bad shellfish. They took everyone. Molly, my co-host... She managed to send me a text, warning me to hide, so here I am Jane: Seems lucky. Almost too lucky Paul: I'm not part of the pro-government militia if that's what yo're thinking That's exactly what I'm thinking It's the luckiest bad clams I ever ate in my life. Jane: I used to watch your show Paul: So you DO recognize me. Jane: You looked better then. Paul: We've all looked better. Jane: Is it real? Paul: Taste it. Good, isn't it? Jane: Where did you find it? I thought all of the fruit orchards failed after the bee colonies collapsed. I got it off a trader. He says there are still some territories with farmable land. Jane: I heard that rumor as well. But this is the first fresh fruit I've seen in ages. Paul: They are hand pollinating the trees up there. I've been thinking of heading up there to see if the rumors are true. Where are you headed? Thanks for this. I really should get going now to get in a few more miles before nightfall.. Well, good luck... Make sure you lay low and keep your heard down. I hear that 30 miles away, there may be exterminators coming here. Paul: Exterminators? Jane: They are government thugs. They kill everyone that might be unpatriotic. Thanks for the apple! Paul: Wait! You forgot to tell me your name. Well. I told you my sob story. Jane: Jane Paul: Jane. See now we're getting somewhere! What's you're last name? Okay, don't tell me, I can guess.... Jane Ray Jane: No. Paul: Potter? Marx? Hernandez? Jane: No, No and NO! Paul: Give me your hand so I can read your palm... I know what your last name is. Jane: Oh yeah.... what's that? If I get it right I get to walk with you for a while.... Whatever. It's a free country. Or at least was... Paul: So we have a deal then? Jane Darling. Jane: Who are you? who sent you? Paul: Nobody sent me. Jane: Why are you following me? Paul: I'm not. Jane... It's on your backpack tag. I don't know who you are, I swear! Hey, I didn't mean to freak you out... i was just... Jane: Flirting? Paul: Do you blame me? Look, it's not like a guy comes across such an attractive girl out here on the wastelands I'm sorry, but I'm just jumpy. Paul: Paranoid? Jane: Careful! I'm careful. Paul: would have been interesting to see if I guess your age. Come on, that was funny! Jane: Do you always talk this much? Paul: It's one of my more charming features. Jane: Not out here. That can get you killed. One more word and I'll leave you here. Jane: I have not covered as much ground as I had hoped. My progress has been hampered. Since my last entry I have picked up a stray He doesn't seem as wild as some I have encountered but is he kind of annoying Although I admit, the company is a nice change from solitude. Paul: So are we going to talk about it? Jane: About what? Paul: What happened when you pulled a gun on me? Jane: Which time? Paul: Our relationship really is off to a rocky start. So, what are your writing? Jane: nothing. It's private. Paul: So who are your really? FBI? CIA? Jane: The president disbanded the FBI years ago. Paul: CIA then? You look like a spook... Jane: World Protection Agency Joey: No shit? You guys were the real deal. Humanity's last hope. Saviors of the world. I ran a whole piece on it. What happened? Jane: It doesn't matter now. Paul: do you know what I miss most? From before the collapse? Jane: Teeth Whitener? Hair Gel? Paul: Oh, ha ha. Straight to the newscaster jokes! Jane: I'm sorry. What do you miss? Paul: I don't know if I want to tell you now. Jane: Candy Bars. I miss candy bars. Especially the ones with peanut and caramel centers Paul: Marshmallows Jane: Coconut Cream! Paul: Chocolate Mousse.... Jane: Oh, you're gonna make my stomach start growling.... Paul: Here. Take this... Jane: You're full of surprises! So, what do you miss? Paul: Aside from clean air and medical coverage? My bed. Jane: Beds still exist. Paul: Yeah, but they aren't the same anymore. After the collapse, sleeping in a bed seems... wrong. I you aren't sleeping outside, roughing it you just aren't wholeheartedly participating in the new apocalyptic world Jane: that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard! Paul: No, I'm serious. Jane: Well we have another full day of hiking tomorrow Paul: We? Jane: At least I believe in our mission. Paul: Oh, we have a mission now? Jane: the World Protection Agency. Paul: Right... A mission. Jane: Goodnight Paul. [Paul hums the "Mission Impossible" theme song as a joke] ♫ Gentle piano and guitar music ♫ You know what I miss most? Paul: I never get used to this heat. Jane: It's only going to get worse. The world keeps getting hotter. Just wait till the next batch of storms. Jane: You know, at this rate it might be quicker to just cut through the city. Paul: Hang on. Do you see that? Jane: Is that a person? Paul: I don't know. Whoever it is we can go around. Jane: No. If we lose our humanity now what else is there? Come on. Jane: I thinks she's hurt. Help me sit her up. [woman screams] Paul: Get off of her! Let her go! Jane: No, you can't have it! Paul: Jane. Just run! Get off of me! Jane, get the gun! Jane: Come on, let's get out of here! Sit here. Paul: He stabbed me. She bit me. And you let him. What were you even doing? You should have just let them have the backpack. We have no supplies. We wouldn't have lost anything. Jane: We would have lost everything! Paul: Yeah. we almost lost our lives. You didn't even think to pull the gun. To protect me. To protect yourself? That's fucked up! What's even in there anyway? Hope it's antibiotics. And now you've ripped my favorite shirt. Is there no end to your cruelty? Jane: I guess you might as well know... Paul: This... This is why let me be a human pincushion? Jane: This could change everything. Before the collapse, I was a researcher. My friend Ava was our liaison between us and what remained of the government. We were part of the team that were working n Project Catalyst. After it failed, our research teams were disbanded. We were threatened, told to keep quiet. I lost contact with Ava. Paul: And then Mount Weather fell. So what happened to Ava? Jane: I went to Mount Weather to look for her. It was total chaos. I found her office. There were bullet holes in the wall, but no bodies. Only that note tucked under a paper weight. Ava Voice-over: Jane, we are being moved. I can't take the hard drive with me... as it's too risky to have it fall into the wrong hands, even though it's encrypted and only I have the key, we can not risk its destruction. You know where to find me. Where we went on your birthday in that old field, where we watched the meteor shower. I will find a way out. I will find you. Yours, Ava. Paul: Didn't those fundamentalist assholes realize that climate change would effect everything? Jane: We're so close. We're only a couple days walk from the rendezvous point. Paul: but you have no idea of what's even on that drive? Jane: Not exactly.... Paul: Maybe we're risking our lives for her grandma's pirogi recipe? We should be going North, to the colonies, to the apple trees. You don't even know if she's alive. Jane: She IS alive, she is alive. Paul: So you and Ava.... how long? Jane: What are you talking about? Paul: How long? Jane: We're just friends... Paul: I thought you and I were just friends. You were willing to sacrafice me for her... You were more than friends. Jane: Nearly 12 years before it became a crime to be in a same-sex marriage. When the police starting arresting people, sending then to conversion camps, our relationship turned into just roommates. We both worked for the World Protection Agency. It made sense that we would share an apartment. When things started getting bad, the riots, the bombings... Ava was sent to Mount Weather. She told me to stay put, and lay low. But, When she didn't return... Paul: You went looking for her. Jane: She must have known I would have. That's why she left the note. Paul: But we can get to this field and find nothing. Then what? Jane: We keep looking. Paul: For what? Jane: Hope. Please be there. Paul: Jane? Jane: I'm here Paul... Jane: You're feverish. Paul: I'm so cold... Jane: Paul... Jane: I think your arms was infected. I need to change your bandage. ♫music♫ Stay with me Paul... Stay with me Paul... Paul: Jane? Jane? Hope you find what you are looking for. Jane: Paul! You're awake! You're alive! Paul: Is that a surprise? Why are you still here? What about Ava and the rendezvous? Jane: I thought a lot about what you said. I don''t know if she actually made it out of Mount Weather alive... But I couldn't leave you. Paul: But we still have the time. We can make it. Jane: Yeah, but you were in no condition to travel. We can just head north when you're stronger. I found a stream. We have water. Drink! Paul: No. We have to make it. It's our only chance. Ok, this is gonna sound crazy, but when I was out, I was dreaming... and everything was normal. Well, not normal but the way it used to be. and maybe we can't go back to that, but we can always go forward to something better. If there's any chance of that, Jane, we have to take it. and right now that's making it to that field. Whoa... everything's.... Jane: Ok tough guy. But first drink this. By my estimate, we are about 3 days from the rendezvous point. But if we only stop to sleep for a couple of hours, I think we can make it in two. Paul: We have to make it in two. It's all we got. Jane: Right. Are you sure you're up for it? Paul: Anything's better than hanging out in this creepy place. I expect murderous clowns to leap out at any moment. How long was I out? Jane: 3 days. ♫ Melancholic Music ♫ Jane: Let's check out this place. this might be a good place to sleep. Jane: Sit. Here, drink this. Did you have a girlfriend before? Paul: Did I have what? Jane: Did you have a girlfriend? Paul: I had a cat. Jane: No. I'm being serious. Were you ever in love? Paul: I didn't have time. Married to my job. I always figured I'd get around to it... I mean, don't get me wrong. There were plenty of women. There just wasn't "A Woman". Jane: A relationships value doesn't depend on quantity or length. Paul: A scientist and a wordsmith? Jane: It's been a long journey. I've had a lot of time to think, Paul. I'm really glad I didn't shoot you. Paul: I appreciate that as well. What about Ava? Jane: Ava used to have a saying. Happiness is never decreased by being shared. ♫ Guitar Music ♫ Fundamentalist: and the second angel poured his vial into the sea and gave us the blood of a dead man, and every living soul died. Jane: Until the very end you are going to maintain the project failed by divine will? You. You sabotaged it to discredit us and to discredit science. It wasn't some God. It was you lying to everyone and preaching your bullshit. Fundamentalist: And now only the angels will know... [gunshot] Paul: Holy shit! What the fuck just happened? Jane: Some idiot that's been following me since Mount Weather. Paul: He looks familiar. Jane: Yeah, he was appointed head of the EPA before the collapse. He had access to all of our research and he issued the grants for all of our projects. Any support the government gave us was to set up up for spectacular failure. Paul: So this all could have been avoided. Jane: Not necessarily. If we had been able to do our job though, we would have stood a chance. Grab the blanket. Come on. Let's just go. Jane: Look, there it is! The field where we watched the meteor shower. But, she's not here. Paul: Maybe she just hasn't gotten here yet. Jane: What if we're too late? What if she... Paul: Somewhere else..... We'll keep looking. ♫ electric guitar music ♫ Jane: Look! Paul: Well I'll be damned. Ava: I knew you'd make it! Jane: This is Paul. He helped me. Ava: thanks you! Helicopter Pilot: We can't stay here. We gotta go! Paul: What's even on that thing anyway? Ava: A second chance. Voiceover: There's hope if we stand together. If we embrace our diversity as a source of strength. Not a reason for suspicion. There's hope when we lock arms and fight for each other, not with each other. Those who would pit us against each other talk of making life great again. But greatness can't be driven by fear. It can't be martialed by driving wedges between us. The only response to tyranny is resistance. The only answer to divisiveness is unity. The only response to hate is love. Only together will we take back our rights, our freedom, our very humanity... Together we can not be stopped.

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