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My Sister's Keeper

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[Anna] Most babies are accidents... ...not me. I was engineered - born to save my sister's life. [Brian narr] Having a child who is sick is a full-time occupation. Sure we still enjoy the usual day-to-day happinesses of family life - big house, great kids... [Kate] You want to see our routine? [Sara] What routine? Hey baby, what's your sign? Cancer. You're a cancer? No, I'm a Leo but I have cancer. Boo. ...but beneath the exterior, there are cracks. Resentments that could threaten the very foundation of our lives. [Anna] Oh my gosh, it's really you! I'm Campbell Alexander - what can I do for you! You've seen my commercials. That's why I am here. My sister has been in renal failure for months now. You're supposed to give her a kidney? I want to sue my parents for the right to my own body. Would you repeat that please? [Sara] What's going on? Anna, you're suing us? I don't want to do it anymore mom. It's my body, I want to be able to make my own decisions about what to do with it. [Brian narr] From the moment we decided to genetically conceive, I suppose it was our fault. [Brian] But it's against her will! So how does that work? [Brian narr] We went against nature, and forced her into helping her sister. I'm Taylor - maybe we could hang together sometime. Yea. [Kate] I don't mind my disease killing me - but it's killing my family too. [Sara] What is she doing out of the hospital! [Brian] We're going to go to the beach. [Sara] You take her to the beach, you'll killing her. She's going to die. You better come - because if you don't come, I want a divorce. [Brian narr] But somehow the very things that tore us apart... [Campbell] Anna doesn't want to do it anymore. I don't believe you - you are hiding something Anna. Just tell them! I don't believe you - you are hiding something Anna. Just tell them! ...would bring us together, in ways we could never have imagined. [music: Vega4 - "Life is Beautiful"] Do I look pretty, Daddy? I'm gonna die. I know it's important for you to feel that your never gave up. Sooner or later you've gotta let go. I know I'll be okay. I'm sorry I let them hurt you. Do you know how brave you are? ♪Life is beautiful ♪

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 13, 2010

My Sister's Keeper - Captioned Trailer

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