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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:14:36 - 16:43:56

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Go, Aska, go home. Go, Aska. - Dule, mow ours now that they’re filming so that everything is on the tape! We’ll be on it too… (laughter) - Predrag, if you haven’t taken the garbage, here’s a plea! - Dule, are you tired? - No. - And nothing for us? You’re avoiding us the whole day. - Good afternoon, ladies! How are you? - Hello, hello! Buongiorno! (laughter) (incomprehensible) - Yes. (dog barking) Don’t Aska! Don’t! Don't Aska! Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t Aska! No! No! No! Go! No! No! No... Don't Aska... Don't Aska... Don't. Come Aska, come... Come on Duda, come Duda, come... Come on Duda, come... Come here, Duda, come... Duda! Duda! (whistling) - Come Duda! (whistling) - Come Aska, come! Let’s go! (barking) Don't, don't... Milica? - Yes? - I’d like some coffee. What’s up guys? Hello, hello. What have you been up to? Zoki, what is it? What are you looking at? See how I, I got dirty, I was mowing the lawn. - Well, what can I do… Now they’re for… - They’re for work. - …for those things. - Show me what you need to be done about electricity. - Ah, yes. That’s why you’re here, Zoki. Why didn't you say so? I can't go like this. Let go, and then we’ll see. Well there’s not much… You know what goes into a bathroom. You’re not a child. Sure. I suppose you know what goes into a bathroom. - Well, I guess what the boss wants. - Yes, that’s right. Come this way so we can take a look together actually. - There are people who have TV sets in their bathrooms. - Well, now… Actually, like you say, we’ll look at it together. Of course, give me some advice as well. Here, you go in and see what it looks like. This is it. What’s this? Ah, yes. You see where everything is. Find your way. - This is the water heater, right? - That’s probably where it will go and the wash basin here, the water tank here, yes. - No the water tank is there? - Wait a second. I think we said the toilet bowl would go here and the wash basin there. That’s what I think. Right? - Well I don’t know, you have to tell me where everything goes. If the wash basin is here then you’ll have the mirror there and you need the light. - Look, look Zoki, I don’t think it’s the other way around. - At least a socket here. - I don’t believe the toilet bowl is here and the wash basin there. I don’t think so. - You haven’t solved the sewage, have you? - Not yet. It’s supposed to go there. - OK, so water heater, mirror. - That’s right. - What about the washing machine? - It might be in that corner. There. - Or here. - Yes, yes. - Under the water heater, ‘cause it takes up the least space there. - Yes, yes. - And one light up there. - Right. One for the washing machine, one for the mirror. - And for the water heater, right? - Yes. - And wait, where will the water heater go? I suppose there in that corner? - Well, yes, OK. The water heater. OK. - I think in that corner. - And the bath there? - Yes, yes. - There won’t be a bath, only the gutter. - Well, OK. They’re still trying to persuade me. - No, we said without a thing. We said this doorstep would also be flat. - Yes, there won’t be a doorstep either, so the water can go straight to the gutter. - And the gutter in the center. - Only one. - Well OK, it's all the same. - OK, but that’s where the shower is planned. It goes without saying, right? - Alright, the shower, OK. - So the water heater will probably be here in this corner. - OK, in that case forget about this cable. OK, it might be good but I have to put it on the other side because of the washing machine in order not to… You know… - OK, that’s right. So it’s not directly connected. - And somewhere around here the one for the mirror. - Now, it depends on the kind of mirror you buy. You have the one which has a light and a socket for the hair dryer or something like that, you know. - Put two. - No, no. - No, on one cable. You know? And when you buy the mirror that has… Then you… Everything is... You plug the hair dryer in it. - That’s right. - Now, it’s your choice. - OK, you bring the electricity and we’ll see. - OK. -That’s right. - It’s a deal. - Hey, and where will you bring the electricity from? - I have to do it tomorrow. - Wait, Zoki, the main thing is where you’ll bring it from? - Well, let’s see where it is. - That’s the thing. - And the cost. - Now, that's very complicated. It’s coming from the house? From the new house? - Huh, that’s really complicated. I can’t remember right now. - We have the fuse from the new house at the loft. - That’s quite… Wait, we'll take it slow. Look here, one cable is coming from there, this one... it comes from there, and I think it goes… That’s the cable that goes into this meter. It brings electricity into this one. - Great. - In here. - Only from there, and that’s the perfect place. - Is it? - Yes, there’s even a place for fuses. - There is. - Yes, OK. That’s solved. - It’s solved then? - Solved. - There you go! Great! - You got me worried, man! - Oh, no. It would have been really tricky if it hadn’t been that. - Great. - Because it’s really complicated. Great, now I get it. Now I get that it’s great. - So the door opens this way, towards the wall. Are they going to open on the inside? - Yes, yes if there’s room. - OK, so here. - There is room. - Does this get turned off? - No, no. Why? - Because of the indicator. Then we need to put it on this side. - Here… This will work here. - OK. - You know? - Yes, yes, OK. - It could go there, but it doesn’t make sense. It should be opposite from where the door opens, but OK. - Yeah. - But we don’t have a place for it anywhere else but here. - Well you say where it’s better. - You can’t put it here, it's too far and when you put it there it means that… - No the stove will probably be in the very corner, there. - No use, because of the closeness, it won’t work. We’ll have to put it there. - Fine. - Just one more thing, a lowered ceiling will be there. - OK. - Here, take a look. - Yes, yes, OK. Then, I’ll leave the cable. - I wanted to tell you that you can spread the cables, you know. - I’ll connect it here for the lamp and leave it longer and you’ll do as you like afterwards. - OK, that means just over there. - Great! It turned out great. - You have there… How many fuses for it? - I won’t put any, I’ll… Great. - Good. Great. - I didn’t even hope it would… - Yes, yes. - Right there through the meter panel and… - There are, how many, three, four fuses? - There is space, we need three fuses. - Great! - Now, about the price… Please don’t ask me that in front of the cameras. - Never mind. Everything is being documented. - I don’t want to have problems later with VAT, you know. - Not a problem. - Do you have the material? - No, where form? - You don’t. - Not until I buy it. - OK, do you want me to bring what I need or do you want to buy it? - Well, what do I know… We’ll arrange something. - Do you have anything left? - Well, I have the stuff, that’s not a problem, which ever way you like. - Well, how much does that cost? Tell me… - For the material, 100€. - Wait, I don’t know what that implies, ‘all material’? The sockets and boxes, too? - Everything but the mirror and the toilet bowl. - And the shower cabin. - Yes. So yes, the sockets and everything. - When it’s the right time… Hello, Milica. - Hello - …indicators and fuses. - OK, so that, too. - So you don’t have anything special to buy. - That’s on you too? The fuses and indicators? - Yes. - OK, so only hanging lamps are on us. - What hanging lamps, where? What are you talking about? (laughter) - Chandeliers. - He wants to bring electricity for 100€ and make everything white. It’s just what he says, we need the mirror, and what do I know. - That’s what we’ll buy. - A chandelier. - Shall we sign it? - I told him not to ask me in front of the cameras. - Don’t pay attention, it’s not important. - Yes. - No, seriously, it doesn’t matter. - I’m joking. - Yes. - OK. What else do we have? - Let’s have coffee. - Let’s have some coffee, come. And we can talk more over there. - Well, I’m not a coffee-person really. - What? - Well, you can have a juice. - You want juice? - I could have a beer if you have it. - Sure, we’ll get you a beer. We’ll get you a beer. There is a can in the basement. - Here, I’ll bring it outside. - Ljubinko? - Yeah? - There’s a can of beer. - OK. - Please. I’m going to wash my hands. - Come on Ljubinko. - Sit with the man until I wash my hands.

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