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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:43:57 - 17:14:38

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(voices from TV) - Oh, I’m sorry. Yes. What, juice for you, too? - Now, I’m all sweaty. It’s drought here. - Here, this is your tea. - Have they come? - Well I… - Than don’t mix it. - What do you mean ‘don’t mix it’? - Don’t insult them. This is a wasp. Now, it’s a real drought here. - I’m such an expert! As soon as I see it flying, bees and wasps… - He was always like this, tidy and precise… - Zoki, Zoki… - What now? Leave me, go to your boss. - No, that’s a wasp. - Is it someone else’s? - It is, and it’s a wasp. - Wild. - Let it be, it’ll go away. - Be careful, really, watch it… - Don’t, don’t pay attention. - Take those chairs out so I can sit too. - I wouldn’t like to be stabbed. -Yes, yes, I got used to it. When you don’t pay attention, usually all animals go on their way, move on. It’s that way with tigers too… -Maybe it’s because of beer. - Yes, she smelled that. For sure. Do you need a glass? - It’s OK, I learned to drink it like this from the start. - OK. Zoki, you know when you’ll come to do this? - In the morning. - Really? - Yes. - Well, alright. - I have work on Monday. -You’re not waiting for anyone? - No, we know where everything goes, and that’s important. - Yes, yes. - The switchboard is done and.. - You don’t have to wait for them. It’s even better that you finish. - No I have to finish and then they’ll do sewerage, that’s got nothing to do with me. - And they’ll put the tiles, and plaster. - Yes. - Ljubinko is that… - Look, the concrete is ruptured here. - Right now, this one was getting in. - Yeah? - Yes. Well, how? What now? - He was getting in. - You see? - I see, I see. - We have so much work here, it’s crazy! - This is horrible! - Horrible! - We really pushed it too far. - Horrible, horrible… - The most important is that (incomprehensible) - We’re always avoiding. I can’t wait till it’s over. - Yes, but for the past thirty years I’ve been building the new house. - Since 1986, 1985. - How long is that? - We started at the same time. - How long is that? - Twenty odd years. - We’re a little bit older. - That's what I'm saying. - Twenty-four. - It’s the same with me. I started in ’84. - So did we. We started in ’83-’84. - No, it was ‘84. - That’s right. - ’84 that’s it. - It said that in concrete ’84 but I believe it was ’83. - No in ’84 you built it and moved in. - OK. I know that it was written in the concrete down here ’84. - Aska sit. - It can’t be that we… - The same year, that’s right, we pulled it down and moved in, and finished everything, and buried Babuen. - Yes. - On August 31st. - That same year? - Hat is off to us! - Hat is off to her! - Hat’s off to her! It’s really… - You know that? She was for real. - When Mrs. Jela Rasic, you know who she was, Misa’s grandma. When she started asking Milivoje questions? Milivoje Miljus, she asked him something, about his grandpa, "where is grandpa, where is grandma and Mane." And we said Mane died. And she said, "Mane died? Hat’s off to him!" (laughter) And what she meant was “What a man he was!” - You know how the gypsies say when they hear about somebody who died? “Died? Died died?” (laughter) There’s no kidding, you know, but “Died died?” (laugh) - Died died. What a trifle! - Milos, I was thinking about cutting her hair. - Don’t. - So she wouldn’t lose hair all around the yard. (cough) Not only is she a good dog, but loyal, too. - She’s got to lose hair. - That’s what Pulins are like. That’s their breed. - If only you could see her without hair, she’s like moulting dog. - It’s springtime. - You are independent now, self-employed, you work on your own? -Well, I was. Last year I started a company... (incomprehensible) - What do you do? - I do construction site maintenance, installations. I mean, it’s not complicated. - Maintenance, that’s like when they need you? - Yes. When something is damaged, I go. Usually fuses, cables, different sorts of machines and stuff. - Actually, everybody’s praying that you don’t have work, right? - Yes. (laughter) I’m the most useful when sitting. - Yes. - That’s the best situation. Those who did maintenance always had that. - Do you have to travel to Belgrade every day? - Every day. - How do you go? By car? - Yes, how else? - And do you go to the city precisely or...? - I’m in the city center. - Oh. - Well, how do you go? - All the way to … - Past Sava Center. - And over the bridge? - Swimming. - Now I’m on the corner of Takovska and Kosovska Street. - And parking? - Parking… Well, last week I… - What about parking? How do you cross the Bridge of Branko? - Yes, yes. - How do you manage that? - Well, how, great. - And when there’s a traffic jam? What time do you leave in the morning? - I leave home at 6AM. - Well, that’s not a problem, then. - The problem is when I go… - When you go home. - That’s the problem. - Mum? - What? - There’s cheese on the table to bring. - It’s different on Saturdays. - On Saturdays and Sundays there’s no… - Until there’s an accident, God forbid! - Yes, that’s true. - I travel, I go to work in the Philharmonic orchestra, on Student’s Square in the very city center. My rehearsal starts at 9:30AM and I arrive at 9:15AM. It’s impossible to cross the bridge at those hours. - Such a traffic jam! - On the corner of Kneza Milosa Street and the boulevard, next to the music school, that’s where I used to be. Now I work here. - I know, I know. - So I park at the Arena, you know where that roundabout is? That’s where I exit the highway. - People have been advising me to do that. To leave the car there and come by bus. –I leave it there and take any bus. - My car got towed away. 6,700 dinars. And there you go! - Terrible. - Ah, screw it. - I left it in front of the church St. Marco, and the priests reported it. The cop said… - Which priests serve there? - Amphilochios. (laughter) -They’re all going to hell. (laughter) - Well, yes. And what did you do? You went to pay? - Yes. That’s Serbia for you, damn it. - That’s all fine as long as the weather is nice. But when it’s raining, and in winter, how can I go by bus? It drives me nuts! - It’s easier. It’s easier, you’ll see. I park and take the bus right to my work. - I’ll have to, too. - You don’t damage the car, you don’t raise the temperature in that conjunction, you keep your lamella. Why would I torture myself without a reason? - There are tons of problems. - The people are beeping, swearing. Enough of that! - And at what time, 10AM? - The worst! It’s better to swim. - At 7AM, when you go, it’s OK. - Yes, it’s fast. It takes me 25 minutes. - Yes, yes. - You see, Milos? - Do we have any other business for Zoran? Electricity? - No. - OK. OK then. - And is there a chance that, wait, we’ll put the gas boiler? - Well, I’m not sure, Ljubinko, I wouldn’t put the gas one. Then you have to bring gas, and… - But I have the gas one! And you’d have to buy the other one. - I know. - Know that! - They’re not expensive. - How much? - 5-6.000. -About 7.000. - Yes. - This is not tested. - That’s 80l. And I think that the one of 60l costs less, around 6.000. - Ljubinko, this is not tested and I’d have to bring gas. - Well you have the gas there. - Not here. - OK, well what do you need? - Well mostly… - Hang on, the vent if you put the gas boiler, where would you put it? - Well, we’d have to make the attic. Through the ceiling, you said it right, and out. - There it is, without a reason. - OK, you still need electricity. - Yes, electricity. - Because the pump can’t work, you can’t turn on the burning system without… - Without electricity. - Yes. - OK. There’s high voltage on this one, and that one.. - It doesn’t matter. Right, it doesn’t use it. - I don’t know. - OK, sit down. - And Dule, if we could install a radiator? If we could change the heating system, too? If heating can use the gas too, it’s worth it. - It can’t. - Of course it can! - It can? - Yes. - Let’s do it that way, then. - Let’s finish that. - You don’t use too much during the summer anyway. - Can’t you see that there’s no end with this? - Whether there is or not, what’s the problem? - Are you planning on moving in there, Dule? - No, it was assigned to grandma Rada. - OK, we will, too. - We have to marry one of them and move into the bride’s house, and the other one can stay in this one. - Is that right? - I built my house the wrong way. It’s not for two families, but it’s big for one. - It’s the same with us. Just the same. -It’s not. - What isn’t? Your father and I stay alone in here and then what? - You have to have some room and… - Across the whole yard you put a room, summer kitchen, a bathroom, a pantry and a garage. But I left it, like you here. Mine is just with a two-sided roof. - Our plan was to turn what is now the honey house into a room, and make a bathroom and a kitchen there, you know. - Don’t get me mad and put the floor heating system there in the honey house like I planned. That used to be my dream. (laughter) I swear. - You see, and now that’s possible, yes, if you install the boiler there. - Yes. - I guess you will put the floor heating system in the kitchen to, on top of the tiles? - I can’t break those tiles. - No, put it on top. - That’s not possible. - How come? - So we need to take the boiler down and bring it to those who collect them to see what it is. You know, it’s second hand. - And do you do that perhaps? - Who does that? - I think they do. No… (dog barking) I have to take it down. - I didn’t recognize him. I haven’t seen him, God knows how long! I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw him. - When we saw each other. - Now that you’ve mentioned it, OK, that’s a long time. I’m Kotijasevic, Mira’s son. - I’m Vitanov. - I know that. (laughter) - Grandma Rada. (incomprehensible) - We can take the low voltage from this, or the boiler or the washing machine. If it doesn’t happen, you’re already bringing electricity for the boiler? If we decide upon the gas boiler, we’ll buy that. - Yes. - That’ll be for it. - What I’m trying to say is that doesn’t change anything, you’re starting tomorrow as we arranged? - Yes, like we said. And later on you put what you decide upon. - Yes. - I’m thinking, maybe I made a mistake, maybe I should have said it cost more. - Maybe, yes. It’s always better to ask for more. (laughter) You say it’s 1000-2000 and if they buy it, they buy it. - I need to call Rasa. I promised to help him take care of... He wants to take his dog to Germany. His dog? - You don’t say! He really… - People are strange, I swear! - Now, help, call there, talk to them. - His dog? - The boxer, yes. He has two or three dogs now. Rasa is a legend. He’s a legend. - And what, he has a breeding ground or something? - Yes. - OK, amateurish. - Why not? It’s nice when a man has an ambition. - Yes, ever since I’ve known him he… - Yes, he’s been doing it for a long time. - Hat’s off to him! What ever you start doing, just stay persistent. - Maybe he could have perfected it a little more. You know, when you do something for such a long period… - Well, he can do a lot, he knows a lot. - He does? So he knows. Yes. - And he’s in contact with those people. - Yes. (incomprehensible) - I know they were friends, yes. -He had a dog, a boxer, and took him to his place for mating. It’s like, you can go in, but you can’t go out of the yard. - You can go in, but you can’t come out? - No. - They say the best watchdogs are small dogs. Three or four small dogs in different parts of the house. So when the burglars come they just bark and run. - And when they grow what then? - No, well… - The short ones. - Oh, the little ones. - Yes, those. - Because they keep barking and running away. If the big one attacks, the guy kills him, you know. It’s much better to have three or four small ones. I mean, that’s what they say. - He is always at distance and doesn’t… - Not at all. - Pulins… She can’t speak, but she would learn to write. - If she had any interest in it. - Those dogs, it’s crazy! OK, enough. - I’m going to take a shower now, and then watch some TV. - OK, thank you for the notice. - Only if you don’t fall asleep. -I can take a nap. - Ten minutes. - Tell me, what do your children do? - The older one is a student. - Of what? - Culture and the Media. - You don’t say? - And the younger one is in school. - And where does he go to college? (barking) (incomprehensible) - He’s on the second year. - Does he find it interesting? What does he say? - Oh, of course. He goes there when he likes. - Student-like, right? - Yes, and he’s got a girlfriend. She’s leading him through his studies. - Yes. - That’s important. - She has had extremely positive influence on him. - That’s really nice. That’s the most important thing. - He’s calmed down. - Great. - There’s nothing better. - That's what's most important. (incomprehensible) - You know them. You know who she is. - Yes. - Of course, you both know. (incomprehensible) - OK, as long as they finish their faculties. - Yes, it’s all very casual. (incomprehensible) (cell phone ringing) - Yes? ... I’m at Dule’s. ... Yes. - Ask him when he’s coming. The material is here. - OK. Dule’s asking when you’re coming. - The material’s here. - He brought the material and is asking. I’ll come tomorrow to work. ... Yes, yes. - How’s the daughter? - He’s asking how’s your daughter? Everything’s fine? And what did she do? OK, yes, yes. Right, OK, OK. Bye. He says she stuck something in her nose. - A popcorn. (incomprehensible) - And it’s oval, you can’t do anything to it. - What a torture! - Yes. - Did you go to the doctor? (incomprehensible) .. and they could have easily cut it through! - Jesus! - Yes. We went to the Zemun hospital and he, opened his ear, he couldn’t get it any other way. - No, because it’s big. - And it fits tightly. - And it’s made of plastic, they can’t use the magnet. - No, they can’t. - Yes, yes... Only maybe some kind of vacuum. - And how? - Then he just pulled and pulled. When he got out, the man was soaking wet, the doctor. And he said he would give it another try, and somehow he managed. (laughter) - Damn it! - And what did he say, Zoki? Is he coming tomorrow? - No. He’s waiting for me to finish and then he’ll come to plaster it. - So you don’t make a crowd. - Yes, and it needs to dry, and then he’ll… We couldn’t anyway… - Yes, yes. - it together. - So as not to fight. - Since you left such a tiny space. - Yes, yes. And what should’ve I done? Make a two-room bathroom? (laughter) - Well, yes. - We talked about it today. - Laza has a bathroom in his front room. He used the whole room for the bathroom. - You don’t say? He wanted that? - I have no idea. Something was always wrong and he didn’t want to put a wall, so he put tiles in the entire room and finished. - Yes, no more. - When I saw it, I couldn’t stop mocking him. 'You be quiet.' And look now, he’s alone with Biljana. - Yes, Ceca and his son, yes. - If you only wish to make the bed you have to… (laugh) - I was his best man. - Really? -Yes. - Then you know, you were there. On the left… - I was, but I must say it’s been a while. - Down the yard. - It’s been a while. I know everything from the period when they built it. But lately, somehow… - You always film me when I drink my beer. - Yes. - He doesn’t understand. - You don’t? - No. OK now. I got a little bit tired these days. I caught the flu. - How great it was last night! - What flu? It’s over now. - I caught it now. - What a gig last night! - Last night I was… - Pindzula, me, Mikica Kefic, Prakucije couldn’t make it. Bendza was there, your cousin. - It was a real gig? - How great it was! - Ceme was there…- At Grandma Gina’s. - At Grandma Gina’s, Milica’s house, the old house. - I know. - And Ljubinko and his friends took a few instruments there. - Does anyone live there? - No, no, it’s empty. - It’s empty. I just have beehives there. - He’s got beehives there, and I play there. - Zoran, that’s Ljubinko’s house. She died twenty years ago. - But we call it Grandma Gina’s. - Did you know her? - I don’t know. - Do you remember her? - I don’t know. - How come? - Anyway, we still today say ‘Where are you going? To Grandma Gina’s.’ But she’s in a grave. (laughter) Anyway, it’s empty over there. The rooms are empty so they brought the wiring for sound there and drums. So they gather from time to time and play over there. So last night we organized… - A session. - For the older ones. - Was Stefika there? - No. - That’s surprising. - Yes, it surprises me. He heard it, but didn’t come. - Perhaps he was on the grange. - That must be it. He must have been there. So last night… - They came, Sveta comes, Laza, and friends. - So last night we banged almost till midnight. And I really relived myself. Like they say, psychically and… - You haven’t done it in a long time. - Yes, yes. - Psychically and emotionally and physically. - What’s better than music? - Yes, that’s right. We meet occasionally. - Music is for all moods, when you’re happy and sad, even… (incomprehensible) - OK, guys. - Zoki, what time tomorrow do you expect to come? - That’s what I wanted to ask you. I didn’t want to wake you. - Don’t come too early, don’t. - I won’t. - Or if you want to then go straight to your work. - 10AM? Or when? - That’s great. 10AM. After 9AM, that’s right. - OK. - Or if you want to, go there and… - I will wake you. When I start banging, it’s over. - Yes, right. - I’m just thinking about your neighbors. - You with your pen. When you take the fountain-pen? (laughter) OK. I forgot about your fountain-pen. - OK, goodbye. - Alright, Zoki. See you. - See you in the morning, bye. - Bye, bye. - You know what it’s like at our place. It’s crowded anyway and especially now. We’ll take care of the details when this is over. - OK, OK. - Yes. Yes, they’ll ask you something. So long. You get in the car and then… - OK, take care. (music, singing) - Sing! (guitar playing) (singing) - How we played today! The three of us. What’s Rosenberg trio in comparison to us? - You did, ha? - Bunch of kids. - How much did you do? - As much as you like! It’s a crazy band, fabulous! - It is? - But of course! - I can’t wait to hear this. - Let’s hear what you played. - ‘Pisi mati’, ‘Tiko, tiko’. - That, too? - Play us some, come on! - Uh, I can’t. And when I start they just look what’s going on. - Come on, play. - ‘If only I could see you once again darling’ - Yes, yes. - You know the song? - I couldn’t sing it but I know it very well. - Amazing. - Here you go. - That’s it. Nothing else. Give me another glass of juice and I’m off to take a shower. - Do you want to watch these bees? - No, no. The part with bees is over, now it will be about ants. - About ants? Here are the bees. - Yes. But it’s about insects, colonies, Ljubinko. And bees are insects. - Here, look. - Look, what a mistake. - These are some wild bees. - What does that mean, Dule, wild bees? - Well, it’s some unfortunate genetics so killer bees were created. - Killer bees? Come on, play us what you played. Did you play something else? Do I have a towel there? - You’ve got everything. - Mica? Aha. I wanted to. May I? - Go upstairs to the bathroom, Dule. - It’s OK. May I Milos? OK. So you played as a trio.

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