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Using wiki 3d

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Ok, let's explain this Wiki3D mindmapper tool... It is a new version Named 1.0 version. because it has some enhancements (find it at Now I'll make you see it very breafly. At beginning you have just a cube... You can develop a very complex structure collectively with other people i.e. many people can click at the same time... Clicking now... If we click now we can choose a "New Cube" Then I have to choose the face from which the cube will spring up As you see it will connect with a particles beam I can click on the new cube and add other cubes making complex topology I can also "move" part of the topology clicking on "move" And then choose in which direction to move Just selecting the face... As you see it moves 20 cm in a direction.. When moving it is still connected with the other nodes Let's put another new cube on the top As you can see it is very rapid to build up a complex thing As you see each node is named "node", but we can change the name... Each represent a concept We name it to represent it fully. For instance we name this.... We call it "example".. This other node we call it "old things" You can also change the color... Now it is green but you can change it You can change the "TEXTCOLOR" to be RED You can also change the color of the node We want the node color to be RED You can change the SIZE Let's make the size a bit bigger Or we can change the type We want it to be a CYLINDER Now we can put content inside the node click on ENDTYPE to close type changing Entering content in the node allows people to query the mindmap afterwards To add content you have to go to the node, click it Select CONTENT And select SETCONTENT When doing this you will see a "BIN" This bin allows you for 90 seconds to put something inside it Control dragging from your inventory You can drag some notecard... Put it with CTRL We can put also a landmark You must repeat the process... CONTENT => SETCONTENT and CTRL-DRAG this Other things we can put are objects or scripts Let's put an object .. something complex... This HUD Let's repeat... CONTENT, SETCONTENT And put in the bin... We can also fill it with an URL.. Here's how You must go to CONTENT and then SETURL And say in chat the URL URL can be for example "" This is recorded inside so whenever you click on the node.. And go to CONTENT you can be given the NOTE... If you want to know which note it is... Here it is written the name of the note .. The object.. Here's the name of the object ... The landmark... And also you can be given the URL Here we ask the NOTE You are given that note and you can read it.. This is very informative.. You can also put a texture This can be done in the same way as before i.e. CONTENT => SETCONTENT We have our usual BIN Look up the texture... Here's the wiki3d texture Just CTRL-DRAG here When dragging a texture it will automatically apply on it.. :) And people can have it.. They can be given the texture Now you will learn how to "switch off" the wiki manipulation If you want to have this wiki3d mindmap to be accessible only by OWNER or GROUP What you do is to change the description in the root prim And put something like GROUP This will constraint access to the object only to group people As you see the tool will recognize this, saying the owner "changing to GROUP" Only people belonging to the same group can change the content You can also be very strict and say that it is LOCKED Setting it to LOCKED means that nobody can change it not even the OWNER (You could have put it to OWNER) but if you put it as LOCKED Then if I click on a node I just see the content I can navigate on the wiki I cannot modify it If I want to enable modifications again, I have to set the description to PUBLIC or OWNER (only the owner can change it) The as you see if I click on a node I have the full MENU Not just the content as before Now I can PRUNE it and have it ready for a new mindmap PRUNE ALL will delete ALL the nodes A very important feature in this 1.0 version is that it is ALL linked If you name it properly Name it "show of this tool" can TAKE it Then I can easily rez again this or give to other people It will rerez with full functionality and with all navigation inside This is everything, thank you for your attention

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Posted by: salahzar on Aug 8, 2009

a special tool for doing wiki mindmapping in sl

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