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Ce qui est favorable à l'Esprit - 6'

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What you call consciousness actually is your spirit which is not inside your personality, but outside and it may come, it may enter, it may take, it may take it all: emotions, toughts, physical body. The spirit can come down and grasp it all. And the only way to make it possible, not to provoke it : you are in that state, or you aren't. And if you aren't, you can help it. You can help by practising all the exercises which, little by little, enable the personality, the whole body of your personality, and all the small I's, and everything, everything else that you generally think is you our exercises enable it all to resonate and once the resonance is established, spirit comes down. More easily, much more easily. And one day, your emotions, your thoughts and your body remain in that resonance. That is what we call awakening, or liberation. You are liberated from those other forces which lock you up or which benumb you, and make you dream. once those forces are gone - those are what we call "nafsu" forces, actually, when those are gone, or when they are in their right space, then the spirit is always present. Whether you are awake, or asleep, or in between, it is always there. It is there, actually it has taken hold of what we generally call "I". The only thing you can do is to create the conditions, and that means, on the one hand, cleaning up, liberating, - people used to say purifying - the physical body, emotions, thoughts... Liberation is a more appropriate word that purification or cleaning up. Liberation from all that prevents you from resonating to the spirit. That is the most important thing to do, and it is done through exercises, through noble attitudes and through specific physical attitudes and physical behaviors, and specific physical exercises, of course, which help. By the same token, it is necessary to discover, and it may be something as important as what you can do it is: stop doing all the things which do not help, everything that is a hindrance to that resonance with the spirit. Negative attitudes, for example, are unfavorable: the spirit cannot come when someone is negative. Being busy only with shallow thoughts or with inner considering, is not favorable. But being in joy, or gratitude, or in serenity, or quietness, being in love, in friendship, in fondness with other, that is favorable. There, clearness comes. in fact, the spirit comes, because it recognizes its own... it resonates to its very own nature, and its nature is that love, that compassion, that serenity, that joy. That is why you have to nurture them, even from you personality. You need to nurture them. Then clearness comes, spirit comes. Because it is at home, it is that. Everything else, everything which goes against quietness and serenity everything which goes against joy, everything which goes against compassion, love, everything which goes against all that, everything which is conflictual, everything which is separation, everything which is criticizing, everything which is judgemental, everything which is sadness and inner considering, all that is unfavorable. And so, it repels spirit and clearness. And clearness! People often think that they can be clear-minded while being in one form or another of negative emotions or thoughts. Non, you cannot be clear that way. Any form of non-noble attitude makes thoughts narrow, skimpy. Your thought may be technically perfect, but it is ahrimanian et skimpy nevertheless, because it only sees one aspect of the world. Even thought may be really clear only from a state of being which is positive, stemming from emotions which are quietness, serenity, joy and acceptation or love of others, or compassion. I think it is very important one day to be able to understand that aspect, so frequently repeated : what is favorable to my liberation, to my awakening, to my self-realization, and what is unfavorable? And then, in life, you need to examine your own life, and outside, really drive away everything which is unfavorable, and outwardly practise everything which is favorable. Then you need to look inside: what am I doing inside in my emotions, in my thoughts, which is favorable and which is unfavorable? And I do even more what is favorable and I drive away what is unfavorable. And that undoubtedly is the fastest way.

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