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C9L3: Playing Through Injury

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That is another topic I wanted to talk about playing through injury. We have learned so much by playing through injury its incredible especially if its my hamstring or my groin is pulled I can't really move that well. Then you realize I never had to move that much to begin with and I be very slow. I don't have to over react and I can play a set even slightly injured of course an elbow or something like that get off the court take the proper time. If you have to play through some muscle pulls or ankle tweaks you can do that because you realize that nothing is that dramatic and drastic on the court it is in slow motion. I think we have had some our greatest epiphany's I can speak for myself when we are injured. Maybe we have to play left handed that is what happened when I hurt my elbow several years ago 5, 6 years ago. I got to learn how to serve and play left handed and that is how Paul and I first met. I had broken my hand 20 years ago and a mutual his brother and my friend introduced us and said my brother plays left a handed. Thats how we first met we played left handed the firsts time. There are many epiphany's to be made playing through injury as long as they are not too severe. You've had a sore back out here even in the last couple of weeks. We have had some brilliant sessions. We like to call it the effortless quotient. When you learn to play where you can do all your strokes effortlessly you find the golden mean of your stroke because you need to be eying the least amount of effort produces the most amount of power in a shot. That is usually this golden mean its really where you are able to through the forces of levity that we call are able to rise up into the shot effortlessly. Yet accomplish a powerful shot. You see when the pros play that the effort they put into shot is so minimal that they are really almost holding back their shot. They are trying to stay still while out to the periphery of their stroke there is a flurry of speed. It is such a precise activity that the force you don't even recognize the force because its so within the actual movement. This effortless quotient can allow you to not be too aggressive or too defensive in how you play. You still have produce the right activity to make a shot happen. When you can do it effortlessly its calling into play so many factors so this is one of the ways we learn how to be more super conscious. Listen to the effort we are putting into a shot to fine tune and figure out ways to put less but still feel like we are hovering above the court producing fluid and precise physical activity. I mean the way we play tennis I have always believed that you know here of all your friends going out there, different players oh I played 3 hours this weekend I can hardly walk. Paul and I come out on the court stiff couple of old guys we get out here tight. Low back issues, sore heels we play our way into shape. I mean we play an hour or two hours and get off the court saying I feel so much better now, almost like I went swimming or surfing. Its really a style that will enhance your well being and not degrade your body. The more balance you have in your body the less you are inclined to be sore. The ideal is to balance your body as you are playing. You have to realize if you are straining one side of your body you are really straining the other one. You are causing problems in the actual execution of your stroke so really when you train you have to train balance the left and right ambidexterity almost into your body so that when you do rev up both sides are working and your not stiff on one side and there fore have to hold your body positioning . The difference between linear playing and non linear is that there is no where to balance you have to be balanced in order to play in a non linear way.

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Learn through your injuries.

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