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La Naranja

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Good morning- Good morning you're looking very beautiful- Thanks They say that a night of love making rejuvinates you by one night You've rejuvinated me by 10 years I've already told you that reconciliations increase the pleasure Don't go to work stay here with me in our world of reconciliations - There is a world known as 'work' and if I dont go I wouldn't be able to be in that world or in yours Oranges? Yes. Im going to make you the best juiice of your life. I'm sure I've found my other half. Have you bought the newspaper? -Yes It's best if you throw it away. Why? Because its full of news of violence and nothing good. -It's the world. It's importanto to keep informed Well.. Terrorist attack. 192 dead and 1400 injured. To follow we are going to recollect the most emotive images of the demonstrations against the war. Here you go darling. Fuck! Sorry, there you go, its ok But what are you doing? No!Dont touch anything you'll make it worse. What? Nothing. N, what do you mean, nothing? This is horrible You dont even know how to make a juice Can you turn off the tv please? Don't annoy me. This is important i'm sorry - this is more important than me? Do you want to look me in the eye? The television is more important than me? Now what are you going on about? They'll brainwash you Who will brainwash me? The fucking television! Where's this all come from? What does it have to do with the tv? Dont you see it? Television manipulates you, it manipulates everybody, it breaks up families- hadnt you realised? Don't talk rubbish! That's the world for you! No, that's not my world. In my world, I was in the kitchen with the man I love. With whom I had just had the most incredible sex of my life My world isnt the tv or the newspapers or all that shit Fuck! It's amazing how you can go from being happy to being sad so quickly Listen... if you're not well, I can take you to see a psicologist you're an idiot! Give me the remote. Let go of the remote Let go! Give it me! Thats enough for fucks sake! No,no, no to war. I'm sorry. You're right It seems that in this world one has to close ones eyes to be able to see the people that are really living in my life. Forgive me I'll never open my eyes again. You can open them, but, when you do, you have to decide if you want to see the truth or the lie. The juice will be better with a bit of sugar. Life would be better with a bit of sugar. Is this making up? Didnt you say that reconciliations increase pleasure?

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Duration: 5 minutes and 48 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Director: joan planas
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Posted by: joan planas on Dec 9, 2008

Cortometraje que invita a "NO a la guerra"
duración: 5 minutos

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