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Beispiele aus der Geschichte Geschichten zum Grundeinkommen

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Examples out of History Events Leading to a Basic Income Author, Pianist, Training Supervisor How the Swiss State Pension (AHV) Was Introduced In the course of Swiss history, already at the start of the Twentieth Century, we see that with the introduction of a State pension, a similar situation existed. I'd say it like this: the idea was introduced in 1919 for the first time. At the time it was not popular at all People said individuals should be responsible for themselves the family should take care and one should not support those that choose to be idle Among other things people felt, we do not want to lose the right to fend for ourselves. A very old, deeply rooted liberalism Then, after some decades, the war came and many things changed The men were called up for military service and a military tax was imposed to compensate them for loss of income Through this fund the Swiss state pension came about It was opposed with similar arguments until one finally realised the time was ripe. And when the time is ripe, all theoretical objections collapse Introducing the Vote for Women There are always processes taking place that overthrow century-old habits Here in Switzerland one is traditional One builds on a past on which one looks with pride. The idea of a women's vote had something downright threatening about it. It was turned down because one could not imagine that in society, in public life women should take on a different role to the one they had occupied until then. I find this interesting from the point of view of historical development The behaviour of people changes. So does the way they think and the moment that one has to change something outwardly one is aghast One does not want to commit to something which one does not yet know Eventually one sees that one has to adapt with all the legislative consequences It is only natural that one confirms legally what has long been reality in the way people actually live The Introduction of Holidays for Workers A particularly interesting field is how people arrange their free time and their working hours Ordered holidays, legally binding holidays, did not exist at all 200 years ago To the extent that people entered into paid employment, they became stressed and began to fall ill We can learn from this example that the way we organise how we spend our spare time as our free time, is at the same time a confrontation with illness and health There is no sense in investing in a system in which more and more people get sick Gradually one began to take note of this and to realise that one had to arrange holidays - first 5 days, then 2 weeks, then 3 weeks so that people could re-generate their forces It also shows that one has to create things with a certain amount of imagination When we perceive that our daily affairs are no longer, in themselves, healthy, how over the last... ... decades we have become accustomed to financing illness instead of health, we realise that this is perhaps, fundamentally, no longer right. Introducing the Present What personally interests me most is what happens inside me when I begin to live... circumstances that no longer correspond to the general norms of society And the exiting thing is that we experience we are growing into a time... ...where everything is different to what we learned at school - earning money, choosing a profession, financing our free time, our security in old age We had quite specific views on all these things But we notice that professional life no longer functions like it did before, nor does the economy I am already a part of a transformed world It is the most interesting thing to note: I do not yet think like that. I am left behind, trying to catch up, and because the human being is trying to catch up A number of attempts are probably needed until circumstances have adjusted to the new situation. How it happens inside of me that I learn to change my thinking in adapting to a new situation; one in which I am actually already living in daily life, only I have not noticed yet; this I find the most existing thing about the whole process Basic Income The Swiss Petition for a Basic Income

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Markus Schneider spricht über das Grundeinkommen in der schweizerischen Geschichte.

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