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Robocraft Unleashed Update - WHAT HAPPENED!?

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What is up you guys! This is SpaceKryptonite here to bring the good the bad, and the ugly of Robocraft Unleashed Now you're probably thinking, what happened to Robocraft? Well, the thing is, too much has happened to Robocraft in Robocraft Unleashed we expected a lot of things and here it is After you log into Robocraft, you will notice a lot of things have changed the Robocraft UI and the way of navigation is very confusing especially to new players that recently started playing The theme of the game is build, drive, and fight which explains the UI on the top You start off in drive where you could choose which bot you want to build or fight There is no load bot button so selecting a bay will automatically load the bot Ignore the bug where the name of the bay shows invalid Robo Ranking. It will fix itself when you select a bay. Let's start off with about the top navigation since that has changed a lot If you are wondering why there's still a CPU cap, it is to define the difference between a normal bot and a megabot keep in mind that the Robot Ranking is now the definition of matchmaking, but I will explain more in a bit Similar to the old UI, you have your inventory, cube depot, and tech tree looking at blocks, they are now defined as Mk this is probably for the preparation of color cubes but may take time to transfer everyone smoothly since there are a lot of bugs cube depot now has the new item feature which shows which items you are able to buy through level unlocks the problem is the new image will not go away until you buy at least one item from it the tech tree is now unlocked by player level but there are reports of player levels now working I am level 100 so I can't really confirm it unless I make an account but I'm not will to do that And one last thing, the build mode doesn't really have a hotkey so you gotta go in and set it yourself Here you have the social icon and the Roboshop which has the same hotkey as before but now there is a stats button which is currently disabled this will most likely be the leaderboards that was once displayed inside the bay chances are they are revamping to make it look a lot better Let's move on to the currencies, Tech points are no more all your Tech points are being transferred to RP If you have any Uber points, this will be transferred into GC Some people have gotten refunded right away but it should be refunded tomorrow There it is, the new show mouse feature That makes things a whole lot more confusing In small text, it says Press Ctrl to show mouse this feature is used to navigate through your top UI If you remember the hotkeys now would be a great time to use those since this can be quite tedious to navigate the bottom HUD has been replaced with Robot Ranking this is the new way of matchmaking where players are grouped by RR. I'm going to keep using RR so be used to it The bottom HUD has been replace with Robot Ranking This is the new way of matchmaking where players are grouped by RR They went with the estimate. Which is a big problem because both the bay and the build mode do not show the correct RR and I am also assuming that the meter on the right hand side of the RR might be the megabot I'm not sure. I don't have a mega so I can't confirm that The ground in the bay now has a new texture displaying the floor tiles. This feature can be both helpful and annoying To see while building a bot and I kinda wish that it had a toggle feature I might have jumped ahead in the last video but it is confirmed that the PIT and HUB are not finished makes senses. Ranked matches are now disabled until they make a mode for it. So no more ranks until they actually finalize that Lastly, we do have the haunting issue If you have halloween rudders from last year, and try to replace it without mirror mode, it works fine but as soon as activate mirror mode your frames will drop down to 1 FPS I am not joking you so try not to do this or else you will crash Robocraft So there you have it. There it is Robocraft Unleashed has changed Robocraft permanently There will be a hotfix tomorrow for this patch So do keep that in mind, but what players experience will remain unsettled What are your opinions on Robocraft Unleashed? Did the new UI scare you? and if you were a mega, did you have fun? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like and subscribe for all your Robo needs and as always you guys, I want to thank you guys for watching. This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Jul 29, 2015

ROBOCRAFT Unleashed was such a hyped patch that it had too much changes. These changes drastically affected new players. In order to help you out, here is a video that explains all the things added in Robocraft Unleashed. This will be part 2 of 4 videos so be sure to tune in for the next video where we will show off the Spitzer Dam in-game.

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