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Romania Film presents a movie by the production house TREI Regizor: Eugen Mandric ILLUSTRATIONS WITH WILD FLOWERS Film by film production studios Bucharest - Hello! - Hello! - Miss Răduțu, right? - Tell me Laura. And Răduțu, of course. You are madam Titina, right? No, she comes later. She was busy. She asked me to wait for you and take you to our home . Then it's something else. Let's go, ok? Excuse me a little bit, please. It's closed. If it were up to them, you should not travel after 6 a.m. And tomorrow is Sunday. I'll find myself leaving the town without sending a postcard. Do you like to travel? I'm crazy after travels. Sending postcards from everywhere When I'm bored, I look through them. Sometimes, I arrive home before them, and afterwards, when I receive them too , it's great. Don't you think so? Hold on! - Can we go that way too? - Yes. - We will go around a little, but.. - Let's go around, ok? It's better if I'm not seen by a lot of people. - Did you speak with Victor? - Yes, he gave me very bad news. Irina doesn't want to come to the wedding. -How so? -She said she had something to do. - And him? - He's after her all the time, begging her, but we hope that everything will be arranged. - What brings you here? You didn't told me. - Don't even ask. You know I were in this city 3 years ago. I were picking beets with the school, in a village nearby. In the afternoon we came in the city with the trucks. And I remember that I eat a formidable pie, somewhere at a booth, in a park where there's a statue. I wonder if it is still there? How much we laughed... Our class master was laughing out loud. God, how crazy we were! One of my classmates, a very, very funny one, had soiled her entire mouth with grease and kept running after boys to kiss them. -And they... -Do you want me to help you? No, thank you! Look how silly I am. -These are for you. - For me? For you, for who you want. - I hope you don't mind me being so familiar. - No, but I thought you brought it purposely. Titina said I would recognize you after the bunch of wild flowers you would bring. I didn't know. These are my favourite flowers. I received them today. - Then why do you give them to me? - If you don't want, I won't! Here we are. That's where we live. The fourth house on the left. Wait! You go first. Let's not go in together. But I do not understand, why should we be so careful? You can explain me too. Don't be so curious, or you won' get married. Go ahead, please! I'll tell you inside what it is about. Come on, man! It can't be true?! I lose all day parking, when in the center, teachers walks with his tongue out after cars. Say it ain't so! - Well, is it normal ?! - If I pay, I say it's normal! How normal, man? How normal? Well, the device is working for an hour and we did one kilometer and 3 meters ?! I'll go ahead. I really need you tonight. Yes, but there is a different thing. People drink, and it's something else! I also don't have that much money... God, if I could be back in Bucharest until Monday! Why can you not ? We have enough trains. - No,I don't make reference to trains... - But what ? It's very pleasant here! Spacious, comfortable... Is the house yours? My mother's. Half has my name on it. - But I give her all when I leave. - Do you leave? - Where do you leave? Are you getting married? - Maybe. Oh, I'm so glad! He is a good boy, isn't he? - I think so. - Take care, you shouldn't listen to others. It's important for you to know well the man you want to share your future with. Otherwise, it will happen to you as a friend of mine who married with someone of convenience and found an alcoholic who, in the end, beated both of them. Her and her mother. I don't want to meddle in, but a thing is for sure. Love matters! Yes... I don't know what to say... I'm going to tell them that you came. Irina... be sure that nobody is there when you told them. Not to find out. And please, don't address me politely. Call me on my first name, Laura. - What to find out? - That I came. Wait! - Give me, please, a vase! - You'll find one in the house. And if you don't, then throw them! I don't even like them. Irina, maybe you misunderstood. - What time is it, please? - Just a second... - 5 P.M. - Victor, be good and stop insisting. I can't come to the wedding, that's it. This doesn't mean that the sky fell on us or that we won't meet tomorrow. But I promised my mother that I don't go out with you tonight and I don't want to upset her. But what's the matter with her? I haven't done anything wrong to her! Why is she upset with me? She wants me to get married! She found me someone, I think. She forgot a detail. To know my opinion. - Did she forget, are you sure? - Victor, don't be silly! You know well that I care for you, that I don't love somebody else. But I don't want to have a fight with my mother tonight! You know very well that Nelu postponed the wedding, just for me to be there. - Go! Who stops you? - For us, I meant. Hello, sir! Are you kidding me? What character of people are we, sir? Pay at least half of the ride if you don't have enough money and let me go and throw myself in the Danube with G-tax, damn it! Attention! Nobody moves! Please, we start. Everyone looks at the camera. Please, nobody moves! If my students would see me wearing this tie, they cried. - Colleague, why don't you come in front? - I think that he prefers geography. Geography and history are sister subjects, dear colleague! I don't know if they are sisters, but close relatives are for sure. Cheese, cheese! Come on, sir, be childish! Laugh, sir! Here, here! No, there, there! Come on sir, laugh sir, as in life, sir! Be ready! Now we start. 1, 2... What are you doing, sir? No, no... no way! Please, don't stay in front of the camera, we can't work like that! Please, believe me! Now nobody moves. Shall we start? 1, 2... Did you understand? Nobody moves! Even the godmother! Attention! So, 1, 2... Don't you want to open?! Ok, I'll stay here until morning. It doesn't bother me. Do you think that I didn't see you when you came? If you want, I tell you what you were wearing! You had grey pants, a T-shirt with ribbons, you were holding in your hand a suitcase and a bunch of flowers. Come on, open! I want to know if you come on behalf of him. If you tell me the truth, I leave immediately! Please, open! If I said once that I didn't leave, that means... Are you alone? He sent you. You came to convince her to came back to him, didn't you? You say aberrations, young man, seriously. Who's this "he" you are talking about? And after all, who are you and what do you want? Because I don't know if you remember, but you forgot to introduce yourself. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Come! Here! Do you say that she came? Yes. I took her to us, as you said. She said that tomorrow she needed to be back. She will leave when she will have to! What a day she found to come! - But what does this girl at us? - A mare's nest, what does she look for? Don't ask many questions because you're getting old quickly. I'll talk to your mother. Go! - What did you discuss with that little girl? - Marin, people are watching us! Do you think that I don't see? Did the old woman find you someone like she did to her daughter? - Admit it, because I find out. - Leave me alone, Marin! Don't be stupid! What do you think? That I care now about what you think? Sir Marin! The arrangement with the mineral water fails. - What mineral water? - I was there, at the buffet and they don't know anything. Are you sure you saw her? Do you think that I'm so dizzy that I can't recognize my friends?! It would be great if she changed her mind. Was she with Victor? I haven't seen Victor. If the old lady asked the citizen who wants to marry Irina, I'll get him out, I swear. Don't start on the first day ... Ok, so, I can stand godmother, I can stand the old woman... - Who invited all these people? - Is your christening godmother, it's a must. I wanted her to be my christening godmother like I wanted her to christen me... - Forget this! - Come on, go ahead! ♫ If you're happy and you know it, Clap your hands! ♫ ♫ If you're happy and you know it, Clap your hands! ♫ ♫ If you're happy and you know it, Clap your hands! ♫ -How beautiful the room looks ! - Thanks, thanks! Take this! Stay here! Don't cling on me. - You had a great idea! - Come in, come in! Sweety, boy, did you see Niculina? It's like we were before the Battle of Great Bridge! All the army gathered together and redoubt ahead. Niculina, come to tell you something! Please, excuse her for a moment. Come on, honey, move faster. Let's see what else we have to do. Hey, slice more cheese because we need more ! I am so nervous! Ouch, and peppers are not washed! Serve quickly the entree at the table because we need them! If only it finally ended! - Did you see Victor or Irina? - No, my sweetheart, no! And what the hell are we doing if she leaves today? Now, we can't go back. And that crazy Aneta couldn't send a word? "Girls! I'll send her today, I'll send her tomorrow." Like we're in the woods! I'll stay here and you go home because you know how to manage. Really?! What are you saying m'am, you know you are ok? - Don't you want her to come to my home?! - At my place is Irina. Look, lady! You explain her and she understands you, she's a grown woman. Yes, but it is... Listen to me! You go home, you give him 2-3 pills, which I gave you . - Do you still have those pills. - I have, yes ... See if it has effect. If they don't have effect, I'll go to my house and I'll bring you some ... Please, come to dinner! Come to dinner, please! Come on! And you there, please come to dinner! There's room for everyone. Like this! Excuse me! I didn't see! Move, move, move! You didn't find a place ? Oh, sorry! Look, there is a place! Go away! Leave me alone! It's yours, it's not yours ... Then why? It's not possible! Please understand ... Titel don't want. Well he can't right now. - You think it is easy for me to quit? - Do not give up! Why is it important what he want? Why is it important? How can I make trouble for him? God, no way! Whenthe things will be arranged , we will have many children. I wish I have a son from him, that would look like him. A dark-haired boy with blue eyes. And tall, tall, tall ... Excessively tall! I'll walk down the street with him and everyone will say I'm his sister. By the way, how old do you think I am? - I do not know, two ... - No, but please, be honest! - 23. - Exactly. Where from...? Ah, I told you when I graduated high school. - But I seem to be older, right? - No! -Yes! You are just nice, but I seem to be older. I seem to be 27 years old. I suffered so much. I also have three brothers. I'm the only girl. And I am the oldest child. When I was born, my father wanted to leave home because of sadness. - But then ... - Irina! I want to ask you something. - But do not say no, right? - I won't. - You don't you say no? - No. -No? -No. - Say "I don't say no." -I don't say no. -Good. - You are going tonight to the wedding, right? - How do you know about the wedding? My business. Ah, I heard on the radio to the weather forecast. Never mind from whereI know, but I want you to go there tonight, ok? I want to help you. At work, they call me 06. 06 like the ambulance. If someone is late at work, I sign him with my left hand. But one day, I had a cut on my left hand and then I couldn't sign him. You always want to change the subject... Why? - Welcome, little girl! - Good evening, madame! Better later than never! Irina, have you offered something to the lady? - No, thank you! I didn't want to take something. - Impossible! In my home, I must give you comfiture! - You two look the same! - Eh... - You know, a little. - Not really. She's more like her father, as obstinate as him. - Did you have a rest? - Honestly, I didn't have time. - I left earlier from work. I took leave of absence. - You should rest! - It would be good, but I have to work from home. So... - You have like an hour to sleep. So, how's that crazy woman? I haven't seen her for a long time... Miss Aneta? As you know her, with work, with trotting. After that fuss with the house, poor her, she felt very upset. - But what was with the house? Because I don't know. - She wanted to buy a house, a very central house, with 3 rooms in the hall, bathroom, annexes. They wrote the papers, it was about an aquaintance. A recommended person, that's what she said. She gave him some money, and then the man changed his mind. And no money back. Stupid her! She gave the money without a contract! You can trust nobody these days. Come on, girl, have a rest in bed. - Thank you! - The blanket is over there. Take some of these pills before... With some water. Maybe I'll have the pleasure to meet this young man. - How is his name? - Titel. He is an architect at our Institute. But you should know that it isn't his fault. - Is he married? - He's getting a divorce. - He suffered a lot during his marriage. - Oh, yes, I understand. And he wants to rebuild his life. Yes. I hope I can help him. Actually, I don't know, we were obliged to take this step because of the possible complications. If it was up to me, I would have kept the baby. - It was somehow my dream. - It's fine, honey, you still have time for kids. Only those who didn't have a child doesn't know what raising one means. Oh, madam, excuse me, please! - I forgot to... - No, honey, you don't have to. - Please! - No, no, no... - Yes! - Please, don't! One, two... Eight, nine... - Is it ok? - Yes! - Titel is very grateful to you. - Yes. - Thank you and God bless you, honey! Thank you! I'll tell the godmother, you know. She keeps accounts. But in the end, what do you want, Irina? Do you put the blame on me because I want the best for you? But only me and my hands know how much I suffer for you...! Come on, stop crying! Or I'll slap you again! - I wasn't crying for this! - Then why do you cry? You understand nothing! To make money you go all lenghts! Oh my God! How could you talk to your mother like that, who devotes herself to raise you?! Why are you judging me? I fret myself so much, I'm struggling for you... Actually, it's the godmother that does these things, it's not my fault, believe me! I don't get it, mother, I don't get it! Can't you see that you're looking in vain for excuses? You'll never convience me that you are right. And you'll ruin me. - I'm afraid that this will happen. - It's ok! You'll get over it. You'll forget. When it will be worse, let it be like now! Oh my dear! Long live the godfather! Long live everyone! Happiness to all of you! Long live, children! Happy birthday to you! - How do you feel at our dinner? - Very well, yes, thank you! Cheers, professor! Silence, please! The director gives a toast! To the happiness and the success in life of our lovely wedded pair! Happiness, happiness! We're here. Contratulations and I wish you a lot of children! 5 children! The big prize, the winning ticket. Excuse us for a second! - Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! - What "happy birthday to you!"? Is this the time to show up? I'm surprised you didn't come in the morning. How many presents! Extraordinary! How many sweets are there? So, put the cup here. - And these flowers? - I'll bring them to the bathroom. Tell me, dear, did she give you all? Did you count them well? I have an heartache. Like we wouldn't be at our wedding! Like we have been married for few years and we would come to their wedding! You know, for me, Irina is the bride. I'm just the one wearing white. - Come on, keep calm, everything will be fine! - Do you think so? - Of course I do! The old woman will be tired and then I go and bring Irina. No problem! Come on, people wait for us! Look! Take them! Dear kids! Congratulations and I wish you many children! - How beautiful you are, godfather! - Mind your own business! Look how we do, madam! We go gome, take all of that stuffs and we leave together. Where do you leave? Go away or I'll slap you! Move! Old and stupid! - Be careful not to swallow your denture! - Go to hell! You crazy man! I asked you where did you want to leave with her. I had a matter with this woman, daddy, why don't you understand? So you still do what you want! Don't you want to listen to me? Fine! I tell you that it will end with a scandal! Do you know how much does coming here cost me? Come on, like for me was free! Oh my God, daddy! At least you leave your wife home... But me? I came at... with... So doesn't cost me this? Wasn't I kind to you? Or you're getting on well with your husband! So I know what to do. Not wasting my night at weddings with all the teachers! 7 speechs and a stuffed cabbage roll! I'm in a mood for this wedding as my father for the sanatorium of dog catchers! Daddy, I talked to these people. They'll give you back the present... Forget about the gift! A lottery ticket is not that important to me! It's about the promises that people make. Come on, daddy, why are you silly? What the hell? If only you knew how much I struggle to... to... to make money for you. Get over it! - So you have decided... - I don't have other possibilities, Irina, understand me! To keep him, I should give up on... Otherwise, we ruin everything. As he says, we have all the time ahead. We can have a thousand children if we want to. He wasn't lucky to have from his wife. She didn't want to. Ok, but... why are you thinking only of him? What if you can never have children again? Don't you realise? I love him, you silly. I don't want to hurt him, that's all. God, how blunt are you! Excuse me! I was kidding. I hope you aren't upset. You keep talking to me and I didn't work anything. Look! Do you like them? - What are these? Mansions, right? - Yes! Very beautiful! They seem to be artificial! It's his conception. But he has others that are colossal. A model near the lake, something extraordinary! I'll copy his model. As he promised me. Do you know what I'm thinking of? When you get married, I'll talk to Titel to design a project for inside. - Without money, of course. - When I get married. - There's enough time until then. - Yes, when you get married. Irina, honey, but I have a big, big request for you. Tell me! Please, go to the post office. I hope it's still open. Make a phone call to Bucharest, You ask for mister Rușan. It's about Titel. Tell him on my behalf that everything is fine, to keep calm. - That's all. - Yes, yes. Please don't be upset that I bother you. Let me give you the phone number. Go quickly, not to get closed. Is it right what you're doing? You tell... don't we also have a home, dinner? Staying all night after a client. This isn't possible, please understand. What's your opinion? Is it right what you're doing? What should we say more? No, if you say it's right, I quit DAPR, I swear! Take it! It's quite late... if I don't get the demand in 10 minutes, we close. - Give it blitz, please! - Fine. Bucharest, booth 5! You have Bucharest at booth 5. - Hello? Hello? - Hello, yes! - Rușan family? - Who's asking? - Mister Rușan? I would like to communicate you something, on Laura's behalf. - No, this isn't Marinescu family. - Rușan family, no, I said Rușan family. - Wrong name. - With mister Rușan, with Titel. There is no doctor Marinescu. And please be more careful, sir, when you type the number! - What's up, dear? Are you feeling sick? - No. - Let me give you an Antidoren. - No, thank you. - Or a glass of water. - No. I want to help you with all my heart. I have a daughter at your age. - Tell me! - Give me Bucharest again, please. Sure. God, how many troubles do women have! Hello? Hello? Are you Bucharest, dear? Hello? Hello? Bucharest? Bucharest! Answer if you hear me! Bucharest, do you hear me? Hello! Come on, I make the transfer. - Here, right? - Yes, there. - Hello? - Yes? - Mister Rușan? - You again, sir? You need to know that... If you hang up, I'll come to your house and I'll tell everything. Laura won't give up on her child. We both agreed. And to be sure she won't change her mind, we'll declare him in the morning at this hospital. Is it clear? This is what she decided. Are we clear, right? Send greetings to you wife and have a good night. - Good evening! - Look, dear. - She shouldn't find me here. - I'm ready. Stay there and wait for her at the wedding, ok? I'll find an excuse to send her there, I'm not stupid. - And if you catch her, don't let her go. Ok? Go! - You're a wonder girl! - Maybe I'll help you sometime. - Maybe! - Actually, what are you doing here? And who are you? - It doesn't matter! I told you how you could thank to me if you want to. And if you don't forget my address. How could I forget it? Mărășești 27. The week and the postcard, I swear. Ok. This is gonna be my wedding gift. - I'll put everything in a package and I'll bring them here, ok? - Yes. Now you have to leave or she will find you here. You hold her there all night and if she say she doesn't have a dress, you bring it out of the car. Go! - You are a wonder girl! - Yes. Now we're going to a wedding. - Oh, mother! - Come on! The short skirts, the pants... it depends on who is wearing them! Come on! - Who's that person that's dancing there, in the center? - Who? Oh, he's responsible for the grocery store. The boss of Irina's mother. And if he's a boss, does he really need to disturb so much? Seriously, we make a fool to ourselves in front of the people. - Leave him alone... - Look at him! - Did you talk? - Yes. - And? - I told him to stay calm, as you said. - And he? - He said that... not be late so much. And that he waited for you. He's very keen, dear him. He wanted to come with me, but I don't know, in the last moment, something arose and he couldn't. If only you knew how beautiful he is... - Do you want a cup of tea? - No. No, thank you. For me, tea is worse than coffee. If I drink one cup, I can't sleep all night. They should come. - You know, I'm a bit scared... - Laura... Irina! What happened? I don't like your make up! Do you see this line at your eye? Don't do it like this, down. It doesn't look good on you! It makes your eyes small. Why don't you put some green on your eyelids? It give them a huge transparency. Do you want me to do your makeup? Come on! I'm good at it. And Titel does a great makeup, also. Everytime we go somewhere to a show or... he trims me up. Are you with Titel for a long time? Sometimes, few months is huge. Sometimes, few years is very little. Yes, for 6 months. Why do you ask? Do you love him, right? I don't want to say big words, but I don't know how to live without him. I don't know other man than Titel. It was amazing! We were flirting for some time, but he didn't dare to say a word to me. He knew I wouldn't have accepted, he was smart. One night we went to a... close your eyes... to a colleague of him to have a cup of tea. His colleague left home and we remained alone. In the beginning, we kind of go crazy, but, afterward we went to make me up. His friend was a makeup artist. He had a kit... craziness! And he made me up. With foundation cream, with red, with blue, with oran... with all! When I looked in the mirror... I almost died! He made me look old. And then he told me that this is gonna happen to all of us. And I agreed with him. - Was that the first time when you was his? - Yes. As old as he made me up. - Isn't it amazing? - Yes, it is. - Welcome! - I told you that he would come! Look who's my childhood best friend. This nasty! He comes just from where he comes... - Take this and put the gift there. - Isn't it true that you leave on monday? - Unfortunately, yes. We raise the anchor at 5 in the morning. On monday. - It's impossible! - What were you saying? Skip this! - Tell me, what's with Irina? What's with Irina? - I think she will come, I don't know. - Look! If you don't leave engaged from my wedding, I will divorce! - Come on, stop! - Come to the table! - Where are we going? Laura! Something terrible happened! When I called Titel and I told him that I was on your behalf, he pretended that he doesn't know you. Shut up, Irina! Please, you don't have the right! - Maybe you didn't talk to Titel. - I hoped so. But I called him again. It was him. He seem so paltry, and frightened, and... He isn't an honest person, Laura! Believe me! He wanted to hang me up and then... then I told him everything. As I wanted you to do. - That you won't give up on the baby, that... - You called the wrong number, Irina! Or maybe it was defective. You didn't talk to Titel. Titel cares about me. I'm sure he didn't lie to me. - Why don't you believe me, Laura? Why don't you listen to me? - However, it's better like this. - Where's the lady? Let us see her! - Look at her! If you aren't careful... Who is to blame? Come on, lay in bed! Auntie's Irina, can you let us alone for a second? So, let me see! Let your belly unstrained, take a deep breath... Take a deep breath, dear! You waited too much, baby doll. If you were late one more week, neither Vicar of Christ could save you! What were you thinking, dear? Were you waiting for the fiddlers? To be honest, madam, I didn't actually know. - He figured it out. - Seriously? Fucking hooligans! They don't need babies... But to look in a calendar... Or to teach the stupid girls to count the days. They don't do neither this. - Their grade gets low! - Madam, please don't talk about him like that! Seriously? I know, sweetheart, I know... He is Saint Spiridon. They are all the same. - Or are you married? - No, I didn't say that I am married, but... See? Don't teach me! Because I have life experience. - At least, did he give you the money? - Yes, he lent me them. He offered himself! Do you see that you are sometimes wrong? You are a dreamer, little girl! He gave you quickly the money to solve the problem. Am I right? What? Look at her! How could you cry, dear? Look at her, little girl! Turn around to see you! - Come on, Titina! I brought the water! - You harm your eyes. - Don't you hear me, Titina? Stop calling me, dear! What a show! Come with me! Trust me. Come on! Come on, chickabiddy! Excuse me! Like that, little girl! Slowly. Now you can sleep an hour, or two. Let's cover you beautifully and next morning you can catch the train, to turn back home. If you want. - Is it something that can be done now? - Of course it is. He may be obstinate because he is too big, but we can handle this, don't be scared. No... I was thinking that... If I changed my mind, nothing could be done? Listen to me, little girl! One plus one makes two. You came here to clean this mess, not to pretend to be a saint. Do you think that I'm The Archbishop of Giurgiu? I started the work, that's it! You think more next time. - What do you mean nothing can be done anymore? - What? To keep him? Not really, because we started the work. Afetr two hours, the baby will say "goodbye" to us. And then all we have to do is to pull him out and worship the Holy Cross. And what if I have never again children? God is big, baby doll. When you don't want to, then He bless you! I really wanted to, you know, but the circumstances were like this... I had to. Of course, don't tell me! Come on, Niculina! - How? What? - As I see, this lady is off her nut. Take it, dear, and stop asking me! I'll tell you outside. Come on and close, girl! Why do I need this mess? She comes to the intervention like to the confession. She should go to the mitropoly, God forgive me, if she feels her soul unclean. As it is said, I don't have time for my sins, neither for others! Come on! I really regret it. Do you see what have you done to me? Seriously, what if I can't have children? God, it will be awful! I don't even want to think about it. Let's talk about something else, do you want to? Do you like travelling? Yes, but I doesn't really have the chance to. But one year ago, I was to Poiana Brașov with the co-operative for two days. There I met him. I was too to Poiana Brașov many times. And in the winter, I don't know, once or twice. I also was abroad, to Prague. In Czechoslovakia, in the golden city. It was extraordinary! And the group we were with was amazing. We were walking on the streets, looking through the shop windows... No, seriously, it is great to travel. And it's bad when you come back. Look, when I come back to Bucharest, even if I wasn't there for a day or two, I find it curious that the city existed without me, that it felt my absence, that people don't stop me in the street to ask me "Where have you been? Where have you been, dear? You wasn't in the city for such a long time!" Congratulations, sailor! Mister sailor, did you notice? In Green Cape's islands the mountain land and the climate that characterizes them. Leave me alone, dear, to talk to the boy! - What do you say about Victor? - He feels good, but... Irina didn't come. What is she doing? Don't you think that I should talk to the old woman? I think you should keep off. Let's wait! Look! It is extremly hot, isn't it? Please be nice and give me a glass of water. I ask you one more time where you have been. I'll put flowers on my mother's grave if this is not gonna be a row! You'll make me sick, daddy. I was with Niculina at her home. That's the problem, what were you doing with Niculina? I ask you for the last time. I've already closed her labour contract... - Is it better? - Yes. - It's fine. - Actually, what hurts you? Nothing. Now I feel well. But If you went to the wedding, I would feel better. - Once I was to a wedding... - With him? No, a while ago... I haven't met him... It was the wedding of... A friend of my mother, a colleague from work... She brought me as a bridesmaid. And... I was dressed very beautiful, I had a dress... Long, pink... The dress was amazing! And... When I get out of the car to the photographer, I jumped in a plash and... I drabbled the boy with... My best man. He was a silly, funny guy. Bride's cousin. And he couldn't go to the photographer and then I don't know, he started to cry. Isn't it funny? I know many funny things. When I was in school, I was telling a lot of strange things. The teachers were listening too and they were laughing themselves to death. What's up? Tell me, are you feeling sick? Nothing, it's ok. Do you know what I want to ask you? The one who is getting married later, she will be the bridesmaid of the other. Do you want to? You should know that I don't feel good at all. Open the window a little bit. No, no, no! No, please! Please, don't go, stay with me! - I feel sick, I'm scared! - I don't know what to do! I'm not good at this! - I'm going to bring them home! - No, please, don't leave me! Stay here with me! No, please, don't leave me alone! - Do you think that she's alive? - How can I help you? Should I take the compress off? Maybe because of it... Or maybe you shouldn't take the drug. But that's what they said to me. Oh my God! I feel... I feel I'm going crazy! - Please, please stay calm! - It's nothing! It's ok. Didn't I forget anything? - The compress... - What have I done?! - The drug... - Why didn't I listen to you, Irina? - Why did you let me? Do you know how the children call the history teacher? The perch! What do I have in common with that fish? If I had a fish mouth, I would say so, but I have thin lips... Victor, darling... My girl is not for you! She doesn't have either houses or sparings like other girls... They are children, what do you want to do? They probably refer to the eyes. This is him, they call him clown too because of his strange way to look. Nonsense, mate! And then, you are faraway, she is faraway... You cannot start a family. And they call her "Amioapa". Ant the sport mate is called "The bull". Listen to me! I'm old and my bad eyes saw a lot of things. Come on, Victor, what the fuck? Did you come to watch us? Dance! Irina came! Irina came! I told you she will come?! I'm fucked! I'm fucked! My life is over, I'm fucked! - I'm fucked! - We're going to jail, Titina! - Shut the fuck up! I'm pushing you, you idiot! We're fucked up! Do you think I'm stupid and I don't see? I swear you locked yourselves inside! Go ahead! Come on! Go ahead, I'll come after you. It's ok! Stop crying, someone might see you! What are we going to do? Virgin Mary, help us! Irina! What's up with you? What happened? Tell me! Go away, boys! Tell me, Irina, what happened? What have I done to you? What happened, Irina? Tell me, what happened? - This is your dress, Victor brought it for you. Will you wear it? - No, just leave it! You put too much, bitch! You put the whole bottle! I'm going to put a halter round my neck... Stay here! Keep your mouth shut! The door... have you locked it? Not this one! That one on the outside! God punished me. He punished me... - Does anyone know about the girl, besides Irina? - Just Irina, if she hadn't told someone... You know how the youth is nowadays... She wouldn't be that crazy to get his mother in trouble! Saint Anthony! Help us to get out of this problem! Let's put her in bed! Come on! She's so heavy! Let's cover her... - What day is today? - I don't know, 25th in old style. My husband's nameday, Saint Pavel. - He brings me bad luck... - What should I do now? Oh, what should I do now? I pledge my honour I didn't say anything wrong or I didn't even touch her with a finger! Irina! Don't leave! - Irina, if you leave, I will never forgive you! - Irina, please don't leave! We go together! Nobody gets me home! If someone comes after me, I won't take a step! And I'll stay there, in the street. All night. But what have you done to her? God is my witness! I didn't say a word, I didn't say nothing wrong to her! Titina, darling, handle it as you can! I'm not a midwife, I don't do arrangements. What did you do with the girl is your business. What's up? But the others that we have done at my home? Who helped me? I don't know, I didn't participate at them. - Who helped me? What do you think, that I'd keep my tongue? - No, no, I didn't participate! - Do you think I'm a fool? And the pills... who made a beast of herself with pills? - But the drugs, who made them and the hot bath? - And the money... You fucking crone... and where are my money? At her! Wait a second! What do you want to do, bitch? Come here! Come here! People! Do you see her? She has the money in pockets! She keeps it with her! Look, the proof, gentlemen! The proof, gentle... Fuck! I got scared! Nothing fell down... Oh my God! What are we going to do? It's almost morning... - Irina, don't come back home today, please! - It's not possible. - What it's not possible? - It's not possible anymore! I cared a lot about you, Victor. I don't get it, what do you mean you cared very much? - Now it's impossible, now it's too late... - What is too late? - Too late. - What is too late, Irina? Tell me! - You'll find out by yourself, when you get back... - What should I find out? Were you his? - Even if you were his, I don't care! Do you understand? - I was nobody's. I love you very much, Victor! I love you too, Irina! I want to be together all my life, on my honour! Irina, I want to be together, please! You lie to me! I don't. Why would I lie? What's this? Maybe you lie. I don't know. - If we said that we had found her fainted in the street... - Well! And we brought her inside to recover her consciousness... And then... You think they are too stupid... I mean, she doesn't come from Bucharest to faint in front of your house! God forbid! And the autopsy? I hope they go to hell with their autopsy too! Irina, darling, would you like a coffee? Who the fuck, God forgive me, put this weed here? Look, I'm thinking of... if we state righteous how it really was, we won't get away with less than 10 years. - Ten? Don't you think it will be more? If not... bite your tongue, God forgive me! Irina! Irina, darling! Did you say to anyone, girl? Don't say, honey! Don't say, darling, or we are all fucked! All of us! Because you are of age and they'll say you knew and you didn't talk! Right, auntie? - Yes, Irina, honey! - If only you had pretended you didn't know her when she came at the train station! As she came, so she left! And now we would all live happily! - But you sent me to the train station! - Well, that's it! If your mother had told you to throw yourself in a water well, would you have done that? This girl is too good and obedient, auntie! She was cradled in the purple. You didn't know how to raise her, now you carry the can back! ♫ Take the wind with flavorous scents ♫ ♫ Which easily snicks pious ♫ Come on, guys! Pay attention to me! Come on, guys! ♫ At the little house with carnations and geraniums ♫ Irina! Irina! Get out, Irina! Why do you keep her inside with you? Irina! Irina! Tell her to get out! Tell her to get out! Irina! Auntie's dear, go! Don't let them cross their minds to come inside! Get dressed! Otherwise we won't get rid of these fools! - Stay there how much you can and come back quickly! - Be strong! We'll get through this attempt. Help us! Come, Irina! Come, Irina! Congrats! We did it! I told you she'll come! We'll party until morning! Victor, let's leave them. Please! Let's go somewhere. Anywhere. You are right, that's why I ask you, you bother us at any hour. Come in! Fine, but I only have a ticket to pass. - I'm sorry, but I can't... without an ID card... - I understand. Give me your ID card, please! I left mine on the ship. Irina, what's going on with you? For God sake, tell me what's going on with you! What happened? Trust me and tell me! Why should I trust you? I don't want to trust you! I don't want to trust anybody! Nobody should trust anyone! Do you have any problem? No! I would like to know if anyone is inside. Tell me and I'll report. Something with sailors? No, no, I wanted to know the schedule. I must change my address. Do you want to change your address? Yes. Hello! Good evening! Your ID card. Who's there, aunt? Tell me, dear, who's there? Don't drive me crazy! - That's why you shouldn't raise children anymore... - What children? - Haven't you seen that keys? - What keys? - The key from the front door. - I haven't seen it! - Good evening! - Come in, please! Firstly, we should clarify some things. Do you know this girl? Well, what should we do? This is life! What do you mean? Isn't she your daughter as she says? We are all sons of God, until He took us with Him. And then, each of us with his sins... But come in, Irina! Come in, sir, the godmother is inside too. It has nothing to do with the godmother. I want to know if she is your daughter and if she lives here. This is what I want to know. Of course she is my daughter, I don't have a hundred to not know them. And then why do you let her walk alone on the street at this hour without an ID card? And without any goal in life or something... - You are right, sir! - Let me finish, please. We won't have a policeman for every girl to get her home at night, because their mothers let them be on the tramp in the city at night. - But I don't say anything, I can pay a fine if you want to. - Oh, no. It's not about the fine. - But if it happens one more time, I, personally, I want to bring to your attention that I won't bring your daughter home. - No, no, I pay the fine, please! - But it's not about the fine! It isn't necessary! But if it happens one more time... - But why don't I need to pay the fine? - Good evening! - Thank you, sir, God bless you and good luck with your work! Aren't you ashamed, Irina? You'll see what I'll do to you! You are on the tramp in the city. - This is what they taught you in school? Walking at night in the streets? - Good job, auntie, good job! Good job, auntie, you saved us, you were amazing! My dear auntie! - God, what have I done wrong to You, God? - I kept my mouth shut, mother. - To punish me like that? - It's right. - Don't cry, you'll hurt yourself, auntie! - But with what price...! - What do you mean? - You fouled me. - You ruined my life. - Stop, dear, it isn't easy for her, too. Poor girl! Stop crying, dear! Come on, Irina, dear, wake up! Wake up, it's morning! Look at this, auntie, what happened to me! You fucking dogs and who put your collar on your neck in the morning! We should leave, auntie. We shouldn't be found home by anyone. - What's your opinion, Irina, dear? - Let's stick to our business until tonight. Until then we will think about it and find something! Go wherever you can! I'll go to the hairdresser. To do my hair. I do my hair, I do my nails. There come a lot of people. It's good for us to be seen in the city. And we come here and change our cloths from time to time. - And today I should be at Alimentara! - Go, or they'll come after you! - Who stays home, girls? - I stay. Good job, auntie's dear, good job auntie's dolly! Go ahead, dear! Why are you still spinning around? And let's keep our mouths shut, girls! When it comes to me, I swear on my brother's child. You know I care about him. I won't say a word, even if they force me. I don't want to compromise this girl's life. She is young, poor her. And has all her life ahead! Irina, do what Titina says! Do it for your father's sake. Maybe he sees what grief has your mother from Up there. - Let's go, auntie. - Not there. Change your dress, dear! People will say that you haven't been home. Come on! Good bye, auntie's sweet! Come on, wake up! Do you hear me? Wake up! You are the last one. Godfather, a man is looking for madam Titina. And why do you tell me? What do I know? Look for her at her house. Or in Danube. Maybe she thrown herself in Danube. Why do I know where the godmother is? You remained alone. You're alone inside and they have to clean. Come on, be good, people are looking at you. It's a shame. You remained alone here. Look, she is Titina. The third from the right, next to the window. People were right. - God, how powerful is this woman! And she didn't stay a second all night. - Thand you, miss! You were very kind. Răzvan! Răzvan, come here! - Go to the wedding at school and give them this letter. They know who it is addressed to. - Yes, miss. Ok. One kilo and 200 grams. Go. Victor, why aren't you aware? The boy's parents will find out you flirt with their next daughter-in-law. Is it good? You know how people are. They immediately put through and the antecedents are done. Did I say something to you? Why do you tell me about antecedents? Am I not allowed to stay in the store? What, it is your store? Tell me it's yours and I'll leave. - But in the end, what do you want, dear Victor? - To see Irina. - She's at home. She's getting ready to go to her fiance. - I went, she isn't home. Why do you lie? Did you go to our home? Hello, dear madam! Madam Titina Drăgulescu, right? - Yes, it's me. - Let me introduce myself.Titel Rușan, the fiance... friend of miss Laura. - Madam, how hard I found you, madam! Nobody was home. - I think so. Luckily, somebody... come in, please, I have a car. - Who, me? I don't know you, sir, you talk rubbish. What fiance? I come now from the hairdresser. Please, be sound. - On behalf of Aneta. - Which Aneta? With that stupid story, madam. I want to talk to Laura. And then, everything will sort out. Sir, it's a mistake. Please leave me alone or I'll call the police! It is not possible to grab a woman like my waist in the street! - Lady! - And I do not know any Laura, mister . Leave me alone! Lord, Heavenly Father, we pray to you... Lady, come out, I want to tell you something. - The crazy man came, lady. - What crazy man? Give me some water. Madam Irina! Madam Irina! Madam, I beg you, madam. Tell me everything to calm myself, madam. It was nobody to me, sir. I don't understand why you insist so much. Madam, I am a serious man, lady. I have a situation with a family. I don't want trouble after how much I struggled to realize such a nice career. - If Laura doesn't do what we've decided ... - Dear young man, you've gone too far. My name is indeed as you said , but I don't know any lady Aneta. And I've never seen in my life a girl with that name that you are talking about. Leave me alone! - And the phone? What was with the phone? - What phone? The phone from last night. I was laying down and suddenly she changed her mind and so on. Madam, please don't pretend. I'm sure you know everything. Consider my situation, ma'am. It may be a joke with that phone, mister. Maybe that citizen called you, Laura or how do you call her. Impossible , lady! I'm sure she won't make such a mess. Madam, please . Please , lady! So, that's it! - Why do you keep this woman's way? - Me? - Marinică! - Mister, I... Why do you keep this woman's way? She could be your mother! She could be your mother, asshole! You're smart, you have a car, you live in Bucharest, you're an engineer. - Where's the watch, Titina? - I do not know! - When did you come to the meeting without the watch? - Sorry, I'm not gonna do it again! He doesn't like it, doesn't let you walk with my watch? He doesn't let you? - What, I've got it for free? - Don't hurt me, daddy! - Leave me alone, sir! - Ouch, Daddy! Daddy, Daddy! We style our hair. We do our hair curly and the watch isn't here! We are going to hairstylist, what do we care? If you don't pull out the watch from the ground where you know, I'll kill you! - The street is full , we are civilized people, sir! - What do you want? What? What do you want? - What example do you give to us? - Mind your own business! - No no. Neluță is not home. - Neither his wife? -Neither she. They stayed a bit here and then left. They are gone. - Where? - Like they announced me where they've gone. They are gone. - I'll stay in here to wait for them. I do not know if he comes back soon. - Titina, come here! - What do you want , dear? - Is this your watch? - Which one? - Maybe you missed it in the bathroom when ... and you have suffered for nothing. - No way, lady. - Like he knows how the watch looked like. - Can I make you something to eat, Victoraș ? - No no. I don't feel like eating. I'm gonna looking for Irina, maybe I'll find her somewhere. - And I gotta catch the ship this morning. - Do as you want, boy. -Florico, the boy left and didn't took the letter. What are we going to do? - Let's tell the grooms, let's wake them up. How to wake them up, God forbid! Do you want them to have a hard life? Better send a letter on board. - Better. - How the hell did he disappear so quickly ,you? Wait! - Did Irina come? - She wouldn't knock in the window at her home. - Maybe it's him. - Who? -The crazy man! -Oh, no! It's not who he was . My plan is fucked. Well, that's it. Let's finish with the fair. - What fair, dear? - It couldn't, lady. You come here. - Yes. - Stay here and lock you inside. -But why do I lock? - Isn't he the one? -Which one? -The one, dear! - I do not know. - Look, I go and explain him everything. I tell him to keep his mouth shut. He should keep quiet, or is he able to go to the police, God forbid! - Do you understand ? - Yes. - Come on, lock the door behind me and shut up. Don't move, do you hear me? - Yes. - Oh, it's you! Come in. - Call Irina , please. -She's not home, dear Victoraș. She's gone. - And who's in the other room? - Who is where? Oh, there's nobody. She left me in the kitchen because I did't want to stay home after the wedding, with that madhouse. And look, they forgot the device open. - You're alone in here. - Yes, just me. - Strange house. Only the people who live in this house aren't home. - Yes, no, no ... - I'll see if ... - Nobody's home, Victoraș , dear! Silly me, the door is locked They left and took the keys with them by mistake. Irina, open, please! Irina, now everything is fine, you'll see. Everything is arranged , Irina! I like you, Victor. You've gone crazy. You started talking to walls. Look, Victor. I want to ask you something. Look, what I would ask you. If you can bring me something and I will help you when you need. - What is it about? - I need you to bring something to Marin from the shop. The officer. Him, you know ... I'll tell you where to find him. How do I know sir that once you're married, you still love your wife? Now, put yourself in my shoes. All night long she is on the tramp in the city. You don't have an inkling of something? And suddenly you see her with a man. Put yourself in my shoes . You're an engineer, sir.. I'm not an engineer Mr. Marin, I've told you. But anyway, I have a particular situation, a beautiful family. You know how much to I worked my fingers to the bone in school? And then with my wife, how hard we tried to make ourselves a good situation. - To Mr. Marin? - Yes, give it to him, please. -Yes, yes. -He is there, at the table. - It says it's from ... - What do you do with the grilled minced meat rolls ? I'm coming! I'll come right away. Look, man, and you say that I'm wrong. She sends me back the watch. If it's all about the watch. It's so important for me a watch, please tell me. A watch is not that important for me. I can buy one hundred watches, man! Fuck the watch! I can buy one hundred watches! What the hell is wrong with those guys, man, they started again to fight here? Mr. Doare, bring those steaks, please. Tanțo, come here! -Do you feel something? -No! -Then come closer! -Do you feel now? -Gas! -You see? - The toys' sellers must have left the stoves open . - What are we doing? Should we break the door? - Are you crazy? Do you want the police to come? Better to close from us, it fits anyway. And I am tired. How smart you are, Tanțo! And how do I make the steaks ? I don't wanna play with the customers. - You are right. - Well, you see, so let them like this! - Asked anybody about me? - Of course. - What is wrong with you, Victor? You supposed to be here this morning. - Give me the ticket! What's with that outfit on you? Are not you ashamed? You keep him in the cabin until morning, to teach him. Shut up! - Have you seen Victor? - Victor's here? - Yes, what kind of business do you have with Victor, guys? - We have a letter for him. - Oh, letter ... From who? - From a girl. - A little girl. - Victor is confined to barracks. Give him the letter in the morning. Come on, lady, come on! Come, go ahead! For not noticing anything! Like this, do it with your little hands. Like this. Lord, You are big, strong and good and You helped us, have mercy and bring that crazy women back home! Leave it, she will come, lady. Let's go. - When she will see that there's no danger, and she calms down, don't worry! - God grant it! Oh, Tăntico , what a day was this, dear! I thought it never-ending. Listen.. -Do you have alcohol in the house? -Yes, of course! - Come on, Victor, get out. The confined to barracks is over. Look, you have an envelope. Somebody left it last night. "Victor, I hadn't the strength to reveal the terrible drama that was spent. Laura died in our house in a terribly way." "And for this awful thing are responsible my mother and I." "Understand me, I can never forgive me that I resigned to a crime." "Because I can't call it otherwise. I could have to oppose, to fight, to scream to the world." "Now, I would not be able to look in your eyes, in the eyes of people." "I feel cowardly, odious, and for that I will serve, as it is right." "And what I didn't knew, I couldn't do, I hadn't had the courage to do , I please you to do." "Send the letter as evidence. This crime shouldn't be unpunished." Victor, I loved you very much. If you'll find the power to forgive me, do so! "And send me illustrations to the toy store. From everywhere." "From wherever you'll stop in your trips." THE END

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Laura (Carmen Galin) ajunge intr-un orasel de pe malul Dunarii pentru a scapa de o sarcina nedorita. Ea se adreseaza Irinei (Elena Albu) si mamei acesteia (Eliza Petrachescu) pentru un avort provocat, în urma caruia moare. Copleaita de o vina care nu-i apartinea, Irina se sinucide. (sursa sinopsis:

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