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B: What does it mean to you, that I am earning a Master’s degree? As the first one out of your children.. M: The first out of 3…when you’re the second… B: What do you mean? M: Well out of the three kids you are the second…what does it mean to me? That you’re the first? Well it feels strange because I never would’ve thought that you would be getting a Master’s degree, I always imagined that you guys would only get to high school…And.. (laughs) M: Why? Well, cause’ wow, because I never imagined that you guys would’ve liked school like that so glad that it’s like that… B: Not true I don’t really like school like that.. (laughs M: You guys can’t complain about that because you got that from me, because I always liked going to school, in that you guys came out like me… (Laughs) M: okay but for real it’s good and I’m so happy that you are getting a Master’s, I never imagined it because I never even thought or imagined that going to a university was something like I don’t know valuable or something big… Like where I come from in Puerto Rico very little people get to the university, not many made it and maybe here because there’s help, I don’t know, I could count on having help for you guys to go on, I don’t know if you want to add something you… beautiful little girl.. (laughs) M: But that’s good, cause now you showed her about the master’s and now she’s going to follow you- you kept going and now she can too… B: So what are you saying that you want Tania to also get a Master’s? M: Of coarse, as long as I’m here she will always count with my help… So…you finished but that seat that you’re giving up Tania will be taking (laughs) B: Okay so you’re saying that now you want Tania to do the same as me, but I remember when I was working on my B.A., you like didn’t really understand what was taking so long, what was I doing, it wasn’t until like my 4th or 5th year that you realized that I wasn’t getting an associates but rather a bachelor’s degree so um… M: In reality I didn’t know because I didn’t go to school, like it’s good I’m glad that all my kids made it to college but I didn’t understand like a bachelors, an associates a masters then what comes after? That’s like for me like whoa, wow what kind of mess is that! (laughs) M: But with you was when I learned that Oh wait no it’s not an associates because its been like 4 years or so, then you told me that you were actually working on a Bachelor’s, I knew because you explained it to me, but if you hadn’t explained it to me I wouldn’t have known. B: So yeah, at that time I felt like it was both, it was both like you understood and at the same time you didn’t and it was kind of frustrating for me because like, I would be like mom “I need to study mom, do homework”, and for you it was like yes- but at the same time you wanted me to take you to run errands, do all these things whatever…but for me it was like both, like I needed to be able to study and also work right, and do both, trying to help you understand that like going to school is like a full-time job right.. M: Right B: But now that I am completing my Master’s it’s a little different because I am not living at home, um so do you feel now that you understand a little more the process here in the U.S. of what it means, you know- M: Yes, like now I get that you have to put in a lot of effort, study a lot, work hard, sacrifice a lot, now I understand that it’s valuable and it matters, that you have to wake up early, have late nights, study a lot because before I didn’t understand but now I get that it takes up a lot of time- at the same time you have to study, work and somehow have a little time for yourself but now I see that it does take up a lot of time. B: (English)... Because it is interesting because just because I did it doesn’t mean that she was going to do it, so what motivated her to study and pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

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