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Brazil Ahead and ACC partnership - Portuguese and Brazilian Culture in NYC

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Hi everyone My name is Wilken Nogueira reporting for Brazil Ahead We are speaking here directly from the ACC - Arte Capoeira Center located on 28th and 5th Ave. in Manhattan, NY We are announcing first-hand the partnership that Brazil Ahead is doing with ACC and here we are with Mucuiu, Director of ACC, who will tell us a little bit about this partnership Mucuiu, first of all, tell us what is the ACC. ACC is the name of the studio ... Arte Capoeira Center. The idea came .. eh .. in my partnership with my wife ... o seek a name that is easy for everyone ... involving a center connected with capoeira .. So .. ACC stands for .. and it's called Capoeira Arts Center Mucuiu, and how the Capoeira, the Art of Capoeira, deals with the relationship between Brazilian culture and local culture? In Brasil people have no idea... but out here the foreigners are fond of saying that capoeira is a very powerful tool of communication Many Brazilians do not know this, but we know it. A capoeira instructor, he teaches in Portuguese, but he must also know the local language as well otherwise students get lost So for us here, it's very important to mix the two languages So this partnership between Brazil Ahead and ACC is perfect because the school brings the Portuguese language and helps students here at Capoeira Arts Center. Absolutely... I think that with this partnership, the Director...Cristhiane students develop in Brazilian culture, both learning Portuguese but also in the cultural And how are the words, slang one uses in the capoeira training? In Portuguse you say "esquiva".. (dodge) deep down got it? and if we don't say it both in English and Portuguese, the American student will not get it you have to know both languages ​​... Now Mucuiu, a question that many students have... After all, capoeira is a fight, a dance? You play, you fight? What is the correct explanation for capoeira? Capoeira is a fight disguised as a dance Then you say "I play capoeira" or " I fight" or " I dance capoeira" ? You can play, depends on the situation... Playing is when you play capoeira... and fighting is when you're playing aggressively... a tough game...then it's a fight What are the other benefits of the capoeira? In my opinion, besides learning the culture the benefit is fitness.. reflex.. balance motor coordination, concentration ... also ... Mucuiu, since capoeira is the subject today... how about showing us a few steps so we make them jealous? let's go... "ginga" ... the first step in capoeira is the "ginga" I'm glad I stepped aside... Now I'll teach you to sway .. The first step is "ginga" c'mon ... the position is this one ... ... one leg back leg in front, one behind ... in parallel .. that's it again ... one ... two .. look at me ... awesome! I know how to .. but I'm a beginner I do the ginga but as a beginner... but this is how brilliant these guys are...take a peek! Congrats, Mucuiu! Thanks for the interview "Lots of success to ACC" "My pleasure" all right.. pleasure... thanks...see you next time! That's it folks ... and we have more good news you start benefiting from this partnership as of right now Brazil Ahead students get 10% at ACC as well as ACC students get 10% at Brazil Ahead Don't miss this opportunity, ok? Thank you! that's it for today.. I hope you've enjoyed it See you next time!

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Posted by: cristhiane on May 31, 2011

Portuguese and Capoeira classes for Brazil Ahead and ACC's students

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