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Dell Canvas Software

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Bring your biggest ideas to life with Dell Canvas, a workspace with a unique combination of hardware and software that puts power behind your creativity with an intuitive pen, totem and touch screen. Pair Canvas with any Windows 10 laptop or desktop with a monitor to enhance your creative process. Place current projects in Fences for easy access, so you can spend more time creating and less time searching for files. Canvas Layout lets you navigate seamlessly across displays, from your adjustable workspace to an upright screen. Layout also automatically opens your content into an active work zone. The durable 27" QHD surface gives you plenty of room to guide your pen and totem. Hone in on the details with your horizontal work surface and watch the changes in real time on your vertical display. Canvas Palettes pushes touch creation a step further by introducing keyboard shortcuts right beneath your fingertips. Use the default Palettes – like the visual clipboard – and place it anywhere on your screen. And customize your own Palettes with your favorite tools so they’re convenient to access anytime you need them. With frequently used tools close at hand, it’s easier than ever to make enhancements on the fly. Quickly download, access and customize all of your Canvas applications with Canvas Connect, your software hub. With your new Canvas, the possibilities are unlimited. [Precision All-in-One sold separately. Appearance of totem may vary slightly. Photoshop and other software sold separately.]

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Language: English
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Posted by: ralph_jung on Mar 15, 2017

Dell Canvas Software

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