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Training Video with 6 Second Delay III

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... Music -I made this reservation two weeks ago -This is unacceptable I wanna talk to the manager Phone ringing -Hello? -Mr. Collins I have a woman here at the front desk who made a reservation two week ago, we have no record of it. -Oh for Pete's sake Nancy can't you take care of it yourself? Just, I don't know. Find her a room someplace. -I already looked. She insists on talking to the general manager. -Oh jeez. All right. All right. All right. I'll be right down there OK? Hang on. God. It's unbelievable. Gotta do everything myself. Talk to me baby. C'mon. There ya go. -Say, will you give me hand with these? I think my wife packed a cinder block in there. -Whoo. That's heavy. Yeah I'll send up a bellman if I can find one OK? Old Geezer. I'm gonna carry a suitcase. Yeah right. So, do you got the key? (Men laughing) -Geeyah! Who could have an appetite after that? (Knock knock) -Hello there. -Hello -I'm Ted Collins, general manager here. I understand there's been some sort of a problem. -Yes. They seem to have lost my reservation and I was given a confirmation number. Now, I'm in town for a conference. I have to have a room! -Well of course you do. Now, don't you worry about a thing. I'm going to take care of everything for you. You know what? Why don't we go sit by the fire where both of us will be a little more comfortable. -Mr. Collins, Cheryl needs to see you right away. -Well Nancy can't you see I'm busy here? -She said it's urgent. She's in front of ballroom A. -Oh jeez. Alright, I'll be right there. Don't you run away on me. I'll be right back for you. -OK -OK -And I'm missing the first dance right now. Now I know the bride and groom made arrangements for me. -Sir what's the problem here? -Who're you? -I'm the general manager. -Well why don't you start managing something then? Right now I'm missing my cousin's reception because you've got the tables arranged so close together I can't get my chair through. -Look just calm down. Don't make a scene OK? How about I roll you in there myself and give your own little table of to the side someplace? -I don't want my own table! I don't want to be by myself! This is a wedding reception for crying out loud. -What is with you people? You're never satisfied! Last year I spent over, I don't know, $50,000 on all these ramps and special entrances and that still isn't good enough. I mean what is it you want anyway? Narrator starts. I'm not captioning the rest. Because it's just a montage now so it loses the effect of the delay.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 6 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: bertissimo on Mar 17, 2011

I modified this video so that the audio is on a six second delay to demonstrate what it's like to access an uncaptioned video through an interpreter. Since I will be showing the video to Deaf people as well as hearing people I need to add off-set captions as well.

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