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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~19:42:27 - 19:57:57

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That's not what he told me. Oh! So they watched her play? Yes, they want to see what her daily life is like. Between school and home. I'm going to tell her to tidy up, vaccum, do the dishes. They were with her since 8:30. -Did she go to school? -Yes and they went with her, attended two classes. -No one is allowed to be filmed with her, they only want her life. -I'm allowed. Here is a pen and a paper if you would like to write anything. Look here. Geography. Geography Go! Go! -Let him go to his Mum! -He won't listen. Its here! Seventy, seventy-one, and these two. -Did you solve them? -No. Only what is highlighted in blue, for example. -You have to memorize it? -Yes. I have to memorize this and this. Mountains are distinguished by their high... No! No! No! Yes! Seventy, seventy-one, seventy-two, seventy-three. Land forms are called relief. Land forms are called relief. Mountains are raised high against the ground surrounding it. Land forms are called relief... The land takes on many forms and varied relief. Mountains are raised high against the ground surrounding it. It is raised against the ground more than it is raised against... Like here for example its much steeper than the ground level. Not this. Mountain relief is made of the summit of the mountain, second is the mountain's surface, third is the mountain slope, fourth is the level of human activity and fifth is snow. -Do you understand? -Yes here. The plain... Can I please read? Where is it? A plain is flat earth that facilitates housing, work, and transportation. In which there are rivers... A plain is a broad stretch of land that facilitates housing, work and transportation. A plain is just regular flat ground that people use for planting. It facilitates housing and work, you can also easily walk on it. You can also sit on a plain. Do you understand? Rivers course through... A calm river, unlike the sea. -A calm river. -Yes. Valleys are surface depressions in the earth, meaning that they have lower edges. -You mean we can't see it? -We can't see it. That's it and I also have to memorize this. And this and this. I think we did this in class. No we didn't. This one we did. This, this, this and this too. Natural landscapes take... Natural landscapes take on many forms. Many forms that are called... -We call it relief. -We call it relief. -The main. -The main forms of relief. -Mountain and plateau. -Plateau and plain and valley. Relief is... Knowledge question- nature takes on many varied landscapes on earth that we call relief. Natural landscape that takes on many forms, what is it? What do we call it? -Relief. -The main forms of relief are mountains, plateaus, plains and valleys. These are the main forms of relief Mountains, plateaus, plains and valleys. -Do you understand? -No -I'm explaining to you the main features of the earth. Relief. -What is it? -Relief. The mountain... The plateau... The plain and the valley. That's all. Do you understand? -Do you have anything else? -I have Arabic and English. I also have grammar homework -And also ethics. -Ethics. I've already transcribed it -One, two, three. -This here. Yes, and I have to memorize this and this. There it is. Heritage is... Heritage is the transmission of knowledge and science. Means of communication. Means of communication and understanding. The Arabic language is the official language. It is... It is... It helps us organize our knowledge... They've been here since eight-thirty. Her? Me? -They've been here for a long time. -Did they go to school with you? Yes, they filmed me in school, I couldn't stop laughing! They put a microphone right here in my pocket. Where was I now? Heritage is what is transmitted through generations of knowledge and science. It is the expression of connection and a means of communication and understanding. The Arabic language is our official language, it is what we speak and what forms our identity. A framework that surrounds everything and holds it together. Do you understand? -Yes. -Read here then. The Arabic language is a tool of communication between citizens. And our country's official language... Our heritage revolves around the Arabic language... -We love the Arabic language and use it. -Use it. -What else do you have? -I have English and Arabic homework. -English? -English and Arabic... I have a headache! Page 133. Yes and I have a composition, I have to write a letter to someone. -You mean I should speak in English? -Yes because they are speaking English in the book! Which page is it? Stop talking! There, there... Listen to me- I want to go there and you want to find in the first question. Dear Regina, I am writing this letter to wish you a happy birthday and many more returns. Oh how I wish I could have been at your birthday party! You know Canada is very... Have been at your birthday party. You know, you know Canada is very far from Lebanon. But thanks for inviting me anyways. For this I am, I am sending you a birthday gift from Lebanon. I don't know your exact size but because it is loose, I think that it will fit alright. It's, it's... -Its turing... -Traditional. -Traditional leb... -Leba... -Lebanon? -Lebanese. -Go, gown. -Lebanese. Stop. Princesses used to wear them long ago. At that time they were made of, made of silk. Now what I am sending you is made of cotton. Mr Awaydeh, our teacher told us that silk was plentiful. On Lebanon, no on Lebanese. -In Lebanon. -In Lebanon. Where are we now? Long ago they used to buy... No be Lebanon's dress. -She told us abou... -About... Stop! How Lebanese farmers and... who turn the silk into cloth then. The rich merchants bought the silk cloth and made gowns. It took much silk and a long time to produce enough silk to make one gown. Me! One... When... You wore the gown. Imagine yourself yourself as a lebanino... Bye for now. Dear Regina, to Regina. I am writing this letter so that I talk to you about the farmers in Lebanon. -Speak in English. Exactly and it says in the end I go... When I go I am telling you imagine yourself as a Lebanese princess. Bye for now. Regina says to her friend I will be going. -Regina says to... -Jana. -Do you understand? -Yes. -Get me your English homework. -My English homework? Ok I will. Where is that damn book? Where is it? Here it is. Wait, I want to write something! Where is it? I wish I could see it! In your notebook. No, I have to write a letter but I forgot what I wrote in the beginning. Wait a moment! Yes,I know I know. No! The teacher didn't say that. That's it! I don't want to do this anymore! I'm just going to rip it up and finish! You can't do that! Look at what's written. -It's here. -Look at what's written here. Page 81, review. Look at my answer. -Eighty. -Yes. -I saw. You want to write about yourself. For example you're writing from Jamila to Aya. -Yes... Let me go back to the beginning. You know you're on T.V. Write on this notebook. To whom am I writing this letter? To whom to whom? Dear who? What? Dear who? Hmm... Hadi. Hadi. What you say... What do you want to say to him? Hmm... You mean what should I write? What do you want to tell him? I am... Um...

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Duration: 15 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
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Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 18, 2009

Jamila at home - evening.

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