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Weekly Forecast Yael- 21.09.2014

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So, great! We are three days before The Day The Day is Rosh Hashana and one of the things that I wanted to give as a message besides, of course, wishing every single one of you guys a wonderful New Year very short message, guys This is The Day. We are before the great soccer game or the great football game and our job is to cheer up to look at all the great things that we are given all the year I have been bugging everybody and challenging everyone "Guys, take a look" "We are this way" . "We are not enough happy" "We have too much ego" Three days before Rosh Hashana, none of that just to think about the wonderful gifts I was given by the Universe Think of how I am going to share this entire year all these wonderful gifts Think about all the blessings that I have in my life and to really come to The Day, to Rosh Hashana with an open heart a lot of happiness and a desire to share as much as we can This is not the day to start doubting ourselves and I remember our beloved teacher, the Rav, always saying: "The one that laughs in the two days of Rosh Hashana will laugh the entire year The one who cries out of deep sadness and depression will also cry during the whole year" So our job is to come prepared with plenty of joy with plenty of happiness with a consciousness of how much we have and how much we have to give and so it will be for this entire year So my brief message before Rosh Hashana is to wish every single one of you guys that have been with us during the year a wonderful year, full of Light full of love keep your hearts open keep the joy and the smile on your faces and God willing, we shall see each other just after the holiday have a wonderful one great year. Shaná Tová to everyone

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