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Global Lives: James Bullock, San Francisco, USA

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Hello…I’m just sitting here, outside eating cereal. Na, I’m up and everything. Damn. I just need like ten minutes sometimes. What is that? Is that bamboo? It’s a taro root. Can I pull it down? Cool, that’s totally cool. How was the surf? It’s better than yesterday. Becky, hey. So what’s up? Oh today, oh cool. That would be cool. Ok, we’ll stop for you. Give them a sense of pride. Hola. How you doing? Alright. So did you have fun? Oh yeah. I always have fun in that store, I think I should move there. Right. -Hi. - Hey how you doing today? - Good to see you. - Another beautiful day, huh? It’s my time to relieve the troops. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go. Go ahead and get it. Oh you want…what? You got money? Can you tell him to give me my food? Oh, you shut the fuck up and give me my food. These guys were old Cuban drummers. One guy was like 83. Yeah I saw them. Yeah that’s what we all need, a little change of pace. Yeah, yeah, yeah, not the same. Where you trying to get to? Where's she going? - The Museum. - What? The Museum of Modern Art? You know how to drive trolley coaches? Yeah, I mean I used to, I haven’t driven one in like 20 years. Oh, the operator got hurt too? - So you’ve been dealing with cable cars for 20 years? - Yeah. - Oh wow. Hey James! Yo. Hey! So are you here or are you going back to school? I have to go back. I just wanted to say 'what’s up?' This session ends at 3:30, and the next session at 4. We should probably go right now. - For 5 minutes. You can’t do 5 minute rounds. He lights some sticks and puts them in his mouth…burning things. Do you want something else instead? Yeah, I'm drinking this here. That Paradise Blend is hella good. What do you guys do in Utah? What? - We live there. - Are you students?- We’re students here.- You mean in San Francisco? - Yeah. - Where are you studying? - At the Culinary Institute. - You just started? Oops, sorry. - Alright, James. -Ok, so good luck. They're scrubbing 14 toilets a day for complete strangers and you don't wanna give those people health care? Wow, yeah that's right. How you doing? I'm collecting a little charity thing for my son's basketball team. You're just taking money, you're not giving anything? -Cookie dough. - Oh, cookie dough. Why is my name in this list already? Because I put it on there. Actually, I was in a band once with a woman from Lawrence, Kansas. I kissed her once. And now she has 3 kids. Yeah, just wait here for the regular cable car. It's coming down the hill now. Yeah, we're not... This is the irregular cable car. - We're home. - Hi Dave! Thank you. - Oh, you wanna play? - Yeah. Okay. You wanna break? Alright. Nice meeting you. I think it's my bedtime. It's everyone's bedtime.

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Duration: 9 minutes and 56 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: None
Views: 1,218
Posted by: globallives on Jun 30, 2008

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