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Sometimes there are several visualizations or charts on a report page and we really want to zone in into one of them. There are a couple of ways in which we can really focus on one of the charts, and, kind of, ignore the other ones for a second. So, the first one I'm going to show you is the ‘Spotlight’ functionality. So, let's say I want to focus on this chart at the bottom. It has a ton of data, and I don't want the one above it to, sort of, take my attention away from the chart that is below. So, by enabling Spotlight, you can see how the other charts included on this page are subdued, are sent to, sort of, behind the scenes, and I'm focused on this chart right here. Now, once I have my attention on the chart, I can also perform some other things to make it even easier for me to consume. For example, I can use sorting in order to see the data in a better way. In this case, it is sorted by the month. You can see how it goes from December, November, October, September, etc. So, it goes from 14 through 13 and it’s sorted descending; I can switch the order to ascending, so it goes from January-13 all the way to December-14, or I can even sort it by another field, like ‘total units’, for example. So, if I click on that, notice how it is now sorted by the total number of units rather than the month. So, I can really manipulate the way the chart is shown to me, even if I didn't create this report myself. [00:01:29] Now, if I want to spend more time, and I, sort of, want to expand this into a full screen mode, there's a functionality called ‘Zoom’ within Power BI reports. In this case, I will click on the ‘Focus mode’ button right next to the ellipsis button, and by doing that, notice that the chart will load in full page for me.

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