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Silvia Garcia - Utilizar la creatividad colectiva para encontrar soluciones

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In this moment of such anxiety Silvia GarcĂ­a - Founder of Happiest Places to Work within companies, firstly, we must recognize this as normal and be transparent. What we shouldn't do is try to protect and keep information about what's going on, because people know this is a very hard time. Not having information is worse than having bad information. When people don't have information about what's going to happen, about the results of the company, or if it involves taking a decision, they begin to fill on that whole, with, even more, stressful stuff. Not knowing causes more stress, so, as we said before, we have to recognize this as a bad time. Be able to share it, and secondly, something very important, ask everyone together to look for a solution. Many companies close down thinking they're going to find a couple of geniuses or consultants, the silver bullet or something similar that will fix this, in order to show the plan to everyone without anyone having said a thing, that is the worst we can do right now. If it's in our hands and we can do it, the best thing is open the problem in order to get a solution from everyone, it gives the possibility to be in control, unlike the dogs in the learned helplessness theory by Seligman. Not saying: "Hey, look, they're in the cage getting the electric shocks, not knowing what to do". No, it's saying: "Look, there are electric shocks here, but we have yellow levers, fences. Or we can make something else up". Right? What do you think we could do? We need to cut costs, we need to win back customers, we need this or that. What can we do? The creativity in the world is huge, and many businesses are showing they can work like that. Restaurants are closed, but they've reconverted in places that sell local farmer's products, to support the local economy, cook dishes or recipes online, so, people can see how they used to cook there. There's a huge creativity that can be achieved this way. Not by keeping the problems within the leadership team, without telling the rest that something is wrong. And not by looking for solutions with just part of the company, but trying to engage everyone as much, and using that collective creativity to look for the solution.

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Posted by: wobi on May 5, 2021

Silvia Garcia - Utilizar la creatividad colectiva para encontrar soluciones

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