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JAN16BC - Make Your Space a Money Magnet

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>> We've gone over the basics of how feng shui works and how to declutter, but now it's time to make your space a money magnet. One of the really cool things about feng shui is that it impacts every area, not only your living room, your home, your bedroom, but also things like your wallet, your bank accounts. And so you can literally use feng shui in sort of the energetic aspects here for every area. One of the ways that I love to invite more prosperity into my life is to make sure that my purse and my wallet are cleaned out on a regular basis and that I'm using a receptacle for my physical money that I really love and that's not broken, you know, it all works together, and every time I open it up to pay for something, it's a joyful experience. I actually regularly go through and make sure all my bills are lined up in numerical order and that all the presidents are facing me. I also make sure the receipts come out, I write down for my business expenses, and you'll need to do that too as a Health Couch, which item is tax deductible, I get those filed away, I make sure all of the, you know, weird mint wrappers are gone from my purse and all that stuff. It seems little, it seems like piddly, but these things actually matter because our intention is what's so powerful when it comes for attracting prosperity into our lives. Another thing that's really powerful is putting things in your wealth and prosperity area. Remember, it's the back left area of your home when you walk through your front door, putting things in that area that make you feel prosperous. So it could be your most expensive piece of art, it could be an actual piggy bank. We have several piggy banks in our home, we have one in the shape of a flying pig, we have one that's an owl, we have all kinds of actual, physical money receptacles, and we keep a few of them in our wealth and prosperity area. One time, I realized that our wealth and prosperity area in an old home was actually located in the laundry room downstairs and in the bathroom upstairs. And I knew I wanted to increase our prosperity. So what I did is I hung a round faceted glass crystal, you can get that right on Amazon, just Google "feng shui crystal." You want to get the round faceted one, it kind of looks like a glass disco ball. So I hung a round faceted crystal downstairs in the laundry room between the door and the washer and drier, and then upstairs between the door and the toilet. Because what that does in the wealth and prosperity area, if it falls in a bathroom or the laundry room, is it helps to mitigate the flow of energy so that, literally and energetically, your money doesn't go down the toilet, or your money doesn't go down the drain. So I took those round faceted crystals, I hung them between the door and between the biggest drain in the room, which was the toilet and the laundry, and within literally, 24 hours, I got my first royalty check from writing my first book, "Money, A Love Story," which was completely unexpected. I had no idea that check was coming, and it was a five figure check, and it was pretty exciting. Other things you can put in your wealth and prosperity area are things that make you think of abundance. So it could be a piece of artwork of the beautiful home, it could be your vision board, it could be a frame that has like a gilded gold on the side, whatever, for you, makes you feel prosperous and abundant. Sometimes, for me, it's fresh produce, because having the bounty of mother earth is one of the things that makes me feel the most abundant. Other things that you can do to enhance the wealth and prosperity area of you home are adding other chi enhancers like fresh flowers, like art, like wind dancers, or like a mobile, candles can be really great, sculpture, anything that brings you joy and makes you feel vibrant and more energized, chances are good that's going to be a chi enhancer. Another great chi enhancer is a mirror. So mirrors literally double the space and they're great chi enhancers and chi energizers. The only place you don't want to use mirrors is facing each other, 'cause that does a weird, like, bounce back and forth and it's actually like really jagged energy, or in the bedroom. But other than that, mirrors are pretty great all throughout your home and especially in your wealth and prosperity area. The last secret I want to teach you about feng shui in your home and wealth and prosperity is putting your seat at your desk in the power position. So we talked about in the first video that the second chakra has to do with money, sex, and power. So it's no coincidence that when we put ourselves in the most powerful position in the most powerful seat in our office or our workspace, we're actually putting ourselves in the most powerful seat financially on a more, you know, esoteric level. So your power position is when you are sitting that you can actually see the door, but that you're not in a direct line with the door. So that can be tricky in certain offices, but try to look at your setup for your workspace and see, can you be facing where the oncoming traffic is coming but not directly in line with it so that you are in a powerful position and you are actually able to see what's going on around you. If you aren't able to organize your desk that way, you can get a mirror or something else reflective, like, even if it was a picture frame with a really shiny surface so that you can see behind you. I have a client who, when she simply moved her desk around into the power position, all of a sudden, within 12 hours, she had a friend gift her $2,400 unexpectedly. She found $250 and then she randomly found $9 in change. So it's pretty cool what can happen when you are able to organize your space so that you are sitting in the power position. I also have another woman who took our course "Feng Shui For Financial Freedom," who did decluttering in her accounts. So I love this one because it really ties in the work I do around money-love and your consciousness around money, and not being an avoider with this aspect of feng shui. So she went through her accounts and cleaned up any weird late fees, any recurring fees that she wasn't paying attention to, she went through, she called companies, she asked for fees to be removed, she asked for annual fees to be removed, things like this. And as a result, she manifested all of this unexpected money and found in an account because she was being financially conscious, $350 of unclaimed funds that she didn't even realized she had. That's the beauty of when we put our attention on something, it grows. So when you put your attention on your wealth and prosperity, even if you are not doing the feng shui right, you need not have to worry about it being right. What we put our attention on grows, and that's what we find. So you don't have to worry and obsess about the feng shui being totally right, you don't have to get out your protractor and worry about like how many inches does the baguas happen and whatever, and is it the right whatever. Really, it's about your intention. When we put our loving attention on our finances, our prosperity increases, it just does. I have seen it work, basically, 100 percent of the time. When we put our loving attention on the wealth and prosperity area of our home, the same thing happens. So what I want you to do is pick one of the strategies I've shared, I think the easiest one is the power position strategy, 'cause all you have to do is, like, turn around a desk. Pick one of the strategies you've heard about and try it out for yourself and find other ways throughout your day, just put in your consciousness, how can I put more loving attention on my wealth and prosperity today? And it could be in your home, it could be in your wallet, it could be in the way that you operate your business, the sky is the limit for you. But make sure that you are operating in full integrity when you say you want to attract more money that you are actually doing the actions and putting that loving attention there on it. And if you want more activities and more action steps to do to learn this stuff, I would love for you to not only check out my book "Money, A Love Story," but also to come join me for our course "Feng Shui For Financial Freedom."

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JAN16BC - Make Your Space a Money Magnet

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