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Exploring Caves

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Today, outdoor adventurer Matt Markoff is taking his "spelunking", or cave exploring in West Virginia. It was sort of like a typical opening ? This small ? Aw, this is big ! Believe me ! This is a bigger one. It looks a little bit a small. The great thing about going caving is right now I can stand in the dirt, and roll around, and I don't have to worry about getting dirty. Because, guess where I'm going to: in the ground, in the dirt, in the mud. I love going into the unknown. You know, I'm not knowing to exactly what's down there, and learning to find my way around, and remembering how to get back out. I'm like a big worm... in a worm hole. Great job ! The was nice ! And then you can put your right foot right down in that... on the side. Perfect. Great ! Boy, I would slide. You could do this pretty fast, if you wantted to. Yeah, you could. You gotta be careful. It's fun, actually,but... Oh ! There we go ! So what's ahead of us ? I guess there are some tricky bits. Oh, there's a couple tricky bits. So what are gonna see ? Are we gonna get the keyhole ? The keyhole, yeah. It's a nice little body slide. We actually have to move your head. Tilt your helmet right through. So you're gonna slide on through. Say, it's better. OK. Keep on coming. Keep on coming. All right. I'm gonna control you down, so just keep on sliding. There we go ! Is that wild ? That's really good ! That was good ! It's a little tight squeeze. What else ? This human bridge... A human bridge. What's that all about ? It's kind of what I think the essence of caving is all about. It's kind of like working together. And basically you are climbing over a drop that... I'm your bridge. Right foot right on over. Great ! All right. Oh, dude, it's in a worm hole. Yeah, heh, it's a good... It's not a dead end. It's just a squeeze. Hey, are we gonna make through, huh, this ? Yeah, oh yeah. It's gonna be a little tight, but you're gonna squeeze right on over. You think ? Oh, definitely. Yeah, it's looking like it gets a little tight up here. Yeah. So just use that pack under. Like, you can scoot up into the side as you go in. This is where you know you have to get down low. I'll tell you. This is the "milkshake" right here. And a great way to say if it... maybe it just might be too tight is: you actually go in feet first when you go into tight squeezes. You wanna feel around to see if you like what it's... if you like the inside of it. Are you liking the inside of it ? I'm not liking the inside of it. No ! It's tight ! Ha, ha, ha ! But it's fun. You can go into this, and works... it works you. But, you know what ? Let's go to bigger and better things. How about that ? So you've been... You've got your whole body in there at some point in time? The trick is to go in head first, and turn around, and come back out. Is it a unique experience? It certainly is. It's an environment that not many people get to see. And what I like about it is: it's just so different. It combines like rock climbing skills, and just, you know, basic wilderness skills of going in and being a visitor in different envronments.

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Posted by: greenbo on Apr 30, 2011

The dangers and joys of exploring caves.

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