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Energy! (Captioned)

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Good Morning, Everybody. Good Morning, Pastor. How IS everybody today? (Good.) Are you sure about that? Okay, now we're getting there. In The Purple Bag today there's going to be something that helps us remember what our sermon is going to talk about. Somebody wanna look in The Purple Bag for this morning? (Children waving hands!) Let's let Kiyera. (Kiyera looks in The Purple Bag.) So Kiyera, what's in The Purple Bag this morning? Don't know what that is? You forgot? Angela, what is that? (Angela answers.) It's a flashlight! So what can we do with a flashlight? William? (Use it in dark places.) We could use it in dark places. What's it gonna help us do in dark places? Angela? (Lead the way.) It's gonna lead the way. So why don't you take the flashlight ... yep! Okay. And lead the way. Turn it on. (Angela speaking.) It doesn't work? (Laughter.) (Children discussing the flashlight.) Well, Caleb, does it work? (More discussion.) Oh, Kiyera found the batteries in the back of The Purple Bag. (Children get involved in making the flashlight work.) See ... isn't that sneaky? It's amazing! Now we have the batteries, but now we don't know how to get 'em in the flashlight. (More chatter going on.) Oh, there we go. Now we've got it figured out. (Children giggling.) So, why is it so important for us to have these batteries for our flashlight? William? (William answers.) You think it's gonna work now? (Children talking.) Well, it IS already on. (It's really on!) We turned it on already. Now it can lead us in the dark. Now it can show us the way. (Ah!) Oh, you can see it up there! Wow! Exciting! (Children giggling and chattering.) Your parents should buy you one of these. (Laughter.) (Yeah, a big one.) A big one? That'd be neat. Okay. But the important thing is this was useless without the batteries. Isn't gonna help us. Not going to do anything. And we remind ourselves that in our life what is so important to us is our faith, and just like the batteries gave the flashlight life, the Word of God, gives our faith strength. So it's kinda like the fuel for us to keep going even when there are bad days, even when there are dark days. And through the good happy days as well. So we remind ourselves today that when we follow Jesus and live out our faith, is that what keeps us going is that we're focused on the Word and focused on God and all that He has to teach us, so that we have the energy to keep going. Anybody have any questions? Then you guys can go back to your seats and we'll join together in this morning's sermon hymn ... Hymn 100. (February 28, 2010)

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Posted by: hischild on Mar 2, 2010

Children have fun learning eternal truth from Pastor Dave when a flashlight doesn't work! To contact Pastor Dave:

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