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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 3/6

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a world and flatten it out, you're not doing any good. So years ago, when I was proposing this society, I said to myself; "Jacque, how are you going to change everybody in the world? They all think differently, some people have 10 wives, you know, in some nations. It's all so very different. How are you going to change them?" That's what thinking is, talking to yourself. If I say "I'll see you saturday" he says "I have to take the kids to...I can't see you saturday." So thinking is not magic, it's what you've been exposed to and asking questions. So I said to myself; "How are you going to change all these people?" I said "I don't know". That's the first thing you have to learn to say "I don't know". Do you think we'll ever get to Mars? "Nah not in a thousand years!" That's your opinion. Just say "I don't know enough about aeronautic space travel, or the conditions on Mars to give you an answer." We don't talk that way. When we see a new airplane without wings we say; "It doesn't have wings, it'll never fly". The question is "How do you to propose to lift off the ground without wings? I'm a layman, not technical". If you do that there's no argument. But if you give everybody a right to their own opinion, which is we're brought up to believe that that's the right thing. If everybody had the right to their own opinions...if you live across the street to me and I see 10 guys coming out of your apartment, I could have all kinds of opinions. You could be a language instructor, an art instructor. But if you give everybody a right to their own opinion you damage communication. Just when you ask "Do you think we'll ever get to Mars?" They would say; "It's not my field, I don't know anything about rocketry, I can't answer that." That's the way people talk in the future, they don't say "It'll never work." Scientists in the past used to write books on why man can't fly. And the Wright brothers never read those books, so they built a flying machine. They were bicycle mechanics. Now, the Wright brothers really didn't just do that. In the early days, in France some guy designed a set of wings that stuck out 3 feet on each side, and he jumped off the Eifel Tower, and he died. And his brother in law wrote "Make wings larger next time." There's no way to know, nobody ever does anything wrong. They use whatever knowledge they have, and their decisions sometimes don't work. Now let's talk about that. When this guys brother in law wrote "make wings larger next time", somebody made larger wings but they didn't jump off the top of the Eifel Tower, they jumped off a lower region. And he flew for a while and both wings went like that. And somebody, a fisherman with a lot of rope said; "You've got to brace your wings so they don't go like that" "Oh thank you". So men build upon other men. There's no...this is going to be hard to accept, man, this includes me, cannot think or reason, all that's bullshit. If you're not eskimo, if you ask him; "What do you want? You can have anything" He says "Well I'd like a strong igloo". He's not going to ask for a prefabricated building with photo-electric cells on it. He can't ask for that 'cos he's not been exposed to it. Then there's another bullshit word that's gonna hurt a lot of you..."Love". Now let me tell you what's the matter with it. Is there anybody here that's perfectly satisfied with everything you've ever done? Course not. So, sometimes you like yourself, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you like yourself vey much, sometimes you dislike yourself. So when you get married it's the same thing. Sometimes you love your husband and wife very much, sometimes a little less, sometimes not at all and you bawl them out! So love is a fluctuating thing, it's not a fixed thing. Do you understand that? Ok. So, if you're brought up with twisted values, like a guy named Albert Fish, which the nation at that time (the US) believed he ate 45 children. And the public wanted to tear him to pieces, 'cos they were brought up that way. But a doctor named Wertham, a psychiatrist, said; "I want to find out what made him that way, so we can avoid those conditions in the future." That's much better. When your car veers to the right, you don't kick it and beat it up. Either your tyre pressure's uneven or something's wrong with the steering column, you try to understand. When people, when children beat up other people and hurt other people like a bully, that's part of their conditioning, their associative memory, the system they live under which doesn't correct that. Schools do not teach you much, they'e mostly concerned with propaganda. Most schools don't teach you how to live, find meaning in your own life, how to disagree without getting angry. That's what's needed And as long as the world goes on this way, your'e gonna have cycles of war, depression, economic drop, 'cos you believe in right and wrong, good and bad. What is really needed is the intellegent management of the earths resources for the benefit of everyone. Now, the only way you can do that is through technology. Everything that you have your lights, your airconditioning, your automobiles, your airplanes, all technology. Politicians can't give you that. Politicians don't know what to do. They make laws. Now that's no way to change.... Say no to drugs! Now that's not going to stop a person from selling drugs, as long as there's money in it. But if you do away with the money system and build access centers, where anyone can have access to the necessities of life, without filling out a million forms, or appealing to Fresco. It's all available to everyone. Everything on earth is made by people that worked hard to acheive that So a young man at Princeton got up and he said; "I don't like your system at all". I said; "I can't do anything with what you're saying, what is it that you don't like?" He said "What do you wanna give people things for nothing?" I said; "Were you born in America?" He said; "Yes." "You've got the airplanes, the telephone, the radio, airplanes, the ships, all for nothing. You didn't have anything to do with that I'm sure. Right?" So, I said "Does it hurt you?" He said, "No, but I don't like the idea of people getting things for nothing." So I said; "Did you pay your way through Princeton?" He said; "No, my dad is." I said; "Does that bother you, does that hurt you?" He says; "I still don't believe people ought to get these things for nothing." So I said; "Ok, ok, your dad is wealthy as I understand?" He said; "Yes." "When he dies you want his money to go to the heart fund, and the cancer fund, not to you, 'cos you don't believe anybody ought to get anything for nothing." He said; "Just a minute!" Well they laughed him off the platform. So when I say people hardly know what they're talking about, because they're not brought up to be sane, they're brought up to fit in with the establishment. So it's very hard to ask people; "What do you vote for?" "I believe in democracy." There's never been a democracy anywhere in the world. There can't be a democracy if people have different incomes. If you get minimum wage and your kid gets sick, you can't take him to a doctor 'cos if you can't afford it. So he buys a used car. The used car breaks down more than a new car and he's up to debt, up to there. He has to take his kid to a clinic, lose a days pay and he's on minimum wage to start with. So do you look at that? How can you have a democracy, if mothers are not educated on how to feed their kids nutritional food? Today they pump chickens to grow faster. Put ingredients in food to colour it to make it look better, and add artificial flavouring in many instances. And so you don't get the best food. In the future the medics would be concerned with what, and the nutritional experts would be concerned about the food people get. Now a lot of you have never heard of this book, "A hundred million Guinea pigs." Did anyone ever hear of it? Nobody. In America it was a best seller. It attacked the drug industries and showed you why the drug industries... ...didn't use cell-reduce to lower blood pressure, 'cos there's no money in it. So they make these little pills, they get 2 or 3 bucks for it. This book exposed the drug industry, and the american public... It was a best seller, said; "We got to have a pure food and drug administration. People that will monitor that and watch over you:" So they did build that, they got that. But today it's managed by the drug industry. The people that run it, used to work for the drug industry. So you see, everything becomes corrupt in a monetary system. I'm sorry about that. So when I say to you;

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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 3/6

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