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harvest green1

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Hi Guys, Realtor Tanya here with Better Homes and Gardens. I'm out here this afternoon with realtor Laree who’s is not on camera. We are touring the harvest green subdivision in Richmond Texas just off of 99. What a great community!! I had no idea that that this place existed and contained so many amenities that no other community has. For example, there is community gardens that you can rent a petting zoo, basically with goats and chickens which I will show you a little bit more later on. Editable gardens behind me not to mention it's incredibly affordable. The houses here start um $270's and go all the way to the $700's so there is definitely something kinda for everybody and everybody's price range. So, I'm just going to give you a little bit of a tour of what I saw today. I'm here in Harvest Green and I go a lot of communities, new development communities and I have to say, this one the most unique features out of any community that I've seen so far. They have GOATS! You can come and pet the goats, feed the goats, do yoga with the goats if that's your thing, but um they are behind me right now. Ill turn my camera around here in a second so you can see them. Look at how cute these guys are!! Can you imagine being neighbors with them? In addition to the goats, there is also these roosters and there are some chickens as well. So maybe they'll make some noise. Now that I'm filming they're quiet. of course. Oh, are you gonna do it? Anyways. That's pretty cool! Here chicky chicky chicky

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Posted by: tanyamsimpson on Nov 2, 2018

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