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What is Leadership: Students

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I really believe leadership has a lot to do with passion Well when I think of leadership I kinda think that leading comes from loving what you do and wanting to lead from that and wanting to care for the people youre leading for and be an example or almost be a mentor, I really like that idea of a leader in working with the people they lead. Leadership is having the ability to make a difference. To me leadership is listening to other people’s ideas and just like cohering everything together. I’d have to say leadership is being able to adapt to change. Leadership to me is knowing what you want and going after it, and if there are other people who want to follow your path then being able to incorporate them. Leadership is making the change you want to see in the world. Leadership, just being able to be a good role model towards your peers, people that you like, or just as far as being a good asset to a team Leadership is making yourself available. Leadership is really just the ability to be incredibly competent in what you do, and if youre having trouble know where to go. Leadership is servant leadership. To me leadership means to be humble to stand up for what you believe, that’s what I think about leadership. It is collective teamwork, no big head person, people coming together for the collective good based on community values, holistic, regular and fragmented values for common goals, outcomes, it’s progressive. So leadership is someone whos willing to take the initiative to be responsible for a task and finishing that task. Taking responsibilities!

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Posted by: osuwebcomm on Mar 15, 2011

Students at Oregon State University discuss what leadership means to them.

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