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Plan C

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This episode of 'It's the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine' was made possible by contributions from slaves like you. Spank you very much. "We could have saved ourselves." "But we didn't." "It's amazing. What state of mind were we in?" "To face extinction and simply shrug it off?" ♫It's the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine♫ Goooood morning slaves and welcome to another sedition of 'It's the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine.' Where flotation devices are located under your seat. I am your host the Stimulator and a ground breaking climate deal was reached in Copenhagen, that will lower carbon emissions below 1990 levels... Here's our Carbo-mander in Chief, Barack Obama: "Today we've made meaningful and unprecedented uh, made a meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough, here in Copenhagen." "For the first time in history all major economies have come together to accept their responsibility to take action..." Yep. The climate deal is a farce. A non legally binding agreement between the US, China, Brazil, India, and South Africa that relies on trust. Here's '' s Bill McKibben: "These countries have, in a sense, disrobed themselves and said 'We are the countries that matter,' 'We're not interested really in what the rest of the world says or thinks.' " "And for the US that's a wonderful victory because it lays aside forever, the idea that it owes any historical debt to the rest of the planet for the carbon that it's put in the atmosphere over the years." Well duh... Anyone who was naive enough to think that anything positive was going to come out of Copenhagen, was smoking from my roomate's magic pipe. What came out of the climate summit was a death sentence for Africa. "The solution based on, the very same values, in our opinion, that tunneled 6 million people in Europe into fantasies." Obama has blood on his hands, and he is sending his ancestors to a slow, painful death, akin to the holocaust. "Until now, they are saying that two or three seasons of the rain patterns- they are failed." "That it will not rain- not like the other times- when it used to flood." The piece of shit deal signed by the US would allow for the Earth to warm by 2 degrees celcius, which would be about 3.75 degrees higher for Africans, who are already feeling the effects of Man Made Climate Change in the form of severe droughts. In Australia the motherfuckin resistance is trying to avert a different potential catastrophe- uranium mining for nuclear power. Protesters demanded that BHP Biliton, the worlds largest mining company, to stop their expansion of mining of Roxby Downs. Here's aboriginal activist Sam Watson: "Aboriginal people have never ceded sovereignty." "We have never surrendered one inch of our sacred soils to the British Colonial Government, and we still stand on our land, and we defend our land, and we do not give permission for our land- for our country- to be torn apart." "And the poisons- like this \yellow cake'- to be extracted from our sacred lands." In the US, the fight to reclaim stolen Native Land continues. In South Dakota, Crow Creek tribal chairman Brandon Sazue took a stand against United States theft of Dakota Land. The young chief occupied Dakota Land that had been seized and sold by those hateful motherfuckers from the IRS. "They sold our land for 2.6 million dollars." "They auctioned it off like it was a car or something like that." "They don't care how many people live here." "You know, the land was appraised by one appraiser, for 4.6 million dollars because of the wind energy potential." "You know, what's gonna happen to our economic development now?" "Twenty percent of our landbase is gone." In Vancouver, Olympic Resistance activist Marla Renn was detained and interrogated for 6 fucking hours at the US border, because she was going to speak about the negative effects of 'The Five Cock Rings of Death,' in Portland "When I arrived at the American border, I was picked out of the line before I reached my turn to step up to the wicket, and I was questioned specifically about what I was going to be doing in Portland, and then questioned quite extensively about who I knew there, and the purposes of why I was going to be there." But that didn't stop the motherfuckin resistance from disrupting Hitler's torch in Toronto. "We're opposing the Olympics because they're taking place on unceded Indigenous Territory,." "They're happening at the expense of poor people and indigenous people who are being kicked out of the city while public money is going to fund these games. ♫ Alright then lets begin this Nights like this is good for business ♫ ♫ Five minutes in the mix noticed several different cliques ♫ ♫ talking giggling and shit and one big baller gave me twits ♫ ♫ And everbody else jacking it throttling found out later he owned coca cola bottling ♫ ♫ Talking to a black man who he's confused he looking hella bourgie ♫ ♫ all tight and seditty recognzed him as the mayor of my city ♫ ♫ Who treats young black man like frank nitty ♫ ♫ Mr Coke said to Mr Mayor "you know we got a process like ice t's hair" ♫ ♫ "We put up the fund for your election campaign And oh um waiter can you bring the champagne?" ♫ ♫ "A real estate fronts as opportunities arousing to make some condos out of low income housing" ♫ ♫ "Immediately we need some media heat to say that gangs run the street and then we bring in the police fleet" ♫ ♫ "Harass and beat everbody till they look inebriated" ♫ ♫ "When we buy the land these Black Folks gonaa appreciate it" ♫ ♫ "Don't worry about the Urban League or Jesse Jackson my man that owns Marlboros Donated a fat sum" ♫ ♫ "That's when i step back some to contemplate what few know sat down wrestle with my thoughts like a sumo" ♫ "Aint no one player that could beat this lunancy Aint no hustler on the street could do a whole community" ♫ ♫ "This is how deep shit can get It reads macaroni on my birth certificate" ♫ ♫ "Poontang is my middle name but i can't hang I'm getting hustled only knowing half the game." ♫ ♫ Get down get down get down ♫ ♫ Get down get down get down ♫ Last Wednesday climate activists attempted to the Bella Center in Copenhagen where world rulers were deciding the fate of the planet. The activists were brutalized by the Pigs and there was no indication that their screams had any effect on the COP 15 conference. But while this media circus was going on, Jeffery Luers was getting out of jail. Luers was locked up for torching 3 gas guzzling SUVs in 2000. Here's 'Free' explaining why he did it: "Overall, the majority of pollution that comes from the united States, comes from passenger trucks and vehicles. I mean, we have almost 250 million of them..." "When you take SUVs into consideration as being the number 1 polluter in that vehicle class..." "Those are my reasons right there." What Jeff did not only brought attention to the problem of carbon emissions from SUVs, but attacked the problem at the source. "I don't have a voice. I can talk and talk and talk, and write as many letters- I've even met with some of the Congress people here in town- nothing I have done has accomplished any change." When the climate talks in Copenhagen fail to deliver anything serious many people, including me, were not suprised. Why? Because the biosphere does not fit within the capitalist context. In order to save the environment, Capitalism and the State must cease to exist. This includes Socialism and any other man made artifice that hyper-exploits Nature. If we want to stop run away climate change, we need to stop carbon emissions. If we want to stop carbon emissions, then we need to stop coal mining, coal fired power plants, SUV factories and dealerships, we need to stop 'The Motherfuckin Tar Sands,' we need to stop lumber industry. All of those things I just mentioned are part of the Capitalist economy. And that is why you cannot 'HOPE' that Obama will enact the 'CHANGE' that we need. Why? Because he's a fuckin Capitalist... Patronizing bastard George Monbiot, who repeatedly bashes Anarchism and who fully endorses the State as a partner in saving the planet, is throwing in the towel. Monbiot wrote in his blog this week: Goodbye Africa, goodbye south Asia; goodbye glaciers and sea ice, coral reefs and rainforest; it was nice knowing you, not that we really cared. The governments which moved so swiftly to save the banks have bickered and filibustered while the biosphere burns. With all due respect Monbiot- go fuck yourself. This is no time to act like cry babies. Just because your plan to put pressure on the State failed miserably, doesn't mean that all is lost. We also need to wake up to the fact that protests, banner drops, and pranks serve a purpose but can only go so far. For all of you who are falling into despair, now you must change your tactics and bypass the State completely. Find out where the carbon is flowing in your community, and stop it. There's not a lot of time left y'all, so stop fuckin around and get to work. And that about does it for this sedition of 'It's the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine.' The following slaves opted not to shop this Xmas, and funneled their money to make radical fuckin TV shows: Martin, Herve, Dan, Noah, Amber Zachary, Christopher, Tristan, James Vincent, Sean, Joni, David, Paul Alexander, Christopher, John and Patricia. I also wanna let y'all know that this coming Sunday, December the 26th I'll be in Portland for a special radio-thon put together by the folks from 'Bottom Up Radio Network.' For details on this special event, or links to tips on the Apocalypse, or to comment on this show, just visit my fuckin website: STIMULATOR.TV See you next year suckers. Remember kids, you can podcast high quality video of this show at: SUBMEDIA.TV

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