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Chris: Who picked you up? Fran: It does not matter. Chris: That's all that simply would f***ing end this, but instead of doing it... "It does not matter, it does not matter" Chris: (indistinguishable chatter) I could do this forever. Fran: You're acting crazy. Chris: No that's how you do it. That's exactly what you do. Fran: And I don't get why you keep using things against me. Chris: I don't get why you do that to me. Fran: What have I used against you? Fran: When do I ever instigate the fight? When? Chris: I don't let you get to that point... Chris: ...Because you drive me nuts before it does. Fran: No, because you- Chris: Yes! Fran: -do this right here. Chris: No. Fran: You are yelling in front of the baby, and I'm keeping up the household. Fran: Because you haven't had a steady job in a while. Chris: You're keeping up the house hold? Chris: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Chris: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Chris: Man, thank you. I ain't laughed that hard in so long. Chris: Hahahahahah Fran: You're acting insane. Chris: Oh my god that is hilarious. Chris: No I'm not acting insane.. .. 'cause that's the funniest s*** I have ever heard. Chris: I should've left you before you ever had the chance to leave me.. ... 'cause you are the nastiest, non-cleanest motherf***er I know! Chris: I leave s*** to see if you actually f***ing help.. ..but do you do it? H***NO! Never. Chris: Not even when I worked all the time and you didn't do nothin'. Chris: You didn't! You still didn't! Chris: I should've left you then! Fran: I do dishes.. I sweep! (chris laughing in the background)

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Posted by: francesca52 on Mar 26, 2015

Francesca 32515 1284

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