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The Great Debaters (2007)

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I am the darker brother. I too am American I want you to try out for the debate team. Are you sure you want somebody like me? No. That's why you are trying out. Gentlemen - and lady, debate is combat. But, your weapons are words. (narrator) In a time of change, he taught them to find their strength. Dad, I made the debate team. Now, Tolson can be a bit of a rebel. A bit extreme for my taste. Debate is bloodsport. You must destroy your opponent. Not only verbally, but physically. I am here to help you to find , and keep, your righteous mind. (narrator) When our nation was in need, he inspired them to give us hope. The time for justice is always right now. She's good. [crowd chanting] Well, everybody knows he's been running around stirring up trouble.... Get down. [mob noises] ...One of them's liable to get hurt, if you catch my drift. Mr. Tolson! Since it's clear that you have no evidence, I suggest you let him go. Are you threating me boy? I wouldn't do that... ..but I cannot speak for those people outside. [crowd chanting] Let him go, Let him go! [classroom cheers] This came. Looks like somebody opened it already [her] not me. [reading letter] Dear Mr. Tolson, We wish to extend an invitation to a debate with Harvard Crimson We'll be one of the first Negro colleges in America to ever debate a white college. If we defeat them, we defeat the best. What's the matter - you afraid? (narrator) From director Denzel Washington and producer Oprah Winfrey, comes the story... This debate is stirring up a lot of excitement. It's going to be broadcast all over America. (narrator)...of the team that got the world to listen. [♪...shine your light...] [radio announcer] This is WNBC radion, bring to you live, tonight's history making debate. [♪...Give me the strength, to carry on, carry on..] Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker My message to you is to never quit. [Captions By]

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