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WikiLeaks raw US Apache footage

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WikiLeaks raw US Apache footage // Brian Kim // .. this location and there's more that keep walking by one of them has a weapon Roger received target 15. K. See all those people standing down there. Stay firm. And open the courtyard. Yeah roger. I just estimate there's probably about 20 of them. There's one yeah. Oh yeah Yeah roger / Bey Bushmaster element, copy on the one-six That's a weapon. / Yeah Hotel 2-6; Crazy horse 1-8. Copy that 1-6, Bushmaster 6-Romeo. Roger. Fucking prick, Hotel 2-6; this is Crazy 1-8 Have individuals with weapons. He's got a weapon too. Hotel 2-6, Crazy 1-8, Have 5 to 6 individuals with AK47s Request permission to engage. Roger that. We have no personnel east of our position. So. uh, you are free to engage, Over. All rigt, we'll be engaging. Roger, go ahead. I'm gonna... I can't get 'em now because they are behind that building. Um, hey Bushmaster element.. He's got an RPG! All right, we got a guy with an RPG. I'm gonna fire. No hold on, Let's come around Behind buildings right now from our point of view. ...Okay, we're gonna come around. Hotel 2-6. have eyes on individual with RPG. Getting ready to fire. We won't... Yeah, we had a guy shooting. and now he's behind the building. God damn it! Uh, negative. he was , uh, right in front of the Brad. Uh, 'bout three, one o'clock. Haven't seen anyting since then. Just fuckin', once you get on 'em just open 'em up. All right. I see you element. uh, got about 4 Humvees, uh, out along... You're clear. All right, firing. Let me know when you've got them. let's shoot. Light 'em all up! Come on, fire! Keep shooting Keep shoot! Hotel.. Bushmaster 2-6, Bushmaster 2-6. we need to move, time now! Right, we just engaged all 8 individuals, come on, fire! Yeah, we see two birds and we're still firing. Roger. I got 'em. 2-6, this is 2-6, we're mobile. Oops, I'm sorry what was going on? God damn it, Kyle. All right, hahaha, I hit 'em... All right, you're clear. All right, I'm just trying to find targets again. Bushmaster 6; this is Bushmaster 2-6. Got a bunch of bodies layin' there. All right, we got about, uh, 8 individuals. Yeah, we got one guy crawling around down there. but you know, we got, definitely got something. We're shooting some more. Roger Hey, you shoot, I'll talk. Hotel 2-6; Crazy horse 1-8. Crazy horse 1-8, this is Hotel 2-6. Over. 로저, .. .. 현재 위치는? 호텔 2-6, 크레이지 호스 1-8이다 저자식들이 보인다 나이스! 2-6, 크레이지 호스1-8이다 비행 일정을 변경하라 혹시 모르니 경계 늦추지 말고 사살하라 알았다 이상 없다 호텔 2-6, 크레이지 호스 1-8 크레이지 호스1-8, 부시 마스터 7 말하라 부시 마스터 7. 크레이지 호스1-8. 사체 위치 브라보 5,4,5,8,8,6,1,7 이봐, 반복해라 5,4,5,8,8,6,1,7 오버 크레이지 호스 1-8, 잘 알았다. 도로가 열려 보인다. 마당에 차량이 보인다 한명이 쓰러져 있다 다른 건 더 보이지 않는다 내려 가도 좋은가 확인하라 한번 더 여기 1-8, 한명이 인도 부근에 쓰러져 있다 로저, 우리가 내려 가겠다 로저, 사격 중지한다 더 이상 쏘지 마라 일어난다 다른 무기가 있나? 무기 확인은 안되나 지금 기어서 움직이고 있다 그래, 포착됐다. 측면에 붙어 있다. 거기서 쏘는 게 낫다 알았다. 대기 중이다 부시 마스터 여기호텔 2-7 오버

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Posted by: pound on Dec 1, 2010

This Wikileaks footage shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Elden and her driver Saeed Chmagh being shot at by the Apache. The attack occurred in a public square in Baghdad and they were assumed to be militants.

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