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EasyWorship Worship Presentation Software - Review

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♪♫♪♫..................[Music playing] Alright we're here at the EasyWorship booth, talking about EasyWorship Software. A lot of churches out there are using PowerPoint software to show worship choruses on their video displays. And, you know, that does work. But it doesn't give you all the advantages of EasyWorship. So let's take a minute and learn about why EasyWorship is a better choice than PowerPoint. We're talking with Paul from EasyWorship. Hey Paul. [Paul] "Hey. How you doing?" [Ron] Good! So why is EasyWorship a better choice than using PowerPoint to display worship chorus slides? ? [Paul] Well, you know people have been using PowerPoint. It's a familiar program, but it has its limitations. You know, really when it come to uh displaying video behind lyrics, or scripture verses, or really running other types of media inside PowerPoint... it's just not PowerPoint's original design. So what EasyWorship does is it takes all different types of media and allows you to create slides out of them and allocate that media to the places where you want to, uh, without being so complicated that it's not user-friendly. I'd say typically, uh, what I hear most is people moving from PowerPoint. EasyWorship is the natural next step because nobody has time to learn another program. Uh, and so EasyWorship,because of its simple interface, and the power of the program, becomes the natural next step. So, and I know with PowerPoint, you know, you gotta go from one slide to the next to the next, and it's a little hard to kinda go back or change things up in the middle of a program. [Paul] That's right. [Ron] Is Easyworship...I know the name's "EasyWorship" Does that help you in that regard? [Paul] "Yeah absolutely. EasyWorship is not linear. Uhm, it can be if you decide to lay it out that way. But, uhm, you can jump from within a song or your schedule in any manner that you see fit. And it's, it's simply 2 clicks and you're live to whatever item that you want. [Ron] Okay. So if somebody wants more information on EasyWorship they can go to, [Paul] "They can" Or, they can go to the CCI Solutions Web site...[Paul] "You bet." [Ron] And we've got a lot of information there. [Paul] "That's right." [Ron] Hey Paul, thanks a lot. [Paul] "My pleasure." ♪♫♪♫............[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 18, 2012

Join Paul from EasyWorship and Ron Simonson of CCI Solutions discuss how EasyWorship is better presentation software for churches than PowerPoint. When it comes to running video behind song lyrics or trying to run other types of meda application inside PowerPoint, these effects can be difficult to achieve. EasyWorship gives flexibility to easily add videos inside a slide and so easy to learn volunteers can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

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