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Digital Reputation Series - Episode 2- Awesomize Your Coldwell Banker Profile Page

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Hi I'm Lindsey Listanski, the Social Media Manager for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Welcome to episode two of our Google referral series. In episode one we introduced the newest, coolest, and easiest way to capture new leads, also known as the Google Referral. Have you ever googled yourself? I know it sounds strange, but googling yourself has become one of those guilty pleasures we all do but feel weird admitting to. If you have and you're a Coldwell Banker agent, then I can almost guarantee you that one of the very first results is your Coldwell Banker profile page. No, I'm not a magician, but I do think the work that our digital platform team has done to make this happen is pretty close to magic. See, the reason your profile page, which happens to be a major part of what you can call your digital resume, is appearing as a top result is because it has great SEO value. Wondering what SEO is? It stands for search engine optimization, but for the sake of this video, we'll say your Coldwell Banker profile page has great Google juice. Hopefully you already know what I'm going to say next. If your Coldwell Banker profile page shows at the top, is your Google juice and powers your digital resume, you might as well spend a few extra minutes and really make it pop. And oh yeah, your profile page is free and an automatic validater of your skills. So let's go. Here are five easy ways to awesomize— wait, is awesomize even a word? Yeah, awesomize your profile page. Number one, add pictures and video. Enough said. Number two, talk like a human. I imagine every time you talk jargon to your clients, they look at you like you have three heads. Eliminate jargon. Instead put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers and sellers. They aren't real estate pros, so keep it simple. Won awards? Explain what they're for. Work a niche like new homes? Tell them and share your successes. And if you want to add some Google juice, use certain key words like specific market or neighborhood you work in. Number three, why you? What makes you special? Don't hide it. Tell them. Allow potential clients to see you as a person and professional. You're worthy of their business. Don't be afraid to tell them why. One tip I said before, awards and designations don't mean much without context. Number four, release your social butterfly. Social media is the new cocktail party, the ultimate way to meet, engage, and impress countless friends and people in the community. As time has gone on, we've all gotten comfortable with Facebook and Twitter. Imagine the power of someone learning about you for the first time and automatically getting a look into who you are as a person. Wow! That's why it's critical to link your profile page to your social media networks. Number five, keep it fresh. Last but not least, don't let your Coldwell Banker profile page collect virtual dust. Your profile page isn't a yearbook page. It should tell an ongoing story of your business. Update it routinely to include new accomplishments, seasonal greetings, and more. Well, there you have it, our five tips for creating the perfect profile page. Want more on profile pages? We've got it. Head to CB Exchange and type in profile page in the search bar. Congratulations. You're now one step closer to maximizing your online presence. See you next time where we'll be discussing how to optimize your social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Thanks and see you next time.

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Digital Reputation Series - Episode 2- Awesomize Your Coldwell Banker Profile Page

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