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Smart Meter Removal | Comment remplacer le Compteur Intelligent par un Compteur Analogue

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In April of 2011, my husband with Parkinson's, and I with multiple sclerosis moved into my parent's home to help them. We were doing well healthwise, however, prior to moving in. Then we noticed our health deteriorating rapidly. We didn't know why. Then one day I was looking out my bedroom window... There was a "Smart Meter" on the wall at the head of our beds! I'd seen a photo of an entire row of these meters on an apartment building and the plants next to the meters had all died. I have been avoiding electromagnetic radiation since the 80's when I learned about cathode ray tube TV radiation, computer screen radiation, power towers, etc. I called SDG&E who told me the meter was "mandatory".... but that I could pay an electrician thousands to move it to another location on my house... they've sent me notices about how "safe" all this electrical radiation is... problem is, they're dead wrong. Every other person is getting cancer today. "Nobody" but me, it seems, knows why. So I bought an ANALOG METER, and moved the Smart Meter myself. Analog meter installed 11-29-2011 We took other photos showing all the settings of the smart meter (it cycles and has about 8 different sets of numbers) in case the electric company wants to see them. They tend to think you're trying to steal electricity. Today is November 29th, 2011. And here's the Analog Meter that we are going to take the Smart Meter off, and put the Analog on. And those are probably the tools that you are going to need. Ok, so we are just taking off, the little lock thing that they put on there. Ouch... sharp! Gloves! That's better! That's their locking ring. We take that off first. This is how it should look. To replace what's up there. That's the back of the Analog. That's what an Analog looks like. That's what a Smart Meter looks like. So it just snaps right off. Literally pull right off, see those pins. It's going go to back right in where the other one was. Not quite as simple as that, you have to line it up carefully. As soon as it is in there, you can make sure it is working. Look, it is turning already! Collecting the data right there! It is zero right now, not minus. Not trying to steal electricity. Just trying to stay healthy. We will put the locking ring back on. And we are going to go to the hardware store and get a lock that we will put on there. And we will put a no trespassing sign up. And that's it! And Peace (hopefully we're not harassed by the electric company) has been restored to our household... now we have to warn the neighbors.

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Smart Meter Removal | Comment remplacer le Compteur Intelligent par un Compteur Analogue

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