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GBP Program at SDSU's ALI

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My name is Carlo Portman, I am from Switzerland. and I am here joining the BGP program at the ALI. I would like to improve my English with an emphasis on Business English because when I go back to my country, I will start an internship at a swiss bank, and it is very important for me to have good English. At the BGP program, we don't only learn how to read or speak, or listen to English but how to use American Business, so for example we have business through video where we try to watch different videos that are related to business and try to catch some vocabulary. Or, for example, we have business discussion, where we talk about different American companies and their history. Or we also learn how to write letters with business English but then we also have the classical classes like TOEFL or reading, or listening. That's what we are doing in the BGP program. The BGP program really helped me to express but also to understand opinions in English and to talk to people, too, if it is necessary to negotiate. One more thing that I can take with me is the vocabulary that I learned here. I think, in my opinion, for some people to understand business English the problem is to understand all the slangs, the idioms, the expressions that there are in Business English, so I can take now Business vocabulary back home and I will understand these words but I will also be able to use them with business partners. The American Language Institute is located at San Diego State University Our address is 5250 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182 For more information, visit us online at call us at 619.594.5907 or email us at [email protected] We're looking forward to seeing you in San Diego!

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Posted by: sdsuces on Jan 23, 2009

Student testimonial about Global Business Practices program at the American Language Institute at San Diego State University.

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